Making Sure Your Website is SEO Friendly

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Are you about to create your own business website, or need some SEO advice to help bring more traffic to your site? Read on to learn more about how SEO, your WordPress theme selection, and mobile readiness can impact your website ranking.

Why Is SEO Important for My Website?

When you build a website using WordPress, it can be easy to do since any WordPress beginner can figure out the features faster than learning how to do coding. WordPress is the perfect online platform to design your own business website. However, when you utilize SEO on your website, it can add several benefits that will make your business more successful.

What is it about SEO that makes it so helpful? Incorporating SEO on your website will improve your searchability and disability to potential customers. When you use SEO on your website, it can increase your Google ranking. When your ranking is high, people will find your site faster when they look up specific keywords or phrases that correlate to your type of business. This means that if people are searching for lawyers in the local area, you have a high chance of your website appearing on the first search results page if you have a higher rank.

This is why figuring out the keywords your potential customers will search online is crucial to the success or failure of your website. You can optimize your website by using these keywords and allowing customers to find your website more efficiently than your competitors. By figuring out those specific words or phrases that people would use when they are looking up your type of business, the better chance you will increase traffic and paying customers.

You can even use google search to figure out some of the other phrases that have your keywords in them. Or you can use tools like SEMrush that can help you give some excellent keyword research words or phrases that you can add to your home page or blog post section.

What do the Search Engines Look For?

Do you know what search engines look for? Having quality content on your website is one of the things search engines want. Creating a professional website that gives your customers great content will go a long way in increasing your SEO rank. It will also make customers trust your website and business over your competitors that might have poor content with a cheaper site. Therefore, designing your website with a professional looking WordPress theme is easy and sometimes free, but it will also help affect your SEO in a positive light.

The way you organize your website can also increase your SEO rank. You wouldn’t think the way your structure your web pages or blog posts will affect this, but most people who read online these days want easy-to-read sites. So, including titles, headers, and subtitles can be very beneficial to your rank. People are less likely to click off your website if you don’t have a big block of text with no headers. Customers like to quickly read over them to see if anything is interesting enough for them. SEO likes this, so you can make your rank better with simple steps like this.

You should also figure out if your business website is mobile friendly. People are always looking up businesses or questions on their mobile phones every day. Most purchases are being made over the phone as well, so you need to make sure your website is mobile ready. Otherwise, you might deal with customers forgoing your business when they can’t see all the content of your business on their phones. Desktop and mobile versions can be different, so make sure yours is error-free before launching.

They also like anchor text backlink on site. This is when you highlight specific keyword research words or phrases and using a link on the word(s), so it takes the customer to another website or page on your business website. However, there is such a thing as too many anchor text words in your content. If you overuse them, then SEO might think you are trying to manipulate SEO. It also doesn’t give the quality content your customers are looking for. No one wants to click on a webpage full of keywords but nothing valuable to read.

Bringing it All Together​

Design and content are always outstanding when you create your business website. Both factor into getting a high SEO rank. Maintaining a high rank can help build the trust of your current and future customers since you are giving them the professional website that they are looking for. You can’t expect them to purchase products or services from your website if there are grammar mistakes all over your site or confusing information that doesn’t make it clear what you are really selling. This will make them question the legitimacy of your business or think your business is a scam to stay away from.

Having customers happy with your website will also make your business more successful in the long run. When your website is easy-to-read and navigate, it will keep them coming back for more. This will increase your annual revenue and customer trust in your business. Therefore, make sure your website stays SEO friendly. It will make your business dreams a reality!

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