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SEO Reseller: A Complete Guide for Reselling SEO Services

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Imagine this. Your biggest client whom you have developed a website for demands SEO services. Of course, you wish to agree because no one wants to lose out on the opportunity to scale your agency’s recurring revenue from a trusted client. 

Even with limited resources and some expertise, you accepted the project and forecasted improvement in search result ranking. But unfortunately, just after two months, you realize that it was a wrong decision. You were not able to create enough backlinks, and traffic was not up to the mark.  

As a result, you now have a disappointed client with an upset team because they work in a field with limited experience. 

But thanks to the knowledge economy, even the SEO agencies with limited experience are providing SEO services effortlessly. How are they doing it? The solution is SEO resellers. 

SEO Reseller VS In-House

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If you are reading this blog, it means you are considering hiring an SEO expert. You are just confused about hiring an in-house team or outsourcing the work. 

The in-house SEO indeed has its perks, but there are some serious issues when you hire a team of experts. The full-time employees have some extra expenses like:

  • Medical benefits
  • Vacation 
  • Training and upgrades
  • Timely bonuses 

And this doesn’t even include the turnover problem. If you train an employee and they leave, all your hard work goes to waste. 

While if you go for SEO Reseller service, it will only give you benefits. An experienced set of people will be there to help you out with the SEO of your website. You won’t have to worry about ranking the pages of your website. Each week a report will be there in your inbox that will give you results that you’ve paid for. 

In this blog, we will discuss why SEO Reseller is vital and how you can use the service for your benefit.

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SEO Reseller: The Introduction!

In simple words, an SEO reseller is a group of SEO experts who sell their services without taking credit. SEO resellers work in the background, deliver their work, and you can take all the credit you want. This gives you the ease of not hiring an in-house SEO team to do all the hard work. 

SEO resellers have an excellent network with writers, editors, and marketers who can provide high-quality backlinks to them. Some resellers even label their dashboard in a way that you can easily share the report with your client.

With a reseller service, you’ll be able to make a great impression on your client. The background work will be done with the SEO Reseller while your name can do the branding. You will create trust among your client, and they’ll give good word of mouth for you. 

The Services Offered By SEO Resellers

A common misconception among people is that an SEO Reseller model only provides link-building services. In reality, SEO Resellers offer a variety of services to their clients. Here are some of the most common benefits: 

  • Competitor Analysis
  • On-page auditing
  • Keyword research 
  • On-page and Off-page optimization 
  • Content Development
  • High-Quality Link Building 
  • Guest Posting 

How Can SEO Outsourcing Benefit?

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An in-house SEO team can be expensive. When you delegate SEO services to experts, you’ll be able to expand your team without paying for in-house efforts. And you’ll save precious time that you can invest to find more clients.

If you hire an in-house SEO team, it will take trial and error to learn what will work. But SEO Resellers will exactly know what will work for your client, and they’ll be happy to provide you detailed reports that’ll keep you informed about the process. You’ll be able to witness the procedure, and you’ll learn a lot just by observing things. With all the information at your disposal, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions that’ll help you grow exponentially. 

If you take on an SEO project, it will be challenging to balance your primary service. Even then, there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to deliver the results that you’ve promised. But by outsourcing SEO, you’ll get sure-shot results. The experts know what they need to get you the desired results. Just choose whatever SEO package feels right for you, and they’ll handle the SEO of your brand.

When you resell SEO, your client’s SEO will improve, and that’ll turn your client into a loyal client. Moreover, a white-label SEO Reseller company will not just help you with existing clients; it’ll enable you to get some new clients as well. Additionally, by keeping an SEO expert team with you, your client pitch will be refined, you’ll be able to create better SEO proposals and close the deal like an expert. Eventually, you’ll get results for the client and build a better relationship with them. 

What to Look for When Choosing an SEO Reseller Service?

The SEO Seller company must understand the technical aspects of SEO. This goes down to training and knowledge of the latest tools working in the industry. You are hiring a company because they have a deeper understanding of SEO than you do. 

Moreover, an SEO reseller company must provide you with a dashboard that will give you access to reports and analytics so that you can monitor their efforts. Your content team might not have the expertise to write an SEO optimized content. At the same time, the content writers working for the SEO reseller company can easily tailor content as per the need of your brand. They’ll take each page and optimize the page to show up in Google search results under the relevant keywords.

If you are working with an SEO reseller company, you must keep transparent communication. Both the parties must know the expectations and the capability to deliver results in record time. Your SEO company should set realistic deadlines and keep you informed about the progress. Ensure that they are willing to brainstorm ideas with you and willing to take feedback. Make them accountable for results. For a long-term relationship, smooth-collaboration and communication are necessary. 

Maybe the foreign companies might promise high rewards and low costs, but you need constant communication with the SEO company. This means a local SEO team will be feasible. Website design, development, and even SEO are crucial parts of your digital business’s success; ideally, you need a SEO Reseller company with all these resources. And due to constant communication, the SEO company must be located near you to discuss problems and issues face-to-face.

SEO is not a thing that you can compromise. Before choosing the company, look for positive reviews about that company. A well-established company will have positive reviews. You can check the reviews on their website or anywhere on their social media page. 

Look how the company responds to negative reviews. When you review the feedback from customers, you’ll be able to decide better whether hiring the SEO company is worth it or not. 

Most importantly, an SEO Reseller company should have experience in your field. Not every SEO company necessarily has experience in a particular niche. Look for a company that deeply understands your industry and all the competitors. 

It might become challenging to find a niche-based SEO Reseller, but a little effort might give you long-term rewards. A professional company will design SEO campaigns as per your requirement. 

If you have any confusion, you should clear it out before locking any agreements or contracts.

If the company is not affordable, what is the point of hiring an SEO Reseller company at all? For smaller businesses it’s a valid concern. Everyone knows that SEO is an essential aspect of business success; therefore, it is final that SEO cannot be ignored. But that doesn’t mean every business will be able to pay a high price for SEO. At times, the startups need SEO service, but they cannot do so due to a tight budget. Well, not anymore. 

SEO Reseller’s goal is to reduce the overall cost of an in-house SEO team or even freelancing an SEO expert. Ensure to inquire about the various packages that the company might offer. Maybe you can even get in touch with an SEO reseller and customize a package to make it more feasible for your business. 

Different SEO packages are designed for every business level. Before making the final decision, it is wise to choose the packages that fit your business. 

How Are SEO Resellers Priced?

There are two ways in which the pricing of SEO Reseller is done. You can also come up with your pricing strategy. But the below-mentioned are the strategies that are most widely used in the industry. 

This is a one-time price for the whole SEO package. It gives the margin to offer discounts, depending upon the services that you want to use. 

Mostly, a discount between 15% to 30% will work well. It’s not about reselling a service and forgetting about it. It is more like thinking of the client as a partner. The discount is offered to make it affordable to the client. 

Link building, for instance, has a higher price margin than PPC management and social media marketing. Whatever service  is offered, the seller usually manages the services based upon that. 

The second pricing model is tiered pricing. This usually involves the work that needs to be done for the project—based upon the job; a suitable pricing offer is made. 

In a multi-tiered model, many variables come into consideration. Some of these variables are straightforward. Like if a client wants some extra work, a cost is added and conveyed to the client. In such a model, the agency has the choice to take whatever margin they can. Moreover, in this model, the work’s quality and the actual supplier costs are taken into account. 

In short, you can choose one of two pricing models that are widely used in the market. Or you can devise a custom price for each client. Customization makes it easy for startups or small business owners to avail the service. 

A flat margin is a great way to start on the initial level. The discount of flat margin can easily be adjusted as per the requirement of the client. 

Usually, the client expects flexibility, which can easily be offered on the multi-tiered level.  

If you don’t know which pricing model is the right fit for you, it is okay to ask out consultants, and they’ll be happy to assist you. In SEO, multiple factors go into consideration, so the price is designed by the amount of work required in that offering for each model. 

Closing Notes

In the digital industry, SEO Resellers are helping hands. By hiring an extended set of SEO experts, you can take some of the burdens off your back, attract the relevant audience, and invest more time fulfilling your clients’ needs. 

Indeed, there are benefits of doing some work yourself, but SEO is a specialized field requiring experience and persistence. Invest in a good SEO Reseller and witness your business grow fast. 

Now you know the benefits of going for a SEO Reseller instead of doing everything yourself. Instead of hiring or investing in an in-house SEO team, you can quickly outsource your SEO and let the experts handle the difficult parts of the entire process. 

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