The Best E-commerce Solutions for WordPress

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WordPress has quickly become the most popular option for open source management systems (CMS) worldwide. This is due in part to its appeal to beginners and novice website do-it-yourself (DIY)ers and more experienced programmers. BionicWP provides all the available themes and secure web hosting that WordPress has available. It is especially useful for eCommerce because of all the available plugins that are suited for WordPress. The biggest benefit is that WordPress has everything at your fingertips, ready for your use. The dashboard is user-friendly and capable of supporting almost any eCommerce concept you choose.

One Size Fits Most

Online commerce options are plentiful, but one option tends to fit most users. WordPress is a perfect option because it provides all the right plugins in one place necessary to conduct the eCommerce business you want. It has numerous themes available that fit almost all styles of business.

Businesses are moving increasingly more on to the web to gain sales and customers. This is because they can reach far and wide outside their brick and mortar shops to reach more and more clientele. Consumers today are heavily influenced by online reviews and the ease of online buying. Ensuring that your blog or website is geared towards the right clientele can draw in large amounts of eCommerce traffic. This is especially true if you have taken the time to utilize the right features and plugins that BionicWP has to offer.

Having a dedicated domain name is a large piece of the puzzle. Eye-catching and easy to remember sites are huge when drawing in repeat customers. BionicWP offers unique domain name options so that you are not conflicting with the competition. In addition, having a unique name will also ensure that users go to your site over a riskier eCommerce site.

Features and Fitment

There are several keys options that you need to focus on when looking for the right eCommerce WordPress hosting platform. You need to ensure that it comes equip with security features such as SSL Certificate so you can collect secure payments and of course you need a dedicated internet protocol (IP). Security is paramount when setting up your eCommerce site because if clients do not feel secure, they will not return.

There is some debate about whether or not having a dedicated internet protocol is necessary when setting up your eCommerce site, but if you want added layers of security then it is the only real option. Having a dedicated IP protects your business reputation since you are not sharing an IP and risking data leaks.

WordPress also has the added feature of plugin support which allows users to utilize any WordPress based eCommerce plugins. This is beneficial because the right plugin can help build your business and increase sales. Plugins such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and OptinMonster are ideal WordPress eCommerce options.

WooCommerce has lots of themes and features available so that you have plenty of variety at your fingertips. It supports both physical and digital goods such as music and book downloads. It also has built-in inventory and shipping support features that give any user peace of mind.

Easy Digital Downloads is another WordPress eCommerce plugin that focuses solely on digital products. It is incredibly easy to use and is perfect for those businesses that sell in the digital realm. It has wonderful user support that can complement your BionicWP support and plenty of appealing themes available.

OptinMonster is a WordPress eCommerce that focuses on increasing your online traffic and ensuring the right clientele can find your website. It uses targeted marketing and finds the right people at the right time for your business. In addition, it offers real-time monitoring and allows to adjustments as needed along the way to keep you on pace for success.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting for eCommerce

Now that we have talked about a few different WordPress plugin options, you need to understand the advantages of managed WordPress hosting for eCommerce. Some of the best benefits come from the security and variety that WordPress secure web hosting provides.

Obviously having eCommerce WordPress plugins is advantageous due to the fact that it is like a buffet. Pick one here and another there to create the perfect website to entice your customers in. Having a managed WordPress hosting option like BionicWP keeps your website from becoming bloated and overloaded. Keeping your site slick and clean allows it to load faster and not overwhelm your clients.

Managed WordPress Hosting for eCommerce is perfect for the non-tech savvy individual as well. It provides the right features and security at your fingertips to avoid frustration. The 24/7 support option is perfect for beginners and novices to WordPress. Check out BionicWP and we guarantee you will be happy with the eCommerce outcome.

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