The 3 Best WordPress Themes For eCommerce Websites

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You have downloaded the WordPress app and have your domain name. Now you are ready to design your perfect website. You have done the research and know that you need an eCommerce design for your new business. You start and are faced with thousands of themes to choose from. So, which one is best for your eCommerce venture and how should you choose? Let’s look further into the decision of picking the best themes for eCommerce and your new website.

Why Are Themes Important?

To understand the importance of a good theme for your website, you need first to understand what a theme is and what it does for your new website. A theme is a layout and initial design of your website; this is where you will choose the color scheme, font, the location of each widget and toolbar. Your website’s theme is essentially the tone of voice you give to your site. Where your products and articles are the words and voice of your website, the theme is the tone you take with your viewers. For this reason, you want to choose a theme that represents the feeling you want your audience to experience.

You want to choose a theme that will allow you to add all of the plugins and added features you need, as well as gives you space to add products, social media pages, a company blog, and that is secure. Each of these features will have a direct effect on the success of your eCommerce business. Another vital aspect found through your theme is mobile friendliness, which is an absolute must in the tech era of today. You also, need to consider customization. Your theme needs to work with you not against your ideas. Customization will allow you to take your vision and combine it flawlessly with your themes attributes to create your company’s perfect representation to your targeted audience.

Which Themes Are Best?

Now that you understand the work your website’s theme does, it is time to find the perfect theme for your new website. Here are some of the best WordPress themes to fulfill your eCommerce needs and give your site the tone of voice that beckons your viewers to become buyers.

Hudson eCommerce

This theme is excellent for your eCommerce needs. This theme is customizable, but you may find that the built-in features and plugin availability has you covered. With a shopping cart, sliders for promotional items, WooCommerce compatibility, a rating system, blog ready, and plenty of room for product display, Hudson makes designing and launching your new website a breeze. The Hudson theme is also easily customized, meaning you will not need to know how to code to make the changes you desire. Hudson is an excellent theme choice for blogs, the small businesses that sell products or services, and most any eCommerce venture.


Divi is a perfect fit for both eCommerce and blog websites. With its ability for visual design and customization, it allows you to make your dream website come to life. Divi also provides quick loading and is compatible with all of the eCommerce plugins you could desire. For the WordPress beginner, Divi also offers 20 pre-designed layouts for you to set up and go with ease and convenience. Divi is a top pick for any eCommerce site.


The final WordPress Theme on our list is another popular theme for eCommerce related websites. Hugo gives you all of the features you could ever want and more. With customizable layouts and widgets, this theme works well with all of your eCommerce plugins and looks impressive too. This theme also comes with automatic updates, premium support, a speed optimizer and is SEO ready. Hugo also offers a drag and drop homepage and is easily connected with WooCommerce to get you up and selling in the quickest amount of time.

There are many other popular eCommerce friendly themes available with WordPress, waiting for you to add them and make them uniquely yours. All that is missing now is your company and you.

Which Themes Should Be Avoided?

While the majority of the themes you find on WordPress are great for many types of websites, there are some you should avoid using for your eCommerce site. Instead of a list that could take up pages here are the attributes that you need to avoid when choosing your eCommerce theme. You want to avoid themes that do not allow customization and have loud colors. These types of colors make your website uncomfortable to look at and likely avoided. You also want to look for is the last updated date. You want a theme that has been recently updated to ensure that it will perform the tasks you need and will not have to be updated shortly after installing. Updating can be a pain, especially right after you have designed your website. Remember if you get stuck throughout the process help is just a click away.

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