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Joomla vs WordPress- Which one to go with?

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The tech world is changing very fast and the old ways are dying. The ones who are adapting swiftly with the shifting tide will save the day and those who are left behind will be in loss.

With AI and technological evolution, the face of business is changing as well. Many on-ground businesses are transferring a big portion of their work online. For this reason,
content management systems(CMS) are the talk of the day.

Talking about content management systems, there are two mainstream CMS which are at the top of the list nowadays. The “
Joomla vs WordPress” saga is a never-ending one and BionicWP is here to settle this matter once and for all.   

In this article, we will do a detailed analysis of
WordPress vs Joomla and after that, you can decide which one is the most suited for your cause.

There are a lot of reasons to choose WordPress, but we should not ignore the fact that other players are surviving the cruel market for a reason. The format will be easy and digestible and after this article, you’ll get a perfect idea about the perks and demerits of both. So, let’s get going!

Joomla vs WordPress- A detailed Statistical Analysis

WordPress or Joomla? Believe us, you are not the only webmaster with this question popping in your mind. For starters, both of them are self-hosted content management systems that have taken over the market for well above a decade.

Source: wordpress.com

WordPress started its career as a blogging platform and now it has earned the reputation of one of the best content management systems out there with a whopping 38.8% market share.

Source: Joomla

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Now coming to Joomla, it started at about the same timeline as WordPress and has nourished into a great platform which attracts many webmasters around. This platform, however, has a 5.4% market share on the internet.

Joomla has maintained its second position in the market for a good time. However, the platform is not having a perfect business time for the past decade.

The market share of the platform has been lessening since 2010 and the overall website market share met a blow for the first time in 2017. WordPress, however, has maintained a very steady curve.

Commonly Touted Advantages of WordPress and Joomla

When you search for the WordPress vs Joomla comparison, you get a detailed knowledge of the views from the users of both the platforms. it becomes difficult to categorize the pros and cons, so we are doing that for you. Generally, you’ll hear about these benefits both of the systems are packing:

  • Lesser growing expenditures– WordPress has a huge market and due to that they can cut some slack for their users. You’ll get tasks done on lower costs on this platform.
  • Flexibility– there is a deluge of features such as WordPress gallery plugins and WordPress themes which you can get to further polish your website.
  • Large Customer Support- WordPress is a large platform with many other platforms linked to it. You can easily find the solutions to most of the problems you come across while working with it with the help available on online communities like Facebook, Quora, different blogs etc.
  • User-Friendly- WordPress is highly optimized for a flawless user experience. Most importantly, if you are a beginner, it is the most easy-going content management system for you out there.
  • Blogging Optimized- WordPress has this attractive layout where articles and blog posts are differentiated under different tabs. Most other platforms use a single thread of “articles” under different categories.
  • Better User Administration– when it comes to managing its users, Joomla stays on top of the chart. It offers an innovative system for user access controls and user administration.
  • Variety in Content Categories- you can display general and non-trendy content categories while using the Joomla Platform options.
  • No language barriers- where WordPress requires third party help, Joomla comes with a built-in “multi-languages” support which can help many people struggling on the internet.
  • Multiple Templates- on Joomla, there’s an interesting feature that you can use varying templates for your content under the same tab. This can bring a vibrant look to your website and is the thing for you if you are the non-orthodox type.

How much effort does it take to set up a Website with WordPress or Joomla?

This is an important consideration since you want to get your business or blog in running position as soon as possible. The easier to get the platform established quicker, the better it is for you.

While Joomla is among the faster
content management systems as compared to many in the market, WordPress takes the lead here without a doubt. You can get your website running with WordPress in no time.

Although, we’d prefer not coming to the results so fast and let you be the judge for yourself. Let’s categorize the usage and learning ease of
Joomla vs WordPress one by one:

If you are a beginner and are just looking to get your website on the internet, it can take as less as two hours. Consider you are going to establish a blog or a static content website, you will just need to get into WordPress, select a suitable theme for yourself, do the usual deal and bingo!

Most of the hosts that are in use nowadays have a built-in WordPress or come with WordPress auto-installation mechanisms.

The interface is so user-friendly and easy-going that most of the users can start creating their content right away.

There is a new and inviting feature in WordPress which is the code-free theme change. Customers can now customize their website in a less risky and much easier way which is very desirable. WordPress themes are accommodating this new change pretty quickly as it shows:

For veterans, there are interesting options of page builder plugins which make creating new layouts using “drag and drop” feature a piece of cake!

Like WordPress, almost all the web hosts out there come with an auto-installer for Joomla. This makes it very easy to get Joomla installed and you can shift your focus to get the striking content up and running.

Joomla comes with an interesting feature of article categories which you will love to a great extent. Then to get your website in working position, you only need to top it with a pinch of effort. Which means you have to select the categories for the type of content you are going to publish.

It is not much work, but it is still more of an effort than that in WordPress and beginners, especially non-developers might not find it very inviting.

The Joomla TinyMCE Article Editor is very much similar to the WordPress article editor. So, no ups and downs in that department.

You will notice a deluge of options jumping your way once you go in the interface which can become a bit overwhelming for you if you are a beginner.

Now you have an idea about the user-friendliness extent of both the platforms. So, we can move on to talking about extension options.

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How to Extend your Website with Joomla and WordPress

There are many add-on options in Joomla and WordPress which you can accommodate in your website and make it more personalized:

  • Functioning features- In WordPress, you will come across the term “plugins” and in Joomla you’ll come across “extensions”. These options are for your convenience and adding more functioning ease according to your liking.
  • Beautifying Features- the ‘themes’ in WordPress and ‘templates’ in Joomla can be used to add to the serenity of your website.

WordPress has a much greater number of personalized themes and plugins as compared to Joomla, but you’ll find pretty good gadgets for your website in both of them.

Number of Themes and Plugins in WordPress

WordPress is among the best content management systems as it has:

  • About 54k+ free-of-cost plugins on the official site. There are also 1000s of premium plugins.
  • 5k+ free-of-cost themes at the official site. Also, there are many premium themes available for heavy investors.

Numbers of Extensions and Templates with Joomla

With Joomla, you get:

  • A total of 8k+ extensions in the official Joomla library which is not a bad deal at all.
  • For templates, there is no official platform so coming across the exact number as WordPress themes is not easy. However, the options are not discouraging.

Are WordPress and Joomla Equally Secure?

when it comes to security, no one wants to make a compromise. Not even new users. Security is something very dear to all the internet users and in the technological world, the most vulnerable aspect of violation is the privacy of the individuals.

Cybersecurity is very important and where-ever you are storing your data, you want the platform to be trustworthy and reputable enough. That’s why we keep security as an important aspect in
our Joomla vs WordPress comparison.

In this section, we are going to analyze which platform is the most secure for keeping your data while remaining unbiased. So, let’s get started without any further ado.

The core software is secure enough for both Joomla and WordPress. In addition to that, there are third party plugins/extensions in each
content management system to maximize security.

There are easy to go with update systems in dashboards which keep the security system updated from time to time. However, there is always room for human mistakes. And due to the extensions, some error is bound to exist in both the platforms.

When we look at the market share to hacked sites ratio, Joomla seems to be higher in the line according to a survey done by Sucuri. However, in most of the situations, we cannot blame any platform for some built-in security error. Now let us look at some real-time numbers:

According to the Sucuri survey in 2017, WordPress accounts for 74% of the hacked website and it is a 25% head on the market share of 58.9%.

In spite of that, WordPress is still leagues ahead of Joomla in terms of security as the further statistics will show.

In the same survey, Joomla sites account for 17% of all the hacked websites which is almost three times the market share of the content management system or 132% higher than the market share of 7.9% at that time.

An interesting thing to note was that almost 74% of the hacked websites from Joomla platform were outdated software equipped at the infection time, in comparison with the 61% for WordPress.

Joomla vs WordPress- Which one is better?

Now all our discussion of WordPress vs Joomla is coming to a conclusion- which one is better? We think there is some fundamental issue with this question. As the standards used for this comparison are highly subjective and can vary from person to person.

Both the platforms have their perks and cons and none of them is a perfect scenario. The question should be posed as
which is the best one for you?

In our opinion, for a great number of people who start their online career, WordPress is the go-to choice for many reasons. Some of them are:

  •         This content management system is very user-friendly. You can personalize it to a great extent and make your workplace more comfortable.
  •         It is very easy to establish and get on to the working phase with little to no effort while setting up, which is a great plus point.
  •         Free and useful help is very easy to find with the WordPress platform.

However, if you are a developer or don’t mind hiring one, Joomla is not a bad choice. It gives better extensibility options with different types of categories for your content. You can also manage your users better.

One thing to consider i.e. market share for Joomla is decreasing which is not a good indication. While Joomla is not lost and a fairly great platform for many, we can’t ignore the fact that WordPress is booming and trendy nowadays.

We hope that this article helped you in relieving your queries and now you are able to make a firm and detailed choice. Best of luck!


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