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The Top 20 E-Commerce Websites to Help Your Profits

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The world of e-commerce is highly competitive. Top websites, however, can give you prime examples of how to use your design to help increase profits.

The Top 10 E-Commerce Sites

  1.       Amazon.com has been a leading e-commerce website for many years. In fact, in 2017, Amazon generated more than $94.7 billion in online sales in the US alone. Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, the e-commerce giant offers a diverse portfolio of products and services. As an e-commerce website, Amazon is secure, easy to navigate and compatible with all devices and browsers.
  2.       Apple.com saw roughly $16.8 billion in sales revenue in 2017. While Apple, Inc started as a computer production company, it has grown into one of the leading electronic and digital e-commerce stores. From downloading your favorite tunes to purchasing the hottest electronic devices, Apple.com offers secure, streamlined, crisp e-commerce service all over the world.
  3.       Walmart.com comes in second place when evaluating the 2017 revenue. (They pulled in more than $14 billion last year through online sales.) Walmart, first known as Walton’s, was originally founded in 1950 by Sam Walton as a brick-and-mortar store. Over the next several decades, it expanded its product lists and stores all over the world. In 2000, Walmart.com became a reality in the US.
  4.       Homedepot.com helps homeowners and Do-It-Yourself-ers (DIY-ers) all over the country make residential and commercial improvements easily. Offers hardware, tools, appliances, DIY instructional videos, and other home necessities – homedepot.com has become the leading industry e-commerce site with online revenue sales reaching $5.8 billion in 2017.
  5.       Bestbuy.com is another electronics giant making waves in the e-commerce community. With a $5.3 billion revenue from online sales in 2017, the well-built and secure e-commerce site makes purchases easy. From desktops to smartphones and apps, bestbuy.com is a fan favorite.
  6.       Macys.com enjoyed almost $4 billion in sales in 2017. Started as a department store in 1858, eventually, Macy’s expanded into the digital world following market trends. An easy to navigate, secure and user-friendly design aid Macy’s renown quality make daily sales.
  7.       Target.com is a Walmart competitor. While it ranks below the mega-store’s e-commerce site, the $3.6 billion it made in 2017 is impressive. Similar in design to the sites listed above, secure shopping, easy navigation, and user-friendly interfaces encourage first time and returning customers to shop.
  8.       Kohls.com is another well-known department store that has taken its goods online as well. Started in 1962, Kohl’s has become a department store force to be reckoned with. Their online sales totaled $3.6 billion in 2017 and proved their user-friendly web design keeps customers returning.
  9.       Costco.com is the e-commerce website associated with Costco club stores, which were founded in 1976. As a wholesaler, Costco.com has kept pantries, kitchens, restaurants, and other rooms and stores stocked with the touch of a button. Secure checkouts, easy browsing, and mobile-compatibility help!
  10.   Wayfair.com saw e-commerce net sales totaling $3.4 billion in 2017. Founded in 2002 as a home goods e-commerce site, Wayfair has continued to make improvements and grow. With over 10 million products, wayfair.com relies on their secure web hosting, quick load speeds, and user-friendly design.

Rounding Out the Top 20

  1.   QVC.com, originally a televised home-shopping channel, was founded in 1986. In 1996, it expanded into the world of e-commerce. In 2017, is saw net e-commerce sales equaling approximately $3.3 billion. Much like the televised version, products descriptions are thorough and give users a full picture when considering making a purchase.
  2.   APMEX.com was launched in 2004. (American Precious Metals Exchange was founded in 1999.) In 2017, the precious metals retailer saw e-commerce sales totaling almost $3 billion. Crisp, user-friendly and well designed – APMEX.com is likely to continue to remain the top precious metal retailer.
  3.   Lowes.com, the e-commerce site for Lowes, is another home improvement supplier. Opened in 1921, this hardware and home supply store remains one of the largest in the country. The $2.3 billion e-commerce sales made in 2017 continue to keep this giant relevant.
  4.   Jmbullion.com, another precious metal retailer, was founded in 2011. Designed with modern age in mind, JM Bullion maintains a wide inventory of items from around the world. The $1.9 billion in net sales in 2017 prove their web design encourages growth.
  5.   Staples.com is the e-commerce site linked to Staples. Founded in 1985 as an office superstore, Staples has continued to foster sales, despite Amazon and other retailers offering similar products. In 2017, staples.com saw net sales of roughly $1.9 billion.
  6.   Nike.com sells shoes, apparel sports equipment and more. Founded in 1964, Nike has been a popular brand that remains on the edge of athletic apparel and sports innovations. Brand marketing helps keep Nike products popular.
  7.   Walgreens.com has made the drug store chain one of the most popular e-commerce sites in its industry. Founded in 1901, Walgreens opened with a limited inventory. However, today’s e-commerce site offers an impressive assortment of items, including beauty, hygiene, and health-related products. Easy to use, clean, and clear product descriptions encourage shoppers to continue to support this company.
  8.   JCPenny.com is another e-commerce site designed to support a brick and mortar establishment. JCPenny, originally founded in 1902, has remained one of the largest apparel and home goods department stores for decades. Their user-friendly, brand-oriented and descriptive listings help customers find exactly what they need.
  9.   Zulily.com was founded in 2009, officially going public in 2013. Since then, it has continued to increase profits every year. Featuring clothing, toys and home goods – zulily.com remains in the top 20 for their simple design, easy navigation, and effective descriptions.
  10.   Urbanoutfitters.com was launched in 2000. As the e-commerce site for Urban Outfitters, founded in 1970 and incorporated in 1976, it has continued to help the company sell multinational lifestyle retail products. Beautiful pictures, easy navigation, and quick load times help customers find what they are looking for.

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