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How To Fix The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties Error In WordPress

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Are you currently facing the “The site is experiencing technical difficulties.” error in your WordPress website? Are you frustrated by this error and looking for ways to fix it?

If yes, then this post should have all the answers for you!

We understand that this WordPress error can be particularly frustrating as it can completely shut your website down. Moreover, it does not provide you with much information about the reason(s) behind the issue. Yet, it is quite simple and straightforward to resolve, as you will see in this guide. 

Here, our experts will tell you all about this error, what causes it, and how you can get rid of it.

So, let’s delve into it right away.

An Introduction to “The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties.” WordPress Error

The error: “The site is experiencing technical difficulties” is one of the fatal errors in WordPress. It means that when you face this error, it will shut down your website. As a result of this issue, you will not be able to access your website from the frontend as well as the backend.

If someone visits your website during the occurrence of this error, they may come across this message:

At the backend, you will be looking at this message:

Even though this error requires a simple troubleshooting procedure to be removed, but it may be quite worrisome at first. Further, it may also make you lose visitors and clients. 

So, what causes this fatal error? Well, there are multiple causes that may lead your WordPress website into this troubling issue. Read on to learn all about those reasons.

Why Does This Error ‘This Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties’ Occur on WordPress?

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This error of your WordPress website facing technical difficulties is a generic issue that can occur because of many things. So, before trying to resolve it, it is essential to find out the reason causing it. So, let’s look at the various reasons that might be leading to this frustrating issue on your WordPress site.

WordPress often keeps releasing new updates and versions for its features and bug fixes. It also keeps updating the software of plugins and themes so that all the elements remain consistent with the latest version of WordPress.

If you use an older and outdated version of WordPress, or any plugin or theme, incompatibility and conflict problems may occur. Sometimes, you may see a message as follows:

WordPress uses PHP scripts, and just like themes and plugins, PHP also receives regular updates. If your WordPress website is using an outdated PHP version, you may encounter an error like this:

While installing updates, it may get mishandled and botched up. They may halt midway, may completely fail, or get timed out. Either way, this may cause you to face the “The site is experiencing technical difficulties” error.

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If, unfortunately, a hacker gains access to your WordPress site, they may break in and install any kind of malware. As a result, your WordPress website may shut down, and you may face the error of technical difficulties.

In some cases, nothing may be wrong at your end, and you may still be seeing this error. The reason behind it can be problems with your web hosting server.

How to monitor your site for these errors

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There are various ways that can help you monitor this and many more other common WordPress errors on your website. Some of the most helpful and effective ways of keeping a check on your WordPress website includes:

It will give you a complete overview of your WordPress website at a glance as follows:

This helpful debugging tool in your wp-config file will easily help you find and fix errors on your WordPress website. It helps by showing you all the WordPress errors, notices, and warnings logged on your site as follows:

wp debug
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This has to be the most effective and hassle-free method to keep a check on your WordPress website. A truly managed WordPress hosting solution, like BionicWP, can help you avoid and fix (just in case) any such WordPress errors without making you lose your visitors.

Here, at
BionicWP, we offer auto-updates of core, themes, and plugins, so that you can be sure that no such incompatibility occurs that may result in the “The site is experiencing technical difficulties” error. We also provide daily scans for potential malware, hack promise, and various other facilities to make sure that you face no frustrating WordPress errors.

Moreover, we offer to perform regular backups of your website, which ensures none of your important information is lost in case any such error occurs.

How to Fix the “The Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties.” WordPress Error

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If you have experience in troubleshooting WordPress errors and conflicts, resolving this issue will not be a problem. However, if you are unaware of WordPress troubleshooting and need help, stress not. 

Below, we provide you with a detailed guideline of how to resolve the “The site is experiencing technical difficulties” error by following the best practices. So, read on and troubleshoot your website accordingly.

In case you have yet not upgraded your WordPress website to the newest PHP version, the chances are that it might be the reason behind you facing this error. The PHP version being used by your website may not be supported by WordPress anymore as any version less than 5.6 does not work anymore.

Sometimes, even if you are using PHP version 5.6, you may still come across the “The site is experiencing technical difficulties” error. Hence, it is usually suggested that you keep your PHP version updated to 7+ in order to avoid this error in the future.

It is best to use the
PHP Compatibility Checker to ensure that the theme, plugin, and all other elements of your WordPress website are compatible with the latest PHP version. The PHP compatibility checker appears as follows:

If you have received a notification email from WordPress regarding this error, you will also find a link for the recovery mode in it. This link will take you to the recovery mode of the backend of your website. It will appear as follows:

Once you enter your required credentials and log in, you will be able to fix the error quite easily. 

To resolve any plugin conflicts, click on ‘Go to Plugin Screen.’

When you are redirected to the next page, disable the conflicting plugin and then select ‘Exit Recovery Mode.’

The error would be resolved if the conflicting plugin was the culprit.

But what if you cannot access the recovery mode? In that case, follow the below procedure:

Find the source of error with FTP.

To do this, you will have to download an FTP client app, like FileZilla.

Next, click on File and open the Site Manager.

Then, set the fields as follows:

  • Protocol: set this to FTP
  • Host: your domain name
  • Logon Type: set to normal
  • User: your user name
  • Password: your password

Now, click on ‘Connect.’

Once connected, go to your WordPress root directory, which is usually present in the public_html folder. Then, navigate to wp-content>>plugins.

Here, you will discover the subdirectories for each of the plugins installed on your WordPress website. If you are aware of the conflicting plugin, right-click on it and click Rename.

However, if you are not aware of the culprit, rename each of the plugins and keep returning to your website to find if you have resolved the error. 

You can also rename the plugin folder, which will automatically deactivate all the plugins. Now, you can re-visit your WordPress dashboard to reactivate each plugin individually. Repeat this until you get the error notification again. Now, you will know that the last plugin that you reactivated was the troubling one.

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If it is not a plugin causing the issue, it is probably your theme. To solve themes conflict, you can follow the procedure as above. But, instead of plugins, you will have to deactivate your themes.

Sometimes, WordPress sends a fatal error notification to the website’s admin through an email. This notification email makes troubleshooting errors a lot easier and simpler. Therefore, when you encounter this error, it is best to review your email to know what may be causing the issue.

This email will let you know about:

  • The precise name of the conflicting plugin or theme.
  • A link to the ‘Recovery mode’ of your WordPress website.

Although you can resolve the error without all this information, but it will be a lot more challenging and more time-consuming. So, the chances are that without this email, your website will stay down for a greater time.

To know the culprit behind this error, you can also check and review your server’s error log. It will let you know about any issues that might be causing the “The site is experiencing technical difficulties” error.

In case you are still seeing the “The site is experiencing technical difficulties” error on your WordPress website, you can try to get rid of it by using the WordPress debug mode. When you switch on your WordPress debug mode, you will be able to see all the PHP errors on your website.

To turn on this mode, find your wp-config.php file by using an FTP client. Once you find the file, add the following line of code just before “That’s all, stop editing! Happy publishing.”:

define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true );

Now, save this file and refresh your website. The Debug mode of your WordPress website is now enabled. Check your fatal error messages to determine the reason behind the issue. Once you find the root cause, troubleshoot accordingly. 

Make sure not to leave your website’s debug mode activated after troubleshooting. To switch it off again, change the value of “true” to “false” in the code you added, or simply delete it completely. 

If you have tried everything and still coming across the same error, then it may be time to get some external help. This is because if you have done all the above steps, and the problem persists, then there is nothing wrong at your end. The problem may lie at the end of your hosting provider. So, it is best to contact them and get their help in resolving the issue.

What to Do If You Can’t Fix ‘This Site Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties’?

site troubleshooting
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Still cannot get rid of the “The site is experiencing technical difficulties”?

Stress not, even if you have exhausted all the above options, there are still a few things that you can do. Here are a few ways that can help you regarding this issue:

WordPress is a community with a very viable and helpful support forum where you can get in touch with countless other fellow WordPress users. You can search through the forum for any existing queries on this error or even post your own question. You will be able to get helpful and quick responses that may help you fix the error.

Apart from the WordPress support forum, there are many other popular and active forums where WordPress users have formed a supportive community to help each other out. You can check out these forums for added help and more solutions. A few of the most popular forums include Reddit, Quora, and others.

As mentioned earlier, sometimes the issue may not be at your end but at the end of your hosting solution provider. So, it is best to contact your web host and discuss your issue with them.

Are you feeling too overwhelmed by this error? Have you tried all the options but are unable to get rid of the issue? Then, maybe you should get some professional help. You can hire a professional WordPress expert or developer who can help you detect and fix the error.


Although all WordPress errors can be frustrating, but “The site is experiencing technical difficulties” can particularly get on your nerves. This is because of the lack of information it gives. 

Luckily, you can resolve this error by following just a few techniques mentioned above. 

To sum up, you can fix the “The site is experiencing technical difficulties” error if you:

  1. Upgrade your PHP version
  2. Resolve any conflicting plugins
  3. Resolve any conflicting themes
  4. Check your fatal error notification email
  5. View your server’s error log
  6. Activate your website’s debug mode
  7. Contact your hosting provider

We hope that these guidelines help you with the “The site is experiencing technical difficulties” error on your WordPress website. 

Nonetheless, in case you still have any further queries, we are always available to help you out.

Let us manage your WordPress Website and attain true peace of mind.

Scale your business today.

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