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Hyper Optimized WordPress Hosting

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All right. Hi, I’m Michael, founder and owner of the WP help which will soon become the bionic WP. So by the time you’re watching this video, that’s what you’ll see. Overall at the high level, I just want to talk about some of the features of the WP help and why this hyper optimized hosting solution is better than most platforms out there. Here’s one report we created for an agency that we work with plumber SEO. That that’s their that’s their agency. We brand these reports for them. You can see beforehand, fully loaded time of 17 seconds. Now it’s at one second gt This is using gt metrics as the testing source here PageSpeed score 68 Yeah, why slow 68 PageSpeed score of 100. Now and wisely why slow score of 98? Right? So if you go down even look at Google PageSpeed Insights, they’re at 18 for mobile before, and now they’re at 9946. for desktop, now they’re at 100. So why is this important? Because every one second of load time you lose 7% conversion rate. That’s a study that just came out and said, How, how this works. So this talks about, here’s the hyper optimized hosting solution that 51 blocks is obviously the main agency we have this is just a niche product that we have. And inside of that, and this is everything, you get 90 days of backups, real time monitoring, if your site ever gets down, we get monitored. It goes down we might we we get noticed notified first course even plugins all up to date. Daily security scan for malware, this is deeper than any platform that’s out there currently, deeper than security. More or deeper scanning than that we have a hack promise if your site ever gets hacked, we fix it for free. You’ll see That GoDaddy and other platforms charge you a fee to get that fixed. We use Amazon CDN. Currently, we offer a free SSL if you have monthly reports for your clients or for yourself, but most importantly most people are talking about the GT measure scores of 90 plus but if you actually visit the WP help and you look at you know, obviously the scores are important but if you scroll down and see some of our, our testimonials from from our current clients, you’ll see that you know, the speed is deleted. But then most people talk about the the the support that we provide the amazing support that they’re that they’re receiving. So if you have any questions we’d love to know otherwise, you can just purchase below and we will move the site over we can add it we can load it to a site staging platform to start, so that you can see the results prior to you know, more In your site, there’s no downtime. So it’s kind of like a try before you buy offer. But you can definitely do that and see those results. So let me know if you have any questions. Appreciate it. Thanks.

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