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Liquid Web Alternative

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Today’s world is all about technology, and for many businesses, their most reliable point of reference for their customers is their website. But building and hosting a website is no small task, which is why it’s key to choose a hosting platform that puts their all into making your site a success. And we all know that when it comes to WordPress hosting, BionicWP and Liquid Web are among the top in the market!

Perfect for all types of organizations, including small businesses, enterprises, freelancers, agencies, and nonprofits, BionicWP is the most comprehensively managed WordPress hosting platform out there. It zeroes in on all the possible needs of a website by combining the following features into one source: updates, backups, security, and speed optimization.

While BionicWP is undoubtedly a great option, there are alternatives in the market, and it’s important to consider them to get a true picture of the web hosting arena. Among the many options that are available, Liquid Web is arguably BionicWP’s greatest competitor.

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Here’s how the two compare:

  • BionicWP follows a per-site charge which starts at $27.5 a month and falls as low as $15 a month depending on the number of sites you are hosting.

Liquid Web
  • Liquid Web charges according to the type of hosting plan that is chosen, with the Spark Hosting plan starting at $19 a month and going up to the Enterprise hosting plan clocking in at $999 a month
  • Makes use of advanced website management functions and hosting solutions
  • Offers application-level support for all its clients, making edits and additions smooth
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Provides virtual assistance at no extra cost 

Liquid Web
  • Does not provide application-level support
  • Provides virtual assistance round the clock via phone, email, and chat 
  • Provides staging area, protecting against data loss and errors
  • Provides rollback feature 
  • Overlooks performance of core sites, themes, and plugins

Liquid Web
  • Provides website staging so you can see what your edits will look like before implementation
  • Does not offer rollback feature 
  • Regular scanning and monitoring for existing or potential malware damage
  • Includes WordPress hardening, which protects your website against hackers 
  • Fully functioning WAF firewall
  • Blockage of suspicious bots

Liquid Web
  • Has a secure server but places reliance of security on the website code
  • Advices customers to enlist additional security support, such as features offered by SiteLock
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Fastest WordPress hosting with unlimited site edits Sounds too good to be true?

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Perhaps, the greatest selling point that BionicWP has is its top-level performance, which allows all of our hosted websites to truly flourish. It’s clear that with all that BionicWP has to offer, it enables site performance to the peak.

Here is some of what BionicWP has to give to boost your site’s performance:

  • A guaranteed 90+ score for both Google PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix
  • A boost in rates for both conversion – by as much as 18-30% – and number of users – by 20-40%
  • Makes use of high compute instances, allowing users to store ample data on cloud-based platforms
  • Hyper optimized stack with specifications of Nginx + FCGI + PHP 7.4 + MariaDB with LXD, making for smoother use
  • Exemplary computer distribution network (CDN)
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It’s clear that BionicWP goes above and beyond when it comes to helping out our valued customers. If you’re not convinced of this so far, these real-life case studies are sure to change your mind!

Rose approached BionicWP with a website situation that needed some urgent fixes. After we helped her out free of cost, Rose was amazed at the speed and efficiency with which BionicWP worked, so much so that she became a permanent client of ours. She said that BionicWP displayed exemplary customer service, and she was so impressed that she has referred us to other people as well.

Dean has been using BionicWP’s hyper optimized website hosting service, and he names it as a real ‘game-changer’ for his company. He said that he considers this specific feature of BionicWP to be BugBiz’s secret weapon as it something that’s really helped them excel in the market. Dean said that BionicWP’s hyper optimized website hosting has allowed their clients to avail never before experienced speeds, with loading time being reduced by margins as big as an initial eight-second load time that converted to a two-second load time after optimization.  He said that these changes have borne many fruits, top among which are greater conversions and higher rankings. And of course, Dean didn’t fail to mention how great BionicWP’s customer service was – not only did he find us fast and efficient, but he said our team was also a pleasure to work with.

Having been a client of BionicWP for about six months now, Andy said that what really stood out to them at the digital agency was BionicWP’s ability to maintain site speed, plugins, and site performance. But Andy said that the selling point for them was how dramatically they’ve noticed conversion rates increase, and the best part was how this increase was apparent in a short matter of time. Andy also went on to add how the customer service and support they received was beyond compare, giving it a five-star rating.  Andy said that of all the hosting solutions he has worked with, BionicWP is by far the best.


There’s no doubt that BionicWP offers unmatched features for their clients. Here are some of our best:

Experience unmatched speeds and GTMetrix scores with BionicWP’s hyper optimized hosting, taking your page loading speeds to as fast as two seconds

BionicWP’s rollback feature is one of their best. If you ever need to retrieve any data, we’ve got you covered for a whole thirty days

With BionicWP, you won’t need any extra software to manage your website’s core, theme, or plugins. We do it all for you!

Malware scans are of the essence if you are to protect your website, and BionicWP carries them out on the daily

While BionicWP does their best to prevent your site from getting hacked, if circumstances turn for the worse, we promise to fix it for no additional charge

An efficient CDN is essential if you’re to maintain your site’s performability, and BionicWP’s CDN is unmatched

Staging URL is a precursor to publishing your live site, and BionicWP does so at no extra cost

Who doesn’t like a free trial? BionicWP gives you the chance to try out their system before you pay a single cent

Your website’s GTMetrix score is a direct indication of your site’s performance, and BionicWP guarantees a 90+ score

Even though BionicWP promises to give your site top speed, errors occur, and speeds can drop. But there’s no need to worry because BionicWP carries out weekly speed monitoring to get your website back on track right away

Any problems that occur in the customer websites that our clients at BionicWP are handling can be directly referred to us. We’ll give you a shared email where all problems and queries can be input, and they’ll be taken care of for you

BionicWP vs Liquid Web

Here’s a complete list of BionicWP’s features in comparison to Liquid Web:

Pricing Starts from $27.5 a month

Starts from $19 a month
Try before you buy
Managed security on all plans
Server level caching
Google PageSpeed scores guarantee
GTMetrix scores guarantee
Weekly performance review for speed and load times
Performance optimizations
Global data centers At more than 10 locations At 3 locations
CDN POPs 2010 – powered by AWS Undisclosed
Basic WordPress support
Advanced WordPress support
Unlimited edits
Multiple PHP Versions
No limits PHP workers
Free SSL on all plans
Free managed migration
24/7 ticket support
Managed updates for core, themes, and plugins

All in all, BionicWP aims to provide potential and existing customers with the best possible service. Our service is unmatched, and it’s clear that BionicWP is the best alternative to Liquid Web!

Fully managed WordPress hosting and unlimited application-level support

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