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Utilizing WordPress for Your Remote Job

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Whether you are a freelance writer, artist, writer, or any other profession that has you working from home, you will find you need a website to further your career. A website is an essential part of your portfolio for most creative ventures. WordPress is a great avenue to choose to set up and maintain your creative website to display your talent to the world.

Why Have a Website?

No matter what your craft, it would help if you had a place for the world to see it. Websites are a place to display and even sell your work to followers around the world. Not only will a website give you a platform to sell your creations on it will become a way to communicate and update your growing list of followers.

Websites also give validation to the person they represent. For example, if you are a writer, potential clients will want to see your work. They are also going to want some way to know that you are a credible worker. The best way for them to see reviews and portfolios is on a website that represents who you are?

You can display artwork, write blog posts, sell books and millions of other things, right from the desk in your home. With WordPress’ website building you can design your perfect online studio and get your name out to potential patrons without ever having to leave your home.

Another benefit of having a website is potential customers can see what you create and contact you directly from your contacts page. Better yet they can interact with you through any of your social media accounts which you will be able to link to your WordPress homepage. You can also connect your WordPress to all of these social media accounts, allowing you to post in one place and reach your audience on all of your social platforms.

How to Start a Website

WordPress makes starting your website easy and convenient. With all of the tools you need in one place, you can be ready to go in a few hours or days, depending on your design choices. The first thing you will need to do is decide what you want the focus of your website to be. Of course, will be your particle creations, be that paintings, books, poetry, photography, freelance writing or many others.

Once you know what you want to focus on you will create an account with WordPress. You will need a domain name, which you can obtain through WordPress or another company and import into your WordPress website. The great thing is that the platform will virtually walk you step by step through the process. You can choose a template theme and start right away adding your desired features, or you can choose to design your site with a self-hosting account.

You will need to cover the basics like name and all pertinent information about your new site. If you find yourself at a standstill at any point in the creation process, you can always reach out to a WordPress managing team and have them guide you through the procedures. You will want to design your homepage to be your first impression. Next will be your pages which should include everything from privacy policies to products if any. Another advantage with WordPress is that most of their themes include a Blog section. Your blog will be an excellent way for you to update your audience on future projects or the release date of that new book.

The Benefits of Hosting

When you are creating your website, you will be faced with the choice of having a self-hosted website or one that is hosted by someone else. Self-hosted sites are great for website creators who have knowledge of coding or have a web designer on hand. For the WordPress beginner though having a secure hosting company will be your best choice; this will give you extra security and less to maintain. Your hosting company will work to keep your site safe, set up the features you desire and give you all of the options you may not know you need.

With the right WordPress managing team hosting your WordPress website you can get your site set up and launch in a shorter amount of time. You will also be able to take full advantage of all the extra plugins and theme designs that need to be coded and implemented into your site — allowing you to make your launch day a success.

Now that you know what a WordPress website can do for your creative ventures, all that is left to do is get it up and running. Gather all of those creative ideas you have for the perfect website and let your management team put them in place. Give your talent a voice, all from the comfort of your home.

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