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Why Choose Managed WordPress Hosting Solution?

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Why Choose Managed WordPress Hosting Solution?

All digital businesses are facing tough competition from their peers. To stay in the business, they have to consistently meet pre-set objectives. It is only possible when their digital assets like websites perform optimally and attract more visitors. Because visitors translate to conversions, and conversions turn to profit.

However, more visitors are only possible when the websites of businesses are stable and exhibit peak performance. That can only be done when these websites are hosted on lightning fast servers that offer server-level cache for all pages of the website.

In this article, we are going to discuss how WordPress managed hosting is changing the business landscape and why you need to embrace it.

In summary, we will be discussing:

> What is Managed Hosting
> Types of Hosting & How Managed Hosting Differs from Them
> Pros and Cons of Managed Hosting
> Top Reasons to Get a WordPress Managed Hosting Solution
> How Bionic WordPress Hosting is Changing Site Management

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a type of hosting solution where the website host takes care of full site management that includes both server-level management and application-level management.

This would include managing updates and site maintenance, installing plugins and addons, and making necessary edits to the theme and content that can keep the website up and running. Moreover, a managed WordPress hosting solution guarantees top performance, ironclad security, and complete scalability for the website.

However, most hosting solutions today offer server-level management only and still call themselves managed hosts. That is not the true essence of a hosting solution.

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How is Managed WordPress Hosting Different from other Hosting Types?

There are multiple hosting solutions available for websites starting from shared hosting to cloud hosting. While all these hosting solutions offer hosting to their customers, their quality varies significantly.

On the other hand, a managed hosting solution offers a hosting solution and complete website management service. In simple terms, getting a managed WordPress hosting solution is like getting a cloud server and a sysadmin both for the same price to manage your website.

Some features that you will get with a managed WordPress hosting service include:

  1. A complete website hosting package with top security, fast speed, and total scalability
  2. Optimum page speed and site performance
  3. Maintenance and management of WordPress 
  4. Installation of the website from scratch on WordPress
  5. Weekly monitoring of site speed and server errors
  6. Hack promise and malware safety

When you opt for a managed WordPress hosting solution, your hosting provider ‘manages’ your application and server for you. Hence, you won’t have to worry about certain essential chore’s like updating your website etc.

Types of Hosting Solutions Explained

Let’s compare WordPress managed hosting with other hosting solutions.

A shared hosting solution is a shared server hosting where multiple websites are hosted on a single server. This type of hosting solution is slow, has a higher downtime, completely unscalable, and often not secure.

Most companies sell shared hosting services for as low as $3. However, if you are looking for a website hosting service that you can use in the long run and one that can help you improve your business growth, then shared hosting is not what you should use.

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Dedicated hosting solution and a virtual private server (VPS) are two different types of server hosting solutions available in the market.

In a dedicated hosting solution, you get a complete server to host your website(s). You can increase the storage/RAM capacity of the server at will. You are responsible for maintaining the server and keeping it secure. The hosting company is only responsible for keeping it online. It is the most expensive hosting solution available in the market because you are the only client for the whole server. Mid-level companies and enterprises prefer to have their own dedicated servers. Most colocation data centres offer dedicated servers.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) on the other hand offer virtual server space on a dedicated server. The hosting company will create a few partitions on a dedicated server and then give them separately to each of their clients. The benefits of getting a virtual private server are better support, security, and storage capacity. A VPS works just like a dedicated server. You can also scale the VPS server by asking the support to assign you more storage, RAM, and bandwidth. VPS servers are also expensive and not built to only manage a single website. Companies prefer VPS servers for hosting multiple websites. Such as a design agency that would want to host 200 websites on a VPS server.

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Cloud hosting is a little different than VPS and dedicated hosting because you get a complete data centre (a.k.a the cloud) to host your website. The liberty is that you are not hosted on a single server. Your website remains live even if the server is down for maintenance because your site is hosted on the complete data center. The best part about cloud hosting is that it is completely scalable. However, it works the same way as VPS and dedicated servers. You get an empty server and you have to install everything on it from scratch to launch WordPress.

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Now let us discuss managed WordPress hosting and how it is better than all these hosting solutions. While dedicated and cloud servers are empty and you have to install everything on them, on a managed hosting solution you get everything installed. That’s the beauty of getting a WordPress managed hosting because you can save a lot of time that is often wasted in setting up your server.

On the other hand, a managed WordPress hosting offers even more options such as WordPress unlimited edits, guaranteed performance, and much more that we will be discussing below.

Pros of Managed WordPress Hosting

A WordPress managed hosting solution offers a lot of benefits to its users in comparison with a regular host. Let’s discuss some of the best ones it has to offer.

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The best part about WordPress hosting solution and the sole reason people preferring a managed WordPress host over other hosting solutions is because of its superior support. A regular hosting solution won’t offer application-level support. But you can ask your managed hosting support team to do that for you. In fact, our managed WordPress hosting support team will even provide you with deep application-level support like editing your content and managing plugins & application updates.

No hosting solution offers a guarantee of high performance for any website. But the beauty of getting a managed WordPress hosting solution is that you get a guarantee that your website will perform at 100 percent performance i.e. less than 3 seconds page load time.

Your site speed depends on how close you are from the data centre. If your website is hosted in data centres established in Alaska and your target audience resides in Asia, you will have a slow speed. However, if your target audience is in North America, you will get a significantly better site loading speed. A managed WordPress hosting solution determines where your audience is coming from and automatically maps your website to the nearest data centre so that your visitors can get faster performance with minimum downtime.

With a WordPress managed hosting solution you can sleep with the satisfaction that your website data is always safe. No hosting provider can commit to a hack free site promise, but a managed host can guarantee that your data will be safe with them because of automatic site backups.

All sites want to add new pages, plugins, and even web apps to attract more visitors. However, to add new functionality, they would want to test the website in a real world scenario. That’s where a staging area comes in. A staging area allows website developers to test any new functionality on a website before it is finally released to the public. Most website hosting solutions don’t offer a staging area. However, with a fully managed WordPress hosting solution you can easily close your website to the staging area and test any functionality available on it to ensure nothing breaks post-launch.

Another feature that a WordPress managed hosting has is the developer-friendly module. It offers the website developers direct access to the root server so that they can make changes according to their needs. They can use SSH, Git, or even WP CLI to control each functionality of the website or WordPress CMS with the console.

Another great benefit of a WordPress managed hosting solution is that they take security very seriously. They ensure site security through two-factor authentication, SSL protection, firewalls, DNS protection, IP Whitelisting, Application isolation, User role management, and regular updates and patches that keep your website at peak performance levels always.

Another great benefit of a WordPress managed hosting solution is that you can always scale it according to your needs. Let’s say Black Friday is coming and you want to scale your website bandwidth and storage so that it can handle more visitors. Do that with the click of a button. Once the event has passed, downscale it so that you are back on the actual package that you previously had. With BionicWP, you can even ask the customer support team to do it for you. The whole process is pretty smooth.

In most cases, websites are using a free DNS with limited SLA. Managed WordPress hosts offer premium DNS service with many more SLA features that can improve performance, decrease downtime, and escalate support to the customers.

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Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting

Like everything else, a managed hosting solution is not always perfect. It has its fair share of issues. Let’s discuss the drawbacks of a managed WordPress hosting solution.

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One of the biggest drawbacks of a managed WordPress host is that you will not be worried about your website as you were before. It means you will have more time to focus on your business, especially the areas that require direct assistance.

This one is for sure! You won’t be directly managing your website because the WordPress management solution will take care of site and plugin updates and page and post edits (not all hosting solutions do though). In some cases, you will also get support for installing scripts. So, you will have plenty of time to work on other projects.

Another drawback of a managed WordPress hosting solution is that it is not always cheap. Managed hosting solutions can charge as much as $100 for a single website due to the costs involved in providing some premium services.

Fortunately, BionicWP WordPress managed hosting solution is nothing like that. It offers WordPress hosting for a single site for as low as $27.

Another drawback of most WordPress managed hosting solutions is that they don’t offer email hosting service. So, you will have to get a separate email hosting solution for your web hosting service.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

A WordPress managed hosting solution offers everything a website administrator would need to scale up his website. Let’s learn top reasons people choose a managed hosting solution.

The most obvious reason to go for a managed WordPress hosting solution is to improve site performance. Websites perform slow when they are on a shared host. A managed hosting solution has the right technology stack with a server-level cache that increases performance by 100 per cent. 

In fact, BionicWP guarantees a 90+ Google Pagespeed score for your site through its tech stack. You can try the
hosting solution and see if you get a 90+ Google Pagespeed  score before you buy the service.

Majority of the site admins prefer a WordPress managed hosting solution over regular hosts because of the level of support they offer to the users. BionicWP offers 24/7 chat and email support to all its users. Moreover, they can also call and directly talk with sales representatives to get their problems solved faster.

We have already discussed the advantages of a data centre that is near to the targeted audience. With BionicWP, you can get data centres in all regions across the globe because it uses WP Cloud service for site hosting. It means users can easily get a server that is near to their target audience and reduce load time.

One reason people move to a managed hosting solution is because they get automated backups for their websites. That is exactly what Bionic WP managed WordPress hosting platform offers. Users can get automated backups for 30 days completely free with its hosting package.

Getting hacked can be devastating for any business. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely secure your website against hackers but you can get hack security from some managed hosting solutions. With hack security, your data will remain completely safe and you will get your website restored to the point where it was hacked. BionicWP offers free restoration of your website in case it gets hacked.

Want to stage your website and test new functionalities that you have just added to it? With a staging area, you can easily test new functionality of the website. However, a staging area is not offered by all hosting solutions and that’s why website developers opt for a managed WordPress hosting solution like BionicWP instead.

Website developers often require root-level server access. This is not possible on a cPanel hosting solution. That’s why web app developers vouch for a managed hosting solution where they have complete liberty to work as they want. Managed WordPress hosts provide complete server access through SSH, FTP, and Git.

Security is a top priority for most managed WordPress hosting solutions and that is why they keep all the websites hosted on them updated at all times. WordPress releases five to six security-related updates per month. All these updates help site administrators be vary of cybercriminals and get complete site security.

Managed hosting solutions offer website owners to scale their websites with the click of a button. If they have a 4GB hosting package they can easily upgrade to 8GB hosting package if they are getting a surge in traffic. Similarly, people can also downscale back to the 4GB hosting package when they don’t need it.

Another benefit of getting a managed WordPress hosting solution is that you can get weekly monitoring statistics of your WordPress website. The hosting support team will check your site health and automatically optimize it so that your site remains at peak performance.

Bonus: Sell Managed Hosting Solution as Your Own (White Label)

Last but not the least, if you get a managed hosting solution by BionicWP, you get to white label your hosting. Means, you can sell the hosting under your own brand. This offer is only available by BionicWP hosting solution. It is a perfect hosting solution for agencies that are looking for a managed WordPress hosting solution for their clients.

How BionicWP provides truly Managed WordPress Hosting?

The meaning of a truly managed hosting solution is to take the burden of site management completely off the website administrator and that is what BionicWP does.

It offers a truly managed hosting by providing unlimited site edits, theme and plugin installation, site updates & maintenance, and guaranteeing peak performance at all times.

These are some unique features that cannot be found at any other hosting provider.

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Now that you know all about WordPress managed hosting, it is time to choose the type of hosting that best suits your business. The best way to start searching for a managed host is by comparing their features. See what are the value propositions of various managed hosting solutions, compare their prices, and then see how they can help you grow and scale your online business.

Once you have narrowed down various hosting solutions, create a list of requirements that you would need in a managed host. Now, match the requirements and go with the one that offers the best value for the money.

Currently, BionicWP is the only hosting solution that offers the most managed WordPress hosting features for a minimum price, you can check the complete list of packages it has on offer

Fully managed WordPress hosting and unlimited application-level support

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