The Creative Potential of WordPress

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Starting a WordPress site as a beginner can be stressful, but finding the right things to get you started and seeing what you can do with it is a great idea to learn the basics of WordPress in a constructive way.

WordPress has tons to offer for beginners who are looking for their own website whether it is for business or personal use!

WordPress is one of the most used web creation sites in the world, with endless possibilities for customization and for use with any kind of website you can’t go wrong with WordPress. The web creator itself is completely free to use while you do need to pay for hosting depending on your website, free hosting is available.

Themes and plugins to help customize your site can also be found both free and as premium, with more support for premium items. WordPress allows for editable code to create the exact website you are looking for, or just use the drag and drop feature perfect for beginner WordPress users.

Available Site Types

One of the best parts of WordPress despite it initially being known as a blog creator, is there are hundreds of formats, templates, and options out there on what your website can do. Using WordPress gives you the opportunity for creating a business or personal website.

Some of the stunning business types you can create include: business blogs, eCommerce, company or restaurant websites. There are thousands of themes out there to get the correct style for your site, with some examples listed in the next section.

Personal websites are also a possibility and could be used with free hosting. There are plenty of options such as writing blogs, wedding websites, online communities, and online diaries. Same as with business WordPress themes there are great casual themes to show off your personality.

With easy to use drag and drop features, and plenty of available templates a WordPress beginner would be able to take advantage of much of what WordPress has to offer when creating any site.

Themes and Plugins

Creating a business website can be a lot of pressure, but there are plenty of perfect WordPress Themes that will allow you to create an easy to use and credible website. We’ve decided to list three great themes to choose from for a professional style.

Vertex is a beautiful and simplistic theme with SEO in mind for a successful and sleek image. Another choice is on the nose, named Professional which uses plenty of pictures with sliders and animations to create a dynamic environment for users. Cariera is different than the other two listed due to its usage as a job board site.

An excellent way to add more interesting features to your WordPress site is by using plugins which you can get completely for free or premium. WPForms is a well known and well-loved plugin that allows for a variety of additions to your site involving form creation. Google Analytics can be a great tool when having a website with MonsterInsights you’ll be able to properly connect to Google Analytics.

If you are looking to succeed with SEO Yoast can be the perfect plugin to help! These three plugins could easily be used with any type of website.

Same as there are themes for business websites there are themes for more personal websites. Carrino is a paid blog theme that brings a rush of life and color to any blog, while Jonny is a great theme for a modern and sharp blog type great for writers! The Cooper theme brings a mix of both with a versatile style for nearly any purpose.

If these themes or plugins aren’t what you are looking for, no worry there are thousands of them out there to choose from both free and premium to match exactly what you need it for.

WordPress Support

Since WordPress is one of the most well-loved web creators in the world it comes with a huge support network. Learn how to use WordPress in any variety of way, many hosting companies such as Managed WordPress supply tips and trips themselves.

One great resource out there is forums, which can be accessed by anyone so you can gather as much information about nearly any topic with a simple question. Social Media also works similarly with so many people always online you’re sure to get quick support.

Tutorials through video is another option to give you both visual and audio assistance on the projects you are working on. Same as FAQ pages offer quick answers to quick questions! There is always WordPress support available.

Tips For Starting Out

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when first creating your website, but one of the most important rules is to make everything easily accessible. Making your website too complex, no matter what it is for, will never go well with new users.

If you are interested in using SEO (search engine optimization) then keep in mind that over cluttering your pages with keywords isn’t the way to go, look for tips and tricks such as naming images relevant keywords. Having too much repetition can turn users off from reading your content.

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