I’m extremely happy with BionicWP

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Hi, my name is Alex. I own Medical Marketing Agency and been in the very competitive space, having a website that runs extremely fast is so important for Rankings and for user experience. The last few years, I spend a lot of time looking at different Western companies, moving my clients websites from one place to another, constantly trying to figure out a way how to make the website be fast and. And a company was great customer service.

Last month, I switched two of my client’s websites to BionicWP and our results are amazing when we were able to get our website speed up in one second. That’s amazing. I’ve I’ve done so much development with the website to get those type of results, and I was never able to get them. The customer service is amazing to me. Anytime I can go into my portal, I can chat with the customers support before they jump right on it. I mean, they respond within minutes compared to compared to any other for some companies I have worked with. So I’m extremely happy with BionicWP. I love the customer support. I’m going to transfer all my clients to websites to this hosting. Extremely easy to use, great response time from the customer support and the speed is amazing.

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