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The Negatives of SEO Cramming on Your Business Website

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You have your WordPress website set up and your goals planned out, so it is time to get your name out there. You have researched and know that you need to use engaging content to get your page seen. You also understand you need to use keywords to make your content searchable. Search Engine Optimization is a key reason for the content you write. So, what better way than filling every sentence with your keywords, right? Wrong, this type of SEO cramming can do more harm to your content then good. Let’s take a further look at SEO cramming and the negative effects it can have on your business.

What is SEO Cramming?

First, to explain SEO cramming a bit. When you write content using strategically placed keywords, search engines can find your content easier. Following this concept, many think that the more keywords they fit into one piece of content the better. Instead of writing content around their main topic they write their content around their keywords. Essentially sentences that allow them to insert keywords instead of pertinent information to their text. Writing content around your keywords takes away from your original message and leaves your readers wondering what purpose your content serves. Good SEO content does not need to be filled with keywords; it needs to have strategically placed keywords that complement your message.

How Will SEO Cramming Hurt My Content?

SEO cramming can cause many problems for your content as well as your business. First of all, the whole point of SEO keywords is to get your company’s name seen by search engines. When your company is visible on search engines, people can find you and will know what you have to offer. From there it is all up to you and your content. So if you have content that is nothing but keywords you are not providing value to your customers. Bringing in new customers only works if you have something to keep them looking at your site or products. SEO cramming leaves them with nothing to look at and no reason to return to your website.

Another problem caused by word cramming is a lowered ranking with search engines. Because of the influx of companies using SEO crammed content, search engines have begun to consider these sites as spam sites.

By including more keywords than content, you are essentially telling the computers that visibility is more important than the content you give your customers. Search engines have been upgraded to recognize this tactic and lower the rating for these sites. In turn, your website can be displayed lower in the list of results than it would have been had you not tried to outsmart the computers algorithms. One final negative effect is a decrease in customer interaction with your site. When your customers see content packed with keywords instead of meaningful information they lose interest. Which means they will not have a reason to return to your site.

Are There Better Ways to Get the Word Out?

Some good news though, there is a better way. You do not have to scrap the use of keywords for your message, just learn to write for your customers, not search engines. Put in the effort to find out what questions your targeted readers have and answer those questions. Use your keywords naturally in the flow of the message.

By providing useful information and hiding your keywords inside your message, you will be able to rank higher on those search engines and get your voice in front of more readers. From there these readers will be interested in seeing the rest of your message. Now they are on your website. From there your content and product will need to do the work. So you want to make sure your message addresses their needs and wants.

Where Can I Find Help With My Website Message?

So, how do you get help with your website’s SEO message? First, you will need to make sure the homepage of your website is up to the challenge. If you have a WordPress website, this will be a matter of making sure your theme complements your content and that your whole message comes together as a package. If you are in doubt, this might be an excellent time to seek some help.  

WordPress themes can be challenging to choose for the WordPress beginner. Thankfully, you can find a great website manager that can walk you through the basics and even set up and maintain your website for you. Reaching out to website managing service will also allow you to get that needed help in understanding the best SEO practices for your website.

Now that you know the dangers of SEO cramming, it is time to make sure your content is filled with the message you want to convey and that your viewers want to read. Giving your audience something they can understand and get behind will keep them coming back for more.

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