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Why You Should Stay Away from Free WordPress Hosting

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When it comes to developing a website, there is a lot you need to consider. From web content to Google rankings, your website is not only a time-consuming venture, but a financial investment as well.

WordPress is the most popular open source content management source (CMS) in the world and for good reason. It offers website owners of all skill levels an easy-to-use site development tool. Not only is it intuitive and simple, but WordPress does not require the use of expensive HTML or FTP software. WordPress allows you to manage your website from virtually anywhere, making customization, flexibility, and scalability quick and painless.

As you develop your website, however, you will need to find a WordPress hosting service. With it, you cannot make your website viewable to the world. Web hosting service providers store all of your website’s data and associated information and give you a server on which to base your website.

Free Isn’t Always Better

If this is your first website, you may underestimate the importance of web hosting. This can be a serious mistake that can compromise your entire website. For many new website owners, the word “free” may make certain WordPress hosting services sound like a “win”. However, this is not the case at all.

  • Reliability: Often, free WordPress hosting providers lack reliability. They tend to pop up and shut down almost overnight. If you have spent time carefully creating your website, relying on these types of hosting services can be a big step backward.
  • Hidden Costs: “Free” hosting services usually have tons of hidden fees. For example, you may have zero control over the amount, types and placements of ads on your site. Sure, you could then pay to upgrade to “premium” web hosting but that may not give you the control you should have.
  • Fine Print: Many “free” WordPress hosting services include some scary fine print. Many make you sign agreements before they host your site. This fine print often contains clauses that legally transfer the ownership of your website to them. This means you cannot sell your website without serious repercussions, like a lifetime Google ban, because you no longer own your website. The “free” host owns it.
  • Customization: Most free hosting services limit your ability to customize your website. In fact, many may even require you to use one of their templates. This not only limits your initial design, but also it prevents you from utilizing many plugins, widgets, and other interface accessories.
  • WordPress Support: A “free” web hosting provider does not have the capacity to provide support for nothing. Which is exactly why there is none.
  • Security: Most free web hosting services are not secure. Sure, they may claim to be. But a truly secure hosting environment is an investment.

You Get What You Pay For

When you pay for a secure WordPress hosting service, like that offered by BionicWP, you get exactly what you signed up for. Let’s compare:

  • Reliability: Paid web hosting service providers are often much more reliable. Not only do they tend to last, but they are legally required to give you ample warning should they decide to close. Most reputable providers will also help you relocate your website to another host should this rare, but possible, event occur.
  • Hidden Costs: With a paid hosting service, there should be no hidden costs. All fees and services should be clearly outlined before you pay for WordPress hosting.
  • Fine Print: A reputable paid hosting service discloses everything. If you own your website, you continue to own it when contracting with a paid WordPress hosting service provider.
  • Customization: The beauty of WordPress is its ability to become anything you want. Paid WordPress hosting services understand this. In fact, many like to help promote it! They include options that go beyond the “free”, such as dashboard enhancements, widget generators and more!
  • WordPress Support: Many paid hosting services include WordPress support in their portfolio of options. While different packages may affect the level of support available to you, most offer some range of it.
  • Security: A secure WordPress hosting service is your first line of defense against hackers, malware, and much more. While you may not believe your website is likely to suffer from an attack – taking the risk of using an unsecured web host is not worth it. Not only can it cost you money and time to fix, but it also damages your credibility with customers and may result in irrecoverable losses.

The BionicWP Advantage

BionicWP offers secure WordPress hosting as well as WordPress support. From the fastest SSD servers and cloud technology to advanced management and 24/7 lie support – BionicWP gives you a competitive advantage.

BionicWP offers plans that include unlimited tasks, professional WordPress support, off-site backups, daily malware scans, crucial updates and more. To add to the deal, we also offer managed WordPress hosting services.

With our array of different secure WordPress hosting packages, you can find an option that fits your budget as well as your webpage intentions. Contact us today to find out more about our secure WordPress hosting and support.

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