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The Best Reasons To Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

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It’s no secret: as a business owner, you are extraordinarily busy. While having your own website is absolutely imperative in order for your business to grow, in order for that website to properly succeed, you have to add a string of new duties to your repertoire, including; hosting, marketing, advertising, social media, content creation, and everything in between.   

This can quickly become frustrating and overwhelming, taking you away from your regular duties and possibly even impacting your sales or services. The exact opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. So today we wanted to explain why selecting a managed WordPress hosting provider, as opposed to shared hosting or a small VPS, can be one of the most important decisions you make for your website and business.


The 3 Main WordPress Hosting Options

To fully understand what Managed WordPress Hosting is, we need to take a moment to explain the 3 basic options you have when it comes to hosting your WordPress website.

  1. Shared WordPress Hosting – Just how it sounds – your website is on the same server with as many other WordPress sites that the host can fit, meaning that any issues that crop up with other hosted sites on that server can affect yours as well. A low-cost option that many initially opt for, only to find out that the $3 – $25 per month hosting price isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Especially when there are hidden fees or you are forced into purchasing upgrades just to accomplish what is needed. WordPress support is usually non-existent without a fee or upgrade and many times your site will be subject to being throttled if your site experiences high volume or utilizes a lot of resources.
  2. VPS/DIY WordPress Hosting – The “hand’s on” approach works well for many, but you have to remember that this is extremely time-consuming and takes commitment. With this option, you are completely responsible for the design, updates, fixing anything that breaks, and for optimizing your server for performance. With a cost between $5 – $50 per month, this is another option that can seem quite attractive. Until you remember that this means you will be required to learn WordPress and ensure that your daily, weekly, and monthly updates, as well as your social media follow-ups, are all properly maintained.
  3. Managed WordPress Hosting – With this option, you’re handing over those responsibilities to professionals. Generally, business owners are much more satisfied with Managed WordPress Hosting because it saves them time, manpower and usually offers better performance since it is fine-tuned for the CMS.


What Do You Get With Managed WordPress Hosting?

The number one reason that you should choose Managed WordPress Hosting from someone such as BionicWP, is superior support. We only deal with the WordPress platform and use it daily, ensuring that our WordPress experts stay experts. When you contact our WordPress support, you know that you’re going to speak with an expert that truly cares about you, your website, and your business.

Another benefit of choosing Managed WordPress Hosting over the other options, our servers are finely tuned to work with WordPress. Going with the VPS or shared host route means that your site will typically be on a basic and barebones machine, resulting in you having to spend time installing software and optimizing it in order to achieve the same speeds and results that a Managed WordPress host offers right from the start, giving your customers faster loading speeds and saving you frustration overall.

Automatic backups, daily malware scans, and automatic updates are three more excellent reasons for choosing Managed WordPress Hosting with BionicWP. With 90-days, yes ninety, worth of automatic off-site backups, your data is never in danger of disappearing permanently. Then with our daily malware scans you are ensured that you and your customers are protected from malicious users and with automatic updates for both WordPress core and your plugins and themes, you never have to worry about potential security holes or threats.

Security is listed last today, but it is most certainly not least on this list. Without proper security, and support in the event that your site is attacked and/or compromised, a breach or malware/virus attack is almost certain given enough time. And guess what? When this happens and you are hosted with many of the VPS or shared hosting options, you’re on your own. Managed WordPress hosting with BionicWP not only includes the security to help prevent this from happening in the first place, we provide the needed expert WordPress support that you need to quickly get your site back up and functioning properly.

Visit our website and contact us today to find out exactly how our Managed WordPress Hosting can completely change your outlook about your website, free up some much needed manpower, and negate so many of the headaches that can be associated with a business website. Affordable Managed WordPress hosting is just a phone call away, give us a call today and let us show you how the real professionals take care of business.

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