The Benefits of FAQ Pages on Your WordPress Website

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One of the most essential pages for a small business website is the FAQ page. You want to make sure that you utilize it for what it is as well as what it can be. Your FAQ page can be beneficial to your customers for providing information and your company by getting your website on search engines. So, let’s cover the basics so you will be ready to get all of the benefits possible from your FAQ page.

What is an FAQ page?

The frequently asked questions (FAQ) page of your website is the place customers, and potential customers alike will look for answers before contacting your company. A well-organized FAQ page should be your first line of customer service with your audience. Whether you sell a product or provide a service, this page will provide your customers with answers they would typically call your customer service number to answer. Your FAQ page is also one of your greatest tools for search engine optimization (SEO). So let’s discuss what should go on the pages and what they can do for your company.

What goes on a FAQ page?

Now that you know what a FAQ page is let’s discuss what should be on it. You want to start your FAQ page with the most common questions about your services/products including all of those questions that are being asked daily of your customer services agents. From these very common questions, you will work towards the most technical issues on your list. Make sure that you keep a logical order in your questions. Jumping around can be challenging to read and will cause your viewers to leave before they find their answer.

Making sure that you word your questions like your readers would search them will help make you more visible to search engines as well. While you are typing out your FAQ answers, it would be a good idea to add links in the text to other pages on your website, where your viewers can see the answers in context. This will build credibility with your audience and build their confidence in your company and products.

For the most significant impact, you want your FAQ page to include both positive and negative questions and their subsequent answers. The inclusion of negative items will build trust in your audience about your openness and honesty while allowing you to alleviate some of the fears your customers may have. For example, if you sell a product that could be perceived as dangerous, this would be the perfect time to show how safe your product is. You want to avoid using your FAQ page as a selling tool. Its sole purpose should be to inform your readers and allow them to get further information.

Why have a FAQ page?

Now that you know what a FAQ page is and what goes on it you are might still be wondering why you should have one. FAQ pages serve many purposes from customer service to SEO. They are a multi-use tool that can make everyone’s life a little easier, and when you are dealing with eCommerce ease of use is a must.

First, your FAQ page will lower the demand put on your customer service department. Which if you are a small business this is probably you. By putting the answers where your customers can easily find them, you will not be fielding these questions every day over and over again.

Next, your FAQ page will serve as an SEO tool. Proper SEO is vital for all aspects of your website. Getting your information in front of potential viewers/buyers is how you get them to your site, to begin with. By properly wording your questions so they mimic what your customers would search, you make it easier for the top search engines to find your site and lead more potential customers to your website and products.

Finally, your FAQ page will work as an intermedium between you and your audience. It will allow you to communicate with your readers without ever speaking a word and give them helpful information that not only builds trust in your company but also confidence in your product. This written communication will also give your potential clients access to further information and allow them to navigate to the products they are asking questions about. For this reason, embedded links in your FAQ page are a must.

You are now ready to design and set up your website’s FAQ page. Utilizing the information above you will be on the right track to receiving all of the benefits a FAQ page can provide for your company. Implementing your FAQ page is easy, even for the WordPress beginner, but if you find yourself stuck reach out for help. The only limitation to the power of a FAQ page is the content of the information it holds.

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