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The Importance of Web Hosting Customer Service & Tech Support

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When you lovingly craft your website, you pour your time, money, and heart into its development. When it comes to web hosting customer service, getting the right support service is vital.

What Happened to Customer Service?

Today, there are hundreds of web hosting companies marketing their services. Each one claims to be the best. However, what many of these WordPress hosting companies do not tell you is that their support services are limited. Tech support providers pop up almost daily. In fact, the majority of them are a dime a dozen.

There is a difference between a tech service provider and a great WordPress support company, like BionicWP. Many tech support providers lack actual customer service. Some may outsource your support to another country, giving you a communication barrier that can cause further delays to your website’s recovery. Others may only respond to calls for help during certain hours. This can leave you with a serious website issue for hours while you wait for them to reopen the next days. Furthermore, these tech support providers often take on customers beyond what they can actually handle. This can mean their support staff are stretched thin, taking calls and resolving issues in the order they are received, leading to long wait times.

Unexpected Issues with Your Website

The truth is that website issues rarely occur at a convenient time. Issues are rarely expected, often popping up at the most inconvenient moment. Having WordPress support available whenever you need it means you have tech service when you need it most. Any time, day or night, BionicWP is there to support our clients.

What Downtime Means for Your Website

When your website crashes, it is referred to as “downtime”. Downtime comes with some serious repercussions.

For websites that market services or goods, downtime can result in the loss of sales, leads, and potential memberships. Continued website issues can even lead to the loss of loyal customers, who can lose confidence in your professionalism or grow frustrated with constant lag and issues. For bloggers, downtime can lead to a loss of those all-important conversations, comments, and shares.

However, downtime affects more than immediate sales, conversations and brand credibility. It can affect your Google rankings as well. Whether you are new to the world of website management or not, anything that negatively affects your Google ranking is a threat to your business. After all, your Google ranking is what drives where the search engine lists your website in response to a user’s query. The lower on the list you are, the less traffic you attract. Downtime does not have to be significantly prolonged to negatively affect your rankings either. Just 15 minutes of downtime can already start your Google ranking decrease. If your site is down for six or more hours, however, expect your rankings to decrease by an average of 30% each day until the next Google Refresh. (If you are new to Google rankings, this can take between thirty and sixty days!)

Additionally, a drop in your Google ranking can mean you will need to restart your entire search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Why BionicWP is THE Choice for You

When it comes to WordPress hosting and support, BionicWP is the best of the best. Our professional support staff are there to handle all of your unexpected issues and crashes. Not only do we answer your calls for help immediately, the tech support at BionicWP are able to use experience, knowledge, and a deep understanding of WordPress to resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

WordPress support is a specific type of service. Because our staff specialize in WordPress support, we can quickly address any issues you may be experiencing.

BionicWP offers support and security packages that can fit any size online business. With our flexible, scalable packages, you have room to truly grow your business unhindered. With unlimited 30-minute or less professional support, real time monitoring, daily security scans, and more – BionicWP can prevent prolonged downtime and help to preserve your current Google ranking.

Beyond that, however, BionicWP offers even more than just issue-resolution. Each of our packages are meant to give your business a competitive advantage. This includes fast solid-state driver (SSD) servers, cloud technology and a money back guarantee. Our managed WordPress hosting services offer live support, user-friendly apps and widgets, Loren ipsum, and an easy-to-use dashboard.

Are you tired of tech service providers who just do not quite measure up? Has downtime cost your business money, customers, or conversations? BionicWP is the solution. With our affordable prices, quality services, and professional responses – BionicWP can help remove barriers that may otherwise negatively impact your business. Contact BionicWP today to learn more.

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