Making SEO Easy with a WordPress Website​

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Are you considering creating your own website? No matter what your website is for, WordPress is the perfect online platform for you. WordPress is easy to create and edit your content, home page, photos, and design of your overall website. Every WordPress beginner can take to this type of website maker quickly with only a few things that can be learned over time. Learn more about how you can optimize your SEO by making your own WordPress website.

How Can WordPress Help Me to Make My Website SEO Ready?

There are several ways WordPress can help make your website more SEO ready. You can start by using SEO-friendly themes. You don’t want to just choose any WordPress theme, since they can affect the speed of your website. Why is this important? You wouldn’t want your customers or readers clicking off your site due to it loading too slowly for them. People don’t like reading or buying products on a website that takes too long for them compared to other websites. Every second counts, so make sure your theme loads quickly.

WordPress also makes it easy to alter your header tags for your website copy and blog post pages. This can also help improve your SEO because you can use keyword-targeted headers to optimize for rankings and create a better page design. It also improves user experience, because headers tell the reader what that section or page is about.

SEO Based Plugins

Do you use WordPress plugins for your website? You can install plugins to improve your site SEO. These plugins can help you discover issues on your website and can also scan for SEO optimization. Here are some great plugins you should add to your site:

Yoast SEO

One of the best SEO plugins is Yoast SEO. It’s one of the most popular ones that WordPress offers users. This plugin provides features such as Technical WordPress Search Engine Optimization, XML Sitemaps functionality, and a Page Analysis tool. It will scan photos and phrases in your content for keywords that can improve your SEO. It tells you what kind of optimizations to implement, which could be anywhere from working on the length of your content to its readability.

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker is another great plugin that you should consider adding to your website. As it suggests, this plugin will inform you if you have any link on your site or blog posts that aren’t working correctly. Having a website with several broken links can negatively affect your SEO performance and user experience. You don’t want your users clicking on a link on your website and ending at a 404 page.

WPTouch Mobile Plugin

This plugin allows you to make changes to your website that will make it more mobile friendly. Users are accessing your site on their mobile phones more than ever before. If your mobile version is missing pages or something in the design isn’t showing up correctly, your SEO will be affected and the amount of traffic coming to your website will drop. People won’t take your business website seriously and seek other similar websites instead.

Finding Support and Help ​

Are you confused with certain aspects of your WordPress website? Don’t worry, because there are support forums and tutorials that can boost WordPress knowledge and facilitate the SEO process. If you get overwhelmed by theme choices or how to secure your website, getting extra help can help you create a secure and optimized website.

Are you confused about how to add photos to your website, or how to back up your website? Whatever issue you are having, WordPress support forums are there to explain the solution in detail. There are so many WordPress support forums that you should be able to get any questions answered!

You don’t have to figure out how to improve your SEO all by yourself. Adding some of these useful WordPress plugins to your site can help you gain more customers and users to your website. So don’t let these plugins go to waste–they will make your website look and feel more professional. Don’t wait any longer to utilize such excellent WordPress features today!

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