The Best Plugins to Use for Your WordPress Site

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When you work in a digital world or run a digital company, plugins will become your best friend. They will make your work easier, keep your information securer, combine your many social media accounts, and so much more. Which plugins should you use though? With the ability to connect over 50,000 plugins on your WordPress websites, the lists can be a bit overwhelming. Following are some of the best plugins to use for your WordPress site.

What Are Plugins on WordPress and What Do They Do?

Plugins for your WordPress website are additional add ons that help your website do more than your traditional site does. By installing plugins, you can facilitate many features on your website. Adding these small bits of technology can also give your site quicker loading speeds, email signup forms, and even added security. Just like you add plugins to your computer to make your experience better, you can add similar ones to your WordPress Website to achieve the same type of benefits. Adding plugins to your site is easy and can give you the features you have been missing with your traditional website.

Benefits of Using Plugins for Your WordPress Website

Numerous benefits can be obtained by utilizing plugins on your website. While ease of use and added features are the top benefits, other advantages include changing your ordinary blog website into an eCommerce web store. Adding additional features like shopping carts and checkout features take your regular website to extraordinary levels. Plugins allow you to compete with big companies and give your customer an experience that makes an impression. From quicker checkouts to securer transactions, each of the plugins you can add to your WordPress website is designed for improved interactions and experiences.

The Best Plugins for Your WordPress Website


If you sell any product on your website (either digital or physical) WooCommerce is a plugin giant. Giving you a completely customizable selling platform with extra features to ensure your website is top of the line. WooCommerce will allow you to embed products on every page of your site. This plugin also allows you to add a shopping cart and check out abilities to your page. With WooCommerce you are taking your website from an informational blog to an e-store with the push of a button. With the plethora of added features included with this plugin, it has become one of the most popular to have for any website with something to sell.

Akismet Anti-Spam

Anyone who has an email address understands the annoyance that is spam. Having a website gives you a whole new relationship with spam. From messages to comments these nuisances now become visible to your customer base and can become a real problem. The Akismet anti-spam plugin will help keep those spammers at bay. They will leave you with nothing but creditable comments and or messages to view. One great feature of this plugin is it will let you decide if your spam messages are credible or not. Much like the spam folder in your email account, you will be able to see what has been sent or posted and permanently delete it or restore it to your comments section. Akismet takes the hassle out of spam.

Broken Link Checker

The Broken Link Checker plugin does exactly what it says, looks for broken links. Almost everyone has dealt with a 404 error at one time or another. This is not only annoying to find; when it comes from a page you are trying to buy from it can also leave an unsavory impression. Utilizing this plugin will save you from those typing errors that reroute your customers from your intended product page to a 404-error page. Broken Link Checker will check the links you add to your pages and notify you when one does not work. When you know, there is a problem it is easy to go in and fix it, before your customers take a tour of the wrong page.

Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO plugin gives you a way to get yourself on those all-important search engines. This plugin supplies you with an SEO toolkit that will allow you to check your optimization on any content based on the keywords you choose. No matter what you sell or what message you want to send the world, Yoast SEO is a must-have for creating content that gets noticed.

Understanding Plugins

Now that you know what plugins are and the advantage they can be for your WordPress website; it is time to get them installed and running. If you are a WordPress beginner, this can be a daunting task. If you find yourself overwhelmed you can look for help with the installation and implementation of the WordPress plugins your site needs for its future success in the digital world.

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