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Starter pack: Edit WordPress Plugins like a pro!

Edit WordPress plugins

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WordPress is a pretty dynamic platform out there which hosts millions of websites and blogs present over the internet. In fact, to date it powers over 26.4% of the web. Plugins do make the job easy for website owners to manage their content more effectively, to edit these WordPress plugins is a whole other genre all together.

The most common question we’ve come across while engaging with the beginners in WordPress community: Is WordPress easy to use? The answer is yes… Yes! it is.

For Content Marketing Services, it remains an ideal platform due to it being versatile in nature and having integrated with interactive tools and resources. It is just fascinating how you can build a blog using WordPress without any prior knowledge of making websites or coding.

While you run an active site, the good chances are that on many occasions, you will require to make certain modifications. These modifications can be about your site theme, pages, templates, plugins, etc. When you are starting out, it would usually take you a bit of time to get comfortable and understand how the platform that is powered by a wide variety of plugins and resources actually works.

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You will come across many plugins, and every now and then, you will need to make edits. From WordPress email plugins, WordPress event plugins to WordPress Google Maps plugins and WordPress Facebook widgets; there’s a plugin for everything. Having a website on WordPress means good business, and since the portal actually hosts some of the biggest sites on the internet, it is quite easy and simple to ease. Even the nitty-gritty details, you can learn a thing or two about it and then do it yourself with absolute finesse!

So, let’s get back to the point of editing plugins. For someone having absolutely no background in coding, it may sound like rocket science. Fortunately, that is not the case, and we can tell you that you can edit all of your plugins easily! All you have to do is follow our simple guide here, and you are good to go.

Here’s how you can edit WordPress plugins like a professional!

When you are using plugins, you do not usually require to edit them so much. If you really feel the need to do so, you can do it quite simply. Spare yourself from going into much detail; all you need to do is use the tool called CSS Hero. Every plugin is created using CSS, and you will only need to edit the code.

Often times, people would advise you rather use the Plugins Editor, a tool incorporated into your WordPress. This particular is very useful. However, it also has many limitations. The biggest problem with using Plugins Editor is that when updating any theme, any updates made to your theme from the outside will write off your edits on your WordPress plugin template. You will lose all of the changes you made.

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So, you have a better shot at using CSS Hero, which enables you to edit your plugins comfortably. One useful consideration in this regard would be that you will have to edit the contextual help screen of your plugin. WordPress developers tend to provide information for the WordPress help widget incorporated into their plugins. If you notice that the contextual notes lack some sort of information, then all you need to do is modify the text present in your plugin’s “Help” option. This way, users can use that information and simplify their experience using WordPress.

Best WordPress Plugins to Use in 2019


This plugin covers several security aspects at once. It includes a firewall, malware scanning and functionality similar to Limit Login Attempts.


Fantastic free plugin for automatic creation of backups, the best we have tried; we like it for its flexibility of configuration, its reliability and its integration with cloud services.


Backup and Restoration for WordPress: A fantastic-looking backup plugin that we have recently discovered and we still have to test thoroughly, but considering its benefits and community assessments, it will probably soon replace BackWPup as our reference recommendation.

Limit Login Attempts:

This plugin limit attempts to access your WordPress account. Faced with a number of failed attempts, it blocks access from that IP for a time that the user configures making brute force attacks impossible — a very useful, simple and free plugin.


A very effective and very elegant plugin, since it uses the hidden fields method with CSS as a “trap” for spambots. WordPress actually gets over 132 million spam messages every month. In short, it works very well and can be an excellent alternative or complement to Akismet.

Yoast SEO:

Yoast is the SEO plugin par excellence. Some of the most important features it provides are to add a meta-description, the creation and automatic upload of sitemaps to Google Search Console, the preview of the snippet in Google results for a post or page and the configuration of index/no policies – index for pages, categories and tags.

Easy Twitter Links:

Create automatic links when it detects a Twitter tag (#tagname) or a Twitter username (@username) anywhere within posts, pages and comments. Speaking of which, there needs to be some serous consideration to getting a WordPress comment plugin.

Google Analytics for WordPress:

This plugin automatically inserts the tracking code that Google Analytics needs to be able to collect your blog statistics.

WP Keyword Suggest:

This plugin is based on onGoogle’s keyword suggestions and integrates a search box in the WordPress editor where you can type one or more keywords to see what it suggests. It is very comfortable because of how quickly it works, so in a short time, you can try many combinations. That is, it helps you explore the “long tail” of those initial keywords to find an interesting search niche in which to position your post.

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Contact Form 7:

The contact form is an essential element of any blog. This plugin allows you to easily design a contact form, with the fields you want. If you have JetPack installed, it is not necessary because it comes with similar functionality.


This is a WordPress plugin with which, under the philosophy “you don’t need to be a designer or programmer to do it right,” you can create and send newsletters directly from its interface. The best? Shipments through its own SMTP server and campaign analysis, which allows you to know the tracking, openings, and more.


A magnificent free plugin for the creation and management of newsletters. Thanks to its template designer and other advanced features such as shipping statistics, it is quite close to professional payment services such as MailChimp. What you have to keep in mind are the possible limitations of your hosting provider in the case of very large lists. That topic should be consulted before using this plugin.

So, do you want an engaging site on WordPress? You will need a competent hosting provider to run it smoothly. Sign up with BionicWP, a reputable WordPress hosting provider, maintenance, and security platform.

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