The 15 Types of WordPress Websites

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There are hundreds of different WordPress Themes out there perfect for any of these fifteen different website styles and purposes. By using WordPress you’ll have a professional site for any reason while needing minimal web creation experience.

These are fifteen great sites to consider making through WordPress to promote your business or use for any other reason!

Plenty of Options

One of the most popular website builders in the word is WordPress with thousands of different sites using a variety of themes. WordPress can be used for nearly any style of site out there, and this article is going to go over fifteen different options of what your site could be.

Personal Website

This is one of the broadest categories you can use WordPress and its themes for. The options are endless from wedding sites, hobby blogs, online diaries, etc. This type of website is possible with WordPress and its user-friendly customization for a personal site.

Most themes come easily equipped with a drag and drop style great for beginners. WordPress can become more complex if you are editing the HTML and other coding which generally isn’t necessary for personal sites. However, if you do decide to go in depth in your editing process there are hundreds of helpful people and tutorials out there.

Business & E-Commerce

Having a professional website through WordPress is very common, with so many different themes out there for any type of business it seems the obvious choice. Using WordPress is a fantastic option for both business and eCommerce based websites, with themes specifically created for both.

Having a website as a small business can increase your credibility as a company, and draw more people into your online or location-based business. Plus, with Managed WordPress professional hosting you can easily be found by possible clients.


Saving money and promoting is important to many different non-profit organizations out there, with WordPress you can display a professional style without an expensive price tag. There are plugins that can add a variety of graphs, countdowns, and other things that can be used especially for non-profit charity.

Portfolio, Photography, & Affiliate

WordPress comes with a variety of themes that can match your personal style for a portfolio or photography based website. Having a website for your services is going to boost your hire rate, giving people a good idea of what your rates are and what you are offering.

Affiliate plugins are great for promoting products and services on your website without having to worry too much about upkeep, and you can use that commission to spend on improving your products or services!

Online Communities & Podcasts

Maybe you have searched the internet for a place to belong and not found what you were looking for, no worries you can create your own online community with WordPress. Choose whatever style you want to represent your new community and spread the word with the proper hosting.

Podcasting can be tons of work, and hours put into creating each product. Give your hard work a place to shine with your own podcast website. There are plugins perfect for adding podcasts to your WordPress website, and you’ll have an area to explain what your podcast is and if you are a company, what you offer.

Coupon & Auction

Start your own coupon or auction website to have a place to save on high prices options and on daily purchases. No one said you couldn’t use your own site to save money! Auction sites are also fantastic for certain professions and estate sales, while not having to host the events at a location.

Multilingual & Wikis

Having a multilingual site for either learning a new language or by having two or more languages available on your site is going to draw in a bunch of people. This is a profitable option tying back into eCommerce sites that have their site available to multiple languages to promote their business across the world.

Everyone uses wikis, but there can never be enough with so many things to learn about out there. WordPress offers themes and plugins to work with this style so you can create a dedicated wiki to whatever your passion is!

School & Education

One of the best things about WordPress is that it is free, yes there can be hosting costs but overall creating the website itself won’t cost a thing. This is great for schools and education based sites made by teachers and other knowledge lovers.

Similar to non-profit most educational sites are without funding and only want to show the world their niche knowledge bases. This makes WordPress and its availability a valid choice.

Private & Family Blogs

There are thousands of blogs out there, and as WordPress specializes in blog themes setting up your new blog will be a breeze. Pick a theme that works for you and use your blog privately locked from the public, or create a family blog to keep in touch with faraway loved ones.

Both of these style websites do not need expensive hosting as they are available for a small group of people, making them highly affordable for use!


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