WordPress White Screen Of Death Error: Fix it yourself Guide

White Screen

Suppose this. You start your PC to work on your newly built website. It’s got those nice graphics and filled with great content. You imagine that you are going to rock the SERPs in the coming days. But when you log into the WordPress website, what you see is a white screen of DEATH. Wait, […]

The beginners guide to WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite

Looking for a quickstart guide to WordPress Multisite installation and management? Well, you’ve come to the right place! WordPress is a pretty simple platform that lets anyone get started with blogging, e-commerce, or affiliate marketing. It is one of the best Content Management Systems (CMS) in the market. However, it has its fair share of […]

From HTTP to HTTPS and Why SSL Certificate For WordPress Is Important!

SSL Certificate For WordPress

You may have noticed for some time that, in the address bar of your browser, at the beginning of the URL and accompanied by the drawing of a padlock, the acronym HTTPS appears when you enter the websites you visit daily. This is but an indication that the page has an encrypted connection, secure view […]

BionicWP Christmas To New Year Coupon 2020: LIFETIME DISCOUNT ON ALL PACKAGES!

WordPress coupon code 2020

Looking for a kick-ass deal this Christmas and New Years? Well, you’ve come to the right place! BionicWP is offering an awesome 20% LIFETIME OFF on all our packages! We’ve got the solution to all your website hosting needs. Providing truly managed quality hosting and maintenance of your website with the help of our diverse […]

How much does a website on WordPress cost? Get all the deets here!

WordPress website cost

Currently, there are 400 billion active sites and many will think that creating a web page does not require much time or that it is not necessary to have certain training. However, creating a web page from scratch requires a lot of work and normally, those who do not know what the process is are […]

10 best professional WordPress service Twitter accounts to follow in 2020!

best professional WordPress Twitter accounts

To know how Twitter can contribute to a company you can start with something very simple, a tweet that we keep among favourites and that perfectly summarizes the meaning of this network, says: “On Facebook, we can know the faces, on Twitter we can know the minds. “ Today, the interaction between Twitter users is […]

How Artificial Intelligence can help with WordPress

Artificial Intelligence and WordPress

We have seen artificial intelligence, deep learning, and other variants every day, but do we have artificial intelligence and WordPress initiatives that could lead to practical improvements? Yes, we do! The idea is to use massive data processing, generate knowledge, and from there, turn it into intelligence to help us in many aspects. WordPress already […]

How to get an awesome website: Unleashing the secrets!

Awesome website

Who doesn’t want an awesome website to work with? If you have been working your way around getting a better website and still haven’t gotten your desired results, then give it a break and keep reading! Let’s look at some of the important factors that can greatly improve your website: A better website needs better […]

How to build a Website on WordPress in 20 minutes!

Build a successful WordPress Website

According to CodeinWP, WordPress runs 35% of the web. In this article, we will talk about the most popular content management system and how exactly you can build a Website on WordPress in a short amount of time. We will answer the following questions: Is it easy to make a website on WordPress, as many […]