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The Do’s and Don’ts for Beginner Bloggers

Do's and Don'ts for Beginner Bloggers

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A blog simply refers to a website where users can talk about their likes, preferences, and matters which pique their interests deeply. Blogging allows you to engage with a community of regular internet users out there, who are or might be interested in the subject of your content. It is also a way of showcasing your talents and abilities in a certain style and method of execution.

Why do people blog today?

A blog or website is composed of individual entries arranged on the page in reverse chronological order, originally structured as personal journals, based on links, news and opinions that are updated regularly, written in an informal and subjective style, have been many things throughout 10 years, they have been changing with the network itself in the same way that it has changed its social perception and its cultural, economic, political and media impact.

All this is the result of conception about the Internet: Web 2.0, that is, the web renewed and expanded through broadband and systems that were designed to encourage participation, reduced costs, allowing improvements to be created from the incorporation of new users and facilitating the creation of participation networks.

Although it is now easy to see, the first banner exchanges should be taken as precursors regarding the exchange of content, dynamic and changing segments within the more or less fixed contents of the web pages.

The popularity of blogs has come to shape what some call blogosphere: a place where any user can express their opinions and provide information without any censorship; his birth was associated with an alternative way of sharing information between users.

Blogs are nothing more than websites, but their boom not only created a world of parallel communication for Internet users but with global recognition because they have become new media and can be the new next big thing of corporate communication.

The commercial blog helps companies in various situations of importance to them. On the one hand, the blog increases business branding with less budget than advertising implies. With a well-optimized blog, it is possible to improve the SEO of the website (each post published is a link opportunity that increases the relevance of the website) and Google rewards companies by giving them greater visibility in the search.
This notoriety of the company in each search for its keywords makes the brand stay in the minds of people increasing their branding.

Blogging has also become easier due to the presence of platforms like BionicWP, which offers WordPress hosting services, site maintenance, security, backup and much more. A platform that can facilitate your blogging needs!

Blogging Do’s:

Talk about something interesting

Anyone when on the Internet is exposed to a seemingly infinite number of stimuli, invitations to read or use time. Therefore, both what you say and how you say it must be interesting for the reader.

New bloggers should keep in mind that the topics that interest you are sure to interest someone else, but it is not so simple that they really interest and motivate significant layers of the population.

The decisive advantage in this regard is that the blog is much more precise than any mass media: what it is about is that you contact the public potentially interested in your topic.

What we are talking about here is the general public. Getting a stable readership of a few hundred, even a few thousand readers is going to be a success that yields benefit to your effort as long as they are people really linked to your goals. And of course, you cannot rule out that you generate the happy formula that allows your blog to reach a much higher number of people and hook them.

Write in a pleasant and suggestive ways

It is a type of writing very different from almost all types of professional writing. What is involved is to attract and above all to maintain attention, to motivate the reader to continue reading until the end and not go elsewhere.

This probably requires a considerable effort initially, but it is a perfectly acceptable goal, also facilitated by the previous mastery of your subjects: as long as you make in each post the effort to put yourself in the place of your reader, you will have a reasonable starting idea.

Invite dialogue

As we will see: if your writing is a monologue, your blog will never be complete. In addition, this will limit, in a decisive way, the potential of readers that you have because if they opt to read it, it is only to gather interesting information or a perspective that compliments others. The real motivation for the readers is to end up being part, being able to contribute, ask and debate.

Blogging style

This is not about demonstrating everything you know, and you do not have to pay, fortunately, an academic or formal tribute of any kind. The important thing, the only important thing in this regard is to reach the reader in the most direct way possible, and for this there is no substitute for light and enjoyable text, for text that can be eaten in a bite and that does not cause any kind of stops to try to understand what he is being told.

For example, the use of the appointment should be moderate, and only if it really makes sense. In short, be original – be you!
Don’t go too overboard, originality never goes out of style!

Images are your friends

Images are a great complement to your texts because they will contextualize what you tell and help the reader connect it with the real thing.

Even if it is not a direct image, for example, a photo of one of your sessions, using symbolic images, important for the concepts you are dealing with, makes reading more friendly and improves the readiness of the reader. Possibly the best way to see it is as an effective and versatile complement to the text of the posts.

Blogging Don’ts:

Not writing enough

If we decide to have our own corporate blog, we cannot afford not to have it updated. “Amateur” bloggers usually take weeks to update their personal blog. In this case, nothing happens because they do not live on the traffic generated by their pages.
In our case, it is different. A corporate blog only makes sense if it generates traffic and therefore reaches more and more people. And if we want to generate traffic, we have no choice but to update our website with some frequency.

Content being irrelevant

If we discover that over time we do not increase our visits, we hardly have comments, and we are not mentioned in any of the most popular social networks, then there’s definitely something that’s not right.

Maybe there’s more emphasis on choosing the best content rather than the right content or there’s too much repetition in terms of the kind of content being posted. In any case, one should thoroughly evaluate the situation of their blog and determine if they are on the right track.

Not participating in conversation

As we have said on other occasions, a blog is among many other things, a space for dialogue with our readers.

It is a space where you read, comment. And in theory, you respond to those comments. We will not get tired of saying that the reader must perceive that there is someone on the other side of the screen, listening and answering their doubts, complaints, ideas, etc.

Content may not be accessible

It is not easy to read on the web. Partly because it is tiring for the eyes; partly because it is not easy to interact with the text they present. Our task as bloggers is, therefore, to facilitate the life of the reader and not put more obstacles than necessary.

The key takeaway is…

Through blog posts, you can increase daily visits to our website, and this is one of the main goals in inbound marketing — for example, inbound link building for SEO. When good content is made, we offer solutions to people’s problems, we publish topics of interest, and ultimately we are able to arouse the attention of an audience through published content, we say that the blog has fulfilled its strategic function of attracting visits to our website.

In personal blogging, we usually talk about personal experiences and reflections, focused on the theme of life. In the beginning, it was kept as a personal diary, although nothing secret, special to share the road travelled in some adventure of our lives. When this theme of life has to do with the professional part of the person who writes, the personal blog can eventually become a professional blog or business blog that drives our personal brand with more strategic content and a more commercial approach.

This is what many people who started with a personal blog have done – blogging for fun, and along the way, they were designing products and services that their readers liked. Over time the blog owner may write less and less, as they must devote themselves to designing and developing their products and services and serving their audience, which would still be a win.

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