Is WordPress Easy to Use?

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WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) for building and managing websites. It is used by nearly 60 percent of websites that are online now. When most people think about building websites, they think about WordPress. This is for good reason since WordPress has a lot of benefits. It can help any business or individual in any industry build a website that will help them achieve their goals. Bloggers, e-commerce shops, and large agencies can all meet their goals by using WordPress to build their websites. A versatile CMS is beneficial for a variety of businesses, but if it’s difficult to use, it will become a hassle to deal with. WordPress is not only versatile, but it also makes building, customizing, managing, and editing easy. These are the ways that WordPress can make the creation of your website a breeze.


WordPress Simplicity

Customization is Simple

If you are a web designer or developer, the ability to customize easily may not be a concern, since you have the skills to do it yourself. But most small business owners, especially if they are just starting out, do not have these skills. Small business owners also need to save money, so hiring a designer or developer may be out of the question. This leaves business owners with two options: stick to a pre-designed theme or customize themselves. Thankfully, WordPress offers both options. You can choose a theme that will serve your content best, and many of the themes are free. Once the theme is installed, a dashboard makes it simple to play with colors, menus, and widgets. You can upload your company logo and an attractive header. Customizing the experience of your users is easy, too, due to the wide variety of plugins that are available. These plugins can add functionality to any part of your site, helping with things like analytics and contact forms. With a custom design and user experience, you can increase views, engagement, and conversions.


SEO is Easy with WordPress Behind You

Whether you run an e-commerce shop or a content agency, personal networking can only go so far. SEO helps draw new eyes to your content, which is the first step to converting these visitors into leads and eventually into customers. But SEO can encompass many practices and it can be difficult to do it all on your own. WordPress makes it simpler. It uses high-quality code, which makes it attractive for Google. This means that WordPress sites are more likely to show up in the top spots of search results than sites that use other forms of CMS, such as Joomla. You can optimize your site with plugins and keywords to take advantage of this benefit. Having an optimized site can allow you to focus on your content without the extra effort to appear in search engines.


Website Management is Simplified

Your work isn’t done once you build and optimize your website. The work continues in the form of managing and editing. This work can become very time-consuming in itself and requires daily attention. Some business owners find themselves wanting to hire someone to specifically manage their website on a daily basis. But with the right tools, you can effectively manage your site without losing your mind. WordPress issues automatic updates for its software on a periodic basis. These updates occur quite frequently and keep your site secure. Plugins are updated as well, though only when there is a security issue. Other than that, updating plugins and themes is up to you. WordPress makes this easy too, though – you can update them directly from your WordPress dashboard. Typically, when a new version of WordPress is released, your site will not automatically update (only minor updates do this), but WordPress has taken the guesswork out of the process by notifying you of the new version and allowing you to update your site with the simple click of a button. There are also plugins to help with updates and management, such as a backup plugin. Website management is made even easier with a convenient WordPress mobile app for your phone, tablet, or another device.


Yes, WordPress is Easy to Use – With the Right Hosting Service

Though WordPress itself is very versatile, secure, and simple, it’s only software. To use it to build a website, you need a domain and web hosting. Not all web hosting companies are created equal. Some may lack security features or simply make the process more complicated than it needs to be. You should look for secure WordPress hosting that strives to make website building and management as easy as possible. BionicWP offers web hosting for WordPress sites that are secure, convenient, and affordable. WordPress installs and migrations help you to build the perfect website, while uptime monitoring, updates, Google Analytics, and monthly reporting help you to improve your SEO. We also provide technical support for any phase your site might be in. Contact BionicWP today to ask about the benefits of a website built on the WordPress platform.

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