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Top WordPress Tips & Tricks to Simplify Your Life

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Do you want to build a website on WordPress? Do you know all the tips and tricks that can help you create an easy website? Read on to learn more about some tips and features that are beneficial for website owners.

Top Tips and Tricks

Do you want to create a website but are too intimidated? You might not know where to start. This could put you off on building your website, but not to worry. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you through the process of creating a WordPress website.

  1. Backing up your website:

Do you backup your new iPhone? Well, backing up your website is just as important to ensure your information isn’t lost. You can use the BackWPup to have an off-site backup just in case you are unable to access your website at any time. This can come in handy if you forget your password or something else goes wrong. It’s always great to have a backup in case this happens to you just as you would for the information on your iPhone.

  1. Yoast SEO Plugin:

Are you searching for a plugin on WordPress to help with your SEO traffic? Yoast SEO plugin is available for those who need help with their SEO. This plugin can tell you what you can do to help your SEO rank.

  1. Take action:

Most people are too afraid of building a website or an e-commerce website because they are too afraid of getting it all wrong. Well, don’t listen to your pessimistic voice! Build your e-commerce website by using WordPress. It’s simple and easy to set up your website. But you know what else? WordPress is free and affordable, so if you are on a low budget, no more excuses for you not to build that website you’ve always wanted to create. Don’t let your own worries that your website will fail or you’ll do it wrong.

  1. Creating a WordPress theme:

When you choose your WordPress theme for your website, you should choose one that matches your business brand. There are thousands of wonderful WordPress themes to choose from. There are free and paid themes you can browse over to see which one fits your business.

However, most of the WordPress themes are centralized for certain businesses. For example, if you wanted to start a food blog, there are several options of themes that incorporate photos of food. Choosing the right theme for your business can help build more traffic to your website. You wouldn’t pick a theme with photos everywhere if you were going to build a blogging business. Matching your theme up with your business can be a fun experience, but it’s also essential for helping your business thrive. Your clients might become confused if they see your photography business without any photos in the layout of your business website.

  1. Your WordPress website on your mobile:

Do you look up websites on your mobile phone? Who doesn’t look up websites on their mobile phones these days? Everyone takes advantage of the internet on the phones and look up restaurants, hair salons, and much more! Therefore, it’s essential that you have your website be perfect in the mobile version. You should make sure that your theme and everything else on your website looks great. Desktop and mobile versions vary, so it’s important that everything looks alright on mobile phones. You might end up losing more customers simply by messing up the mobile version of your website.

WordPress Shortcuts

You can activate the Keyboard Shortcuts by clicking on Users and click on your admin name. This will take you to the Keyboard Shortcuts box where you will have to click the box to enable this function. Afterward, you can use WordPress shortcuts to save time while you are writing a post or commenting on something on your website. Most people can benefit from this feature, but it can be hard to remember all the WordPress shortcuts available. Here are a few common shortcuts that you should remember in case you decide to put this feature to use.

These shortcuts are done by simply pressing the control key: Ctrl and then one of the letters below.

Ctrl + c Copy
Ctrl + v Paste
Ctrl + a Select all
Ctrl + x Cut
Ctrl + z Undo
Ctrl + y Redo
Ctrl + b Bold
Ctrl + i Italic
Ctrl + u Underline
Ctrl + k Insert/edit link

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins enable people to change different functions on their website to make things easier for them. There are 54,937 plugins available on WordPress. You have several free and paid plugins to choose from so don’t worry if you aren’t able to spend money on the essential plugins right now. You can always indulge in the paid plugins later on when you get your e-commerce business up and running.

All you have to do is simply buy a free or paid plugin and activate them. For example, if you need a contact form on one of your pages on your website, you can add the WPForms Lite plugin to help create some contact forms. This is really handy because all you have to do it click what kind of things you want on your contact form and it designs the form for you. These plugins are constantly updating so you might have to update them every so often. If you have any questions about WordPress, please contact All Things BionicWP. We are there for those trying to build their WordPress website.

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