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Is My Business Website’s Speed Important?

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When you run an internet-based business or blog, the website’s speed is more important than you realize. At BionicWP, we strive to provide you with remote web hosting services that help you grow. Before you consider additional features, however, having a better understanding of why your website’s speed is important. After all, if it can negatively affect your business, it is something worth considering.

Slow & Steady Doesn’t Always Win the Race

Training for a marathon often starts with small steps. Slow and steady may be a great motto when it comes to running a marathon, but not necessarily when we are talking about website load times.

In today’s society, there is not hiding the fact that we want it all, and we want it right away. Whether it is fast food or quick deliveries, customers like to receive their goods as quickly as possible. In fact, the faster you deliver, the happier they will be. This includes providing instant access to your online wares.

In the world of internet-based businesses and blogs, every second it takes your webpage to load affects whether or not a customer buys from you. In fact, 47% of all consumers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds, if not less. If a webpage takes over 3 seconds to load, 40% of potential customers will abandon the attempt. When a website performs poorly, approximately 79% of shoppers are less likely to return. Of those who online shop, 44% will share poor experiences with a webpage with others.

Bloggers, this applies to you too! Conversations, while important to businesses too, are a bloggers measurement of influence. In other words, your blogs are not just a one-way conversation. Feedback, comments, and other conversations help increase the dialogue and popularity of your blog. A one-second delay in load time, however, can lead to a 7% reduction in those vital conversations.

Why Hosting Speed Matters

When it comes to your business, hosting speed matters. Today’s internet customers expect quickly loading pages, smooth transitions between pages, and easy navigation. Much of this relies on the hosting speed offered by whomever you choose to associate your page with. (At BionicWP, we understand how important this is to your business!)

You may feel that your website’s products are the first impression you make, but you would be mistaken. The very first impression your website makes is based entirely on its loading speed. It improves user experiences, increases the potential for conversations, and satisfies loading expectations. This means a quick loading website can help you to retain customers, impress potential clients, and earn conversations that increase your traffic.

Over time, continued slow website speeds will discourage even your most steadfast customers from returning. Slow speeds are often associated with businesses that are meeting professional expectations. This can prevent customers from referring your site to other potential clients, stop established websites from providing backlinks to your content, and inhibit individuals from signing up for your newsletter! When this type of issue arises, it can also lead to a decrease in your Google rank. After all, Google has already announced to the world that it wants to make the whole internet faster, simple to use, and easy to access. If nothing else, complying with this goal can only help to increase your user-friendly approach and enhance Google’s overall goal.

High Speed & Reliable WordPress Hosting

Statistics have proven how important your business’s website speed is. Inferior web hosting support can damage your online business. However, if you choose remote web hosting with BionicWP, you never have to worry about speed slowing down your growth.

The WordPress support solutions offered by BionicWP are beyond exemplary. Our web hosting support solutions are tailored to support every type of online business or blog. Each of our support packages include fast solid-state driver (SSD) servers and cloud technology. So not only are your load times as fast as possible, but we are able to backup and restore your website at any time. This means we not only offer speed that can give you a competitive advantage, but also the ability to quickly address any issues that should pop up.

Not only do we offer high speed and reliable remote web hosting, but also we provide the security your customers expect. This includes professional support, real-time monitoring, daily malware security scans and much more.

You want to run a professional, quality business. As such, you need a remote web hosting service that strives to provide you with the very features that can help you achieve this. BionicWP can help ensure slow loading speeds no longer affect whether you make a sale or not.

Contact us today to find out more about how BionicWP can help you expand your online business.

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