New Year’s Resolutions for Your Blog

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Are you going to start a blog in 2019? Many bloggers tend to make some bad practices when they start blogging on your business website hosting. Learn more about how you can correct or prevent these types of mistakes from happening on your WordPress blog in the New Year.

I can’t believe I did this

Are you thinking of writing a blog on your business website? Don’t be like several small to large businesses where they’ve made some bad practices on their business blog.

1. Writing the content yourself

Unless you are going to use your blog as a freelance blogger business, you might want to rethink about writing your blog content all by yourself. You might be able to write some content on your website, but this will take up so much of your time, you won’t be able to do the regular side of your business.

2. Lack of consistency

If you’ve looked up business websites that have had blogs before, sometimes you see that it’s been a while since they’ve had a blog post. Your customers notice these types of things and they will question why you aren’t staying up-to-date on your blog. They might think you are abandoning them or think they don’t matter to you from your lack of online presence.

3. Not writing valuable content

Most business websites think any content is acceptable for their blogs. You might write about the same things repeatedly since it gained some attention. However, this could result in customers leaving your site more and more each time a blog is posted.

4. No communication to your visitors

You really don’t want to start off on the wrong foot by not commenting on any of your customer’s comments on the business website. Whether you are a small or large e-commerce business website, you should maintain communication with your customers.

5. Not marketing your blog

One of the most essential aspects of creating a blog on your website is marketing that you have a blog on your business website. Therefore, don’t just write a blog on your website. Take action by hiring a blog manager if you think that’s needed because you should let people know you have a blog with valuable information for your customers.


Good Goals

In the long run, writing your blog material can become another full-time job. This is why there are freelance writers at your disposal. Paying freelance writers to write your content for you can save you time and money by gaining more customers. Having a blog with the right kind of writer can create more traffic to your website, and bringing in more money to your business.

Writing it yourself could also have a negative impact on your website if you aren’t so great with the grammar aspect of writing. Hiring an editor can also have its benefits if you are in need of one who can make your website grammatically error free. Your customers might not think your business is reliable if your business website is full of grammatical errors.

Build credibility by staying consistent with how long you post your blogs. Writing consistently on your blog can help keep traffic on your website because people love reading about new and valuable content. For example, having a weekly blog post can create more traffic for your website each week than having no blog at all. Don’t just have one blog two times a month, because your customers might think you’ve abandoned the blog and won’t get on your website as often.

Why should you write valuable content on your blog? Because your customers want new and valuable content on the blogs they read. They want to read something new that you can bring to the table. They don’t want to read the same old stuff over and over again. Your customers will find your competitors who have more valuable content on their blogs instead of staying loyal to you.

Maintaining communication with your customers can also help them stay loyal to your business. Don’t ignore their comments when it could help you understand their concerns or complaints with any of your business products or services. This is how they can feel heard and respect you and your business.

Finally, you should promote your blog by sharing it on social media and through your email contacts. This will help people know that you have a blog for your business, which can help spread the word of your amazing blogging material. People will want to read your material, but they can’t if they don’t know it exists. You can’t just post some blog posts and expect people to show up with their reading glasses.

No, you have to take all action and promote your blogs along with the rest of your business. However, the marketing will be worth it, because blogs can help increase your traffic and customers on your business website.

Ready to Make Changes

You can’t keep making your past mistakes, because they won’t allow you to profit from your blog. Making these changes will help build more profit and loyal customers who rely and trust your business over others who don’t know how to properly utilize blogs on their websites.

If you have any questions concerning WordPress, contact All Things BionicWP. We are always there to answer your questions concerning WordPress.

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