Top Five Elegant WordPress Themes

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There are several types of WordPress themes available for free, paid, and premium to choose from for your business website. WordPress hosting themes come with different functions and features that will make your blogging or business website easier to maneuver and design. You can utilize these Elegant WordPress themes for your business website to impress your customers with a fabulous and professional website. Learn more about these Elegant WordPress themes to figure out which is suited for your website purpose.


Top 5 Elegant Themes

If you want the best and most professional looking WordPress themes, then Elegant Themes have some WordPress themes.

1. Divi

If you have been familiar with WordPress for a while now, Divi is one of the best and most popular WordPress themes available. Divi is well-known for its multipurpose feature, which makes this theme great for just about any type of website you want to create. From first time bloggers to professional business websites, this WordPress theme is one every type of business or writer would love to use on their website.

Do you know how to code? The great aspect of buying the Divi theme for your WordPress website if you don’t have to have any kind of code experience to build your own professional website.

Divi’s drag-and-drop page builder tool is also useful for all types of WordPress website owners because it’s so easy to use. This tool allows anyone to make a beautiful website fast and easy. However, webs developers and designers are able to be more efficient with their work by using Divi as their WordPress theme.

2. Extra

If you are looking for a WordPress theme specifically designed for blogs and online publications, Extra is a wonderful WordPress theme. However, Extra also allows its users to create online shops that will let customers purchase digital, physical products, or other services from your website. The choice is yours to make whether you want to add e-commerce store to your website.

The grid format makes this WordPress theme a great fit for those trying to create a news or magazine website. This WordPress theme also allows you to choose perfect types of mini-article sliders, customized widgets, and much more to portray only part of your article. It will display your images and snippets of your stories in a unique and interesting fashion to entice readers to click on them.

Extra also allows business websites to use their image-focused homepage layouts. The homepage showcases images from your articles. This will entice readers to click on your interesting photos to see what the articles are about.

With Edge as your WordPress theme, you can customize several parts of your website that other themes don’t have. You can customize the theme’s templates, custom page layouts, and much more to create a professional and elegant website for your business.

3. Nexus

Nexus is another WordPress theme that’s a great fit for magazine-styled websites. You have several custom widgets and content modules to choose from to make your website unique to your own type of design. Its also made to be packed full of content, which makes the grids and other layouts useful. No one wants to be overwhelmed with information.

4. Vertex

Vertex is a beautiful theme designed for service providers. This WordPress theme was made to for scrolling down your homepage since most of them include galleries, testimonials, and biographies on the business website’s workers. Its made to keep people scrolling down instead of having to click on different tabs. This could also be great since some people only scroll on the first page of any website. Some might not bother clicking on other tabs so this can be beneficial for several businesses.

5. Fable

Fable is another Elegant theme that’s mainly for blogging purposes. It’s specially made for readers because the full-width layout and other bold ways it helps make your posts stand out from each other. It has a cleaner overall style that doesn’t overwhelm readers with several posts at once, making this great for bloggers and such.

It also has the benefit of having a collection of shortcodes at your disposal. This means you won’t have to look up any type of code to customize anything you want on your website.


Blogging for Service-Based Businesses

Why should you blog for your service-based business? Creating a blog for your service-based business can help boost your client list and your profit, but not everyone knows how to create blogs on WordPress. That’s why these five Elegant WordPress themes can be so useful for your blog because they are simple and fast to make.

Service-based businesses like freelance writing and such make it harder to gain customers or clients because they don’t a store of physical products for them to buy from you. Instead, you have to start your service-based business by networking, doing pro bono, and blogging to help gain clients for your business.

Blogging is helpful for any business because it helps build trust between you and your customers. A service-based business that’s just starting might need more connection to their clients than other businesses because your clients need some kind of sign as to who you are as a business. If you don’t have any review for your business, blogging can help your readers trust you more if you talk about your expertise in the business you are creating.

Creating content that has your readers wanting more will also have them coming back to your website for more. This could also boost your business if they keep buying your service-based business or telling others about how great your blogging expertise is for them.


Selling a Service

No matter what service you are selling, having a great website can help impress your customers into buying your service. So, create a WordPress hosting website for your business to help boost your business. Your customers will always judge your website’s appearance just like someone judges the outside of a restaurant. You don’t want any part of your website to look poorly, because first impressions are everything when you are selling any type of service.

Therefore, you should create the best professional looking website by using one of these top five WordPress themes. They will not only let you create a beautiful, modern website but one that is easy to use. No more worries on how to figure out any type of codes either.

If you have any questions concerning WordPress, contact All Things BionicWP. We are always there to answer your questions concerning WordPress.

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