Why are the Comments On Your Blog Posts Important?

Many times when analyzing the success of a blog, we become obsessed with a multitude of metrics such as the number of shares in social networks or the number of links we have achieved. However, it seems that we do not give enough importance to the comment section of a post when they really are […]

The Do’s and Don’ts for Beginner Bloggers

Do's and Don'ts for Beginner Bloggers

A blog simply refers to a website where users can talk about their likes, preferences, and matters which pique their interests deeply. Blogging allows you to engage with a community of regular internet users out there, who are or might be interested in the subject of your content. It is also a way of showcasing […]

The Secret Life of a Successful Blogger

A day in the life of a blogger

Blogging remains one of the hottest professions nowadays. You may find a one in every nick and corner of society, the more the merrier really! But what really is a day in the Life of a blogger like? The basic idea is that people have turned their interests and passions into blogs and monetize in […]