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Are you creating a new e-commerce website? Designing a new e-commerce website can sound overwhelming. However, being organized and figuring out what you need can go a long way in making a successful website. Read on to learn what you must have on your e-commerce website before the final launch.

What Does My E-Commerce Website Need?     

Are you a WordPress beginner who’s trying to figure out what to include on their e-commerce website? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Using WordPress to make your business website is straightforward since you don’t have to mess with any fancy codes. Instead, you should decide on the specific features to include on it. Here are a few features you should include on yours:

Shopping Cart Option

Creating a shopping cart button on your website will be useful in letting people have a quick way to save or add a product they want. Some people might not have the time to pay for stuff right away. This button can allow customers the option of saving your products in this cart and can browse over it later.  

Blog Page

Having a blog page on your website can be very beneficial to your e-commerce website. You can talk about the advantages of various products or services that you offer customers. Customers usually like researching or reading about the things they buy before purchasing them, especially if they want quality products that might be more expensive. They want to know that the price is worth it. Writing a blog on your website can also create more revenue since it can usually increase traffic to your site.

Sales Page

It would be best if you always had to be clear on what you are selling on your Home Page. Customers need to know the types of products you are selling based on that page alone. You won’t have a picture of a dog on the Home Page if you sell sports clothes. No, you got to have professional looking photos and sales page to go with what you are selling your customers.

Don’t Forget These Must-Haves          

Most people know and have a Home Page on their website. However, you should also have a few more must-have features that you should have on any e-commerce website. These features can mean the difference between someone purchasing items from you or seeking similar products from another online business.

Contact Page and Buttons        

Contact pages and buttons are essential in having on your website. Why is this? You want your customers to be able to reach you quickly and in various places on your website. If they only browse the home page, they should be able to click on the Contact button to easily find your phone number or email. No matter where they are looking on your e-commerce website, they should always have a link or your phone number spelled out right there. Otherwise, you could risk them clicking off your page and going to one of your competitors. So, make sure you have at least some type of contact information or link on every page. This will ensure they will take action with an easy way to reach you.                  

Returns Policy

Who doesn’t always look for the returns policy? People want to be assured that they can return any items that they don’t like or when there’s something wrong with their purchases. Several customers check to see if they can return and how many days they have. If you don’t have a returns policy on your page, then you might risk someone not purchasing anything from you.

About Us Page

Have you figured out what you are going to put on your “About Page?” This page is essential since it’s a place where you can be more personal with your customers. You can tell them the unique background story of how you started your business. You can also discuss all of your company’s goals and objectives you have. It will also allow you to talk more about the brand you are selling to your customers.


Designing a professional website can increase customers and annual revenue, but incorporating testimonials or customer reviews on your website can gain you more credibility and traffic to your site. Potential customers like to read reviews about the product they are looking at, so giving them some insight from previous customers can make them want to buy from you more. Writing an excellent sales page on your website might get your customers, but if you can’t back it up with people who love your stuff, it might be harder to sell.

Ensuring Your Website is Launch Ready

Before you launch your website, you should check off a list of the parts that can make a successful launch. First of all, you should have a date set for your launch date. This can be two weeks or two months from now, but having a date set can help defuse any procrastinating and get the job done in a timely matter. Otherwise, you might put things off over and over, which won’t get you anywhere if you are trying to build a new business. Setting a date can also mean dividing so much work into smaller portions, so it doesn’t get overwhelming, especially if you are still working another job or have other priorities.

Testing and editing everything is another thing you should do with all aspects of your website. This means you should verify the mobile version, picture quality, grammar, or any other mistakes that a potential customer might find. You could try testing these out with close friends or colleagues since you might not see those mistakes that could be staring at you straight in the face.

Have you planned for every disaster? Sometimes things go wrong when you launch a new website. So, having a plan for various things to go wrong can make you prepared for the unexpected. Plus, having back-up plans can make you more confident in building up your new business and being more successful in the long run.

If you are creating a new e-commerce website, you can build a successful business by choosing the right features the first time around. Customers expect certain things on a website when they buy your products. Make sure you have everything in order before you launch your site because it will save you time and money if you have to reorganize the website.

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