The Secret Life of a Successful Blogger

A day in the life of a blogger

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Blogging remains one of the hottest professions nowadays. You may find a one in every nick and corner of society, the more the merrier really! But what really is a day in the Life of a blogger like?

The basic idea is that people have turned their interests and passions into blogs and monetize in different ways. It could be art, travelling, modelling, fitness or simply craftsmanship. These are some of the areas which bloggers have explored and established their online setups.

In recent years, many people have adopted blogging as a full-time profession. They have quit their jobs and have begun to earn a stable living using their online platform. Don’t get us wrong it will be tough at the start but the key is to stay consistent!

The internet and its platforms like search engines and social networks have allowed bloggers to build promising establishments and reach out their target audience using multiple tools and resources.

You can blog about anything. Whether you want to be the most successful blogger in the business category or simply look forward to being a successful event blogger – it’s all possible!

It all sounds pretty exciting, right? In fact, the life of a blogger also attracts a lot of people. It remains a thing of great interest to people, as they ask questions like:

What do bloggers do all day?

Are they lazy? Do they sit home all day or travel all the time?

Everything behind the lense – is it all fake?

How do people earn money with a blog?

These are some of the common questions bloggers get to hear regularly. As a matter of fact, when blogging did not become so common, people would really find it difficult to understand how it works.

On the contrary, a blogger’s life is quite simple. They stay close to their passions and interests. They spend all day long working on the things they like and putting it on their blogs. They spend countless hours practising their trade to make it perfect and presentable for the mass audience of the internet.

They also work on the respective areas of digital marketing, like WordPress hosting, maintenance, incorporating plugins, playing around with Search Engine Optimization, and of course, tracking audience engagement as well as the analytics from Google.

Let’s take a glimpse into a day in the life of a blogger!

The day begins with the usual alarm sound that has gone to snooze at least two times in the past 20 minutes. A blogger wakes up to the typical thought of a morning and the first task at priority.

A successful blogger understands that he has to incorporate a lifestyle where he fuels creativity, self-confidence, and fitness to keep top performance. You will always find bloggers making the best use of their time by hitting the gym or going for a run in the early morning hours.

After getting done with the fitness routine and a shower, it’s time for breakfast. In the midst of all, the blogger is constantly caught up with ideas. It could be about a new post. It could be an idea to do something differently, or generally a promising plan which would have to be implemented.

Once all morning chores are done, it is time to work. The blogger picks up their schedule and sees the first task at priority. It is usually a keen practice among successful professionals to do the most important task at hand, first thing in the morning.

Why? Because it makes us confident. Once we have the satisfaction of having done the most important earlier in the day, we walk into the rest of the day with confidence.

It increases our chances to perform better and feel good about ourselves. 10/10 for productivity! Brian Tracy quoting Mark Twain endorses this! calling it – Eating Your Frog!

A blogger would usually spend a few hours working on the task. Meanwhile, one or two cups of coffee would have been easily consumed and absorbed. Caffeine remains an integral part of your lifestyle.

Next, a blogger would also be keen on maintaining a work-life balance. In that case, they would take a break from work and go out in the real world. It is usually taking your dog for a walk. Meeting your significant other. Having a few beers at the local deli with your friends. It could be anything that keeps the mood light and allows a person to let loose.

A few hours away from the grind, a blogger comes back to their work mode. This is where they start reviewing things. Reflect on their day and jot down the most important things their minds have picked up while casually walking through their day’s schedule.

This time is mostly spent on taking on some house chores like making dinner. Meanwhile, you are also required to work on things. Preparing the next course of action about your blog. Checking analytics and metrics to see how they did this day. Replying to emails and comments from people who tried to connect with you. Maybe it’s time you get a WordPress comments plugin afterall? 😉

The rest of the day spends mostly on doing this kind of work. What went wrong and what really worked. They filter negative feedback and also quite-stress about how to handle the bad things. By midnight, the blogger knows that it is time to cut off from technology and let the mind come to a rest.

We are so caught up with technology and the digital age that we cannot stop looking at our smartphones and computers. A blogger understands that their mind is an asset, so they do everything in their power to keep it at maximum performance.

Bedtime begins with a book. It could be a classic or anything on the theory that is circulating in your mind. You can expect a blogger to read away Julius Caesar’s chronicles of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice… okay we’re just quoting our favorites here but we’re absolutely serious about the reading bit – a major chunk of bloggers love to read! What led them to blog in the first place? 😉

By the time they have turned a page or two, they find themselves drifting to a comfortable sleep. Oh the many benefits of reading!

A good night’s sleep is vital for every professional, and just like most high performing individuals in the world, a blogger makes sure to sleep comfortably for up to eight or nine hours every night.

So yes, the blogging life is simply fascinating! If you are looking for fresh ideas, maybe start a 2020 blog post about resolutions but start today don’t save it for tomorrow. Get your tools and resources. Grab your diary and notebook. Take the time out and start!

You do not have to spend countless hours a day in technical stuff. Platforms like BionicWP can do so well for you.

If you want to start a blog, there is no better day than today. 65% of daily internet users read blogs; it could be YOUR blog too! 🙂

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