Should My Business Have More Than One Website?

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When starting your own e-commerce business, you may wonder whether you should build more than one website to support it. Below, the professionals at BionicWP evaluate the cons and pros of such a decision to help you determine which path you should take.

Why You Shouldn’t Have More Than One Website

WordPress allows you to create beautiful, custom e-commerce websites easily. However, more does not always mean better.

Having one website for all of your services or products saves you money, time and more – making it very resource intensive. Designing, developing, marketing, and maintaining multiple websites is much more expensive and complex. After all, SSL certificates, money processing features, and web hosting fees add up and are required for each individual website. If you are hiring a WordPress web designer, this means more money will be spent just on the development of your websites. If a hacker has attacked one or more sites, this can also mean more money invested in addressing and fixing damages they have caused. Marketing multiple pages is also more costly since each webpage will need to be highlighted in separate ads targeting each intended audience.

In addition, creating a successful website requires diligence, time, and research. Having multiple sites means researching different search engine optimization (SEO) tactics and Google ranking techniques, as well as providing multiple well-written, relevant and original content pieces to help boost your individual websites. (If you hire a copywriter for creating your content, you will need to likely hire more to ensure diverse, original content is available for each of your websites.) It also complicates your analytic processes. For example, if your customer bounces from one of your pages to the next, analytic tools will treat the first as a “referral” site instead of the source.

Multiple websites can also lead to customer confusion. Most customers do not like jumping between sites in order to purchase all of their products or services. Not only can it lead to confusion, but also the longer it takes a customer to locate what they need, the more likely they are to abandon their search on your web pages.

There are several major companies that use single websites to market all of their goods or services.,, and are examples of multi-million dollar companies who each utilize single website models to sell their products.

Advantages of Multiple Websites

There are a couple of business cases, however, that support the use of multiple websites.

If you sell services or products that are distinctly separate, it may help customers hone in on specific areas of your expertise. Those looking for children’s toys, for example, would probably prefer to steer clear of toxic household cleaning supplies. It also helps to spotlight specific products. The Coca-Cola Company does this for several of their products, including,, and

Geographically specific sites are also often used to split a single company’s website into various localities. For example, a home care service provider, with branches in Atlanta, Portland, and Houston may want to create multiple websites, targeting these areas, to boost their local Google ranking. and are examples of large companies who use multiple websites to sell their various products.

What BionicWP Offers

If you are considering creating multiple websites for your e-commerce business, evaluate the merits of doing so. Is it truly necessary? Do you have the time, money, and dedicated team lined up to fully support multiple, well-developed websites? On the other hand, is it more prudent and resourceful to establish one phenomenal website that encompasses everything?

Whether you opt for a single WordPress site or multiple e-commerce websites, your choice of web hosting company is equally as important. At BionicWP, our web hosting packages are affordable, scalable, and professionally supported.

For those simply looking for WordPress hosting, BionicWP provides several secure and reliable packages. With features like unlimited 30-minute tasks, professional support, daily malware scans, WordPress theme, core and plugin updates, 90-day off-site backups and real-time monitoring – BionicWP hosting packages strive to protect and enhance your e-commerce website.

If you would like even more technical support, our managed WordPress hosting services have you covered. Enhanced dashboards, live support, widget generators, easy-to-use apps, Lorem ipsum, and other features feel confidence in your e-commerce website.

Every business is different and requires unique support. BionicWP gives all of your e-commerce websites a competitive advantage. With fast solid-state drive (SSD) servers, pre-installed WordPress, cloud technology, free site building tools, live support, advanced management, and our money back guarantee – BionicWP provides web hosting services that help your e-commerce website excel. If you would like to learn more about our web hosting packages and options, visit BionicWP today!

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