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Introducing Activity Logs: Unveiling a New Dashboard Feature for Enhanced WordPress Management

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At BionicWP, we are thrilled to announce the addition of a powerful new feature to our managed WordPress hosting platform – Activity Logs. This feature empowers website owners and administrators to monitor and track every activity that takes place on their WordPress websites. With the Activity Logs plugin integrated seamlessly into our platform, you can now have a comprehensive overview of all user actions, ensuring enhanced security, accountability, and peace of mind.

To view the Activity logs of your website, you can navigate to your BionicWP dashboard > Sites > and the dashboard of the site you want to view the logs of.

Once inside, just click on the “Activity Logs” Tab and we will fetch the latest logs for you:

The Plugin:

The Activity Logs plugin is a robust tool that functions as an airplane’s black box, meticulously recording every activity within the WordPress admin area. From tracking content creation and updates to user logins and failed login attempts, this plugin provides a detailed log of all actions performed on your website. With this valuable information readily available in your site dashboard, you can now have a complete understanding of who did what and when, offering a new level of control and management for your WordPress website.

Enhanced Security and Protection:

One of the most compelling reasons to utilize the Activity Logs is the added layer of security it brings to your WordPress website. By closely monitoring the activity log, you can identify any suspicious or unauthorized actions, including potential hacking attempts. This allows you to respond swiftly and effectively, protecting your site and its valuable content from potential threats.

Comprehensive Tracking of Website Events:

The Activity Logs Feature offers an extensive range of events that it records, ensuring that you have a complete record of every crucial action taking place on your website. It tracks WordPress core updates, post and page creation, modification, and deletion, changes to categories and tags, as well as media uploads, edits, and deletions. Additionally, it monitors user activities such as logins, logouts, failed login attempts, profile updates, and user registrations. Moreover, the plugin keeps tabs on plugin and theme installations, updates, activations, deactivations, and changes. It even tracks changes made to menus, widgets, settings, and much more. By providing this level of comprehensive tracking, the Activity Logs offer unparalleled insights into the workings of your WordPress website.

The Importance of Keeping the Activity Log Plugin Active:

To ensure that all activities on your WordPress website are recorded accurately in our platform’s dashboard, we strongly recommend keeping the Activity Log plugin active at all times. Deactivating the plugin would prevent the logging of critical events, hindering your ability to fully utilize the comprehensive insights provided by BionicWP. By maintaining the plugin’s functionality, you gain a complete picture of your website’s activity, enabling informed decision-making and enhanced security measures.


Embrace the power of Activity Logs and experience a new level of confidence in managing your WordPress website with BionicWP.

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