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How to sell website maintenance services

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In this current digital world, a website is the face of a business. It is the basis of the online presence of your business and also a marketing tool. People visit your website when they want to learn about your company or do business with you. Attracting more traffic to your website not only helps you gain revenue; it also helps you grow and market your business. However, if your website has glitches, runs slow, is irrelevant or out-of-date, it can also make you lose your customers.

A study shows that 94% of first impressions depend on the website’s design and functionality. Therefore, it is essential to keep your website updated and running fast and smooth so that people keep coming back to your website and doing business with you. All website functioning issues can be resolved by regular website maintenance services, which is all about ensuring that your website remains up to the mark. In this article, we discuss website maintenance services, their benefits,how you can start selling these services to make money and other important details.

Read on to learn about the mechanics of Website Maintenance services.

What is Website Maintenance?

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Website maintenance is the method of checking a website regularly for any problems, inconsistencies, or issues and then providing and implementing solutions accordingly. The team in charge needs to make sure that everything on a clients website is relevant and updated. This ensures that the website remains safe, secure, updated, and consistent. Providing adequate and regular website maintenance services helps in traffic growth, improves the SEO of the site, and enhances Google rankings.

To provide website maintenance services, you should be able to do the following as a part of weekly website assessment:

  • Ensure that the pages on your client’s website load fast without any errors.
  • Ensure that the data on your client’s  website remains safe by running a backup.
  • Install the latest updates of the web applications and plugins being utilized on the website.
  • Check all the forms to make sure they are working smoothly.
  • Remove spam comments.
  • Check for any broken links and remove if present.
  • Check if there are any 404 errors on your client’s website. In case any errors are found, fix them.
  • Upgrade and add new content to engage in more traffic.
  • Manage the hosting accounts and make sure that each part of the website is running smoothly.

On a monthly basis, the website maintenance service means checking the speed of your clients website, ensuring its security by running security scans, assessing website statistics, and fixing any bugs or errors. 

No matter the scale, scope, and magnitude of your business, your website must be up and running without any problems. It should make you engage and communicate with visitors and customers without any substantial mishaps or glitches.

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What services do website maintenance consist of?

Now that we know what is website maintenance services, let’s get a hold of what it comprises. Read on to learn about all the primary services that you can offer under your website maintenance package.

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The online world is always evolving, and it is vital to keep up with it by regularly updating your website. If the updates are not installed regularly, the functionality and working of your website may slow down, affecting your traffic. Therefore, website maintenance involves checking for new and latest updates applicable to your web application and executing them. You also need to perform regular script updates to prevent your website from any security threats. In addition, designing updates may also become unavoidable sometimes to keep your website relevant.

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Even with a foolproof security plan, monitoring, and maintenance, an unfortunate incident can happen to a website. Thus, it is better to be safe by generating a daily or weekly backup for your website. This ensures that all the data on your website, including the content, pictures, templates, forms, or anything else, remain safe in case of a server crash or a security breach. Running backups regularly helps you keep the site working smoothly without any disruptions.

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One of the primary things that make any website more attractive and appealing to the audience is its content . Every search engine, including Google, gives higher ranking to websites with frequently-updated and SEO-tailored content. Therefore, to make your client’s website grow and attract more traffic, you need to update your website with new content having SEO qualities regularly. This includes various content updates:

    • Updating information, promotions, news, listening, and announcements.
    • Image placement and manipulation
    • Plan and implement content updates
    • Generate and employ PDF documents

Website support involves spending a specific amount of time every month to perform troubleshooting and repairs of your client’s website. You should be able to offer 24/7 customer service to provide a flawless and smooth web support service. Some common issues that need website support include:

    • System training
    • Web hosting issues
    • Data errors
    • Accessibility issues
    • Providing feedback
    • Content errors

Site monitoring refers to a wide range of activities to test a website or web application for availability and operation. It involves all the activities that are carried out to check the website’s performance and workings. It can be automated or manual. While automated testing is carried out at scheduled time intervals, manual testing is random and irregular.

The procedure of site monitoring can be further divided into three distinct types:

    • Availability monitoring – activities designed to check the availability, accessibility, and user-friendliness of the website.
    • Performance monitoring – activities designed to check the service or the speed of the website.
    • Functionality monitoring – activities designed to test the functionality of a website or web service.
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Data analytics refers to gathering and reviewing the data on your client’s website, its engagement, and traffic coverage. Using different tools, like google analytics, you should review your website analytics and performance at least once a week. Assess your key performance indicators to ensure that your site is reaching its goals and also helping you reach yours. In case it is not, then you need to make some updates and improvements to your website.

Even though it may require a substantial amount of spending and investments to offer website maintenance services, it is totally worthwhile. It will profit you as much as it will benefit your clients.

Here are some benefits of selling website maintenance services:

  • Website maintenance and support work is continuous and lasts for a long time. It means that you will have a steady and predictable flow of revenue.
  • With recurring revenue, you will be able to invest in new clients without having to worry about the money.
  • You can receive decent profits, even by automating many of the website maintenance service tasks.
  • It helps you boost your client retention. 
  • Not having to look for new clients, you will have increased productivity and efficiency.
  • It is a great method to upsell other services.
  • You can also create new and more profitable website packages that include add-on maintenance services.
  • You can get added revenue and earnings from reselling hosting

To sum it up, offering website maintenance services will benefit you as well as your clients. Where you will benefit from having predictable and recurring revenue, your clients will have an end-to-end service partner and lesser website issues.

How BionicWP can help you offer website maintenance services.

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So, taking into account everything that we have learned up till now, we can easily conclude that no matter the size of the website, maintenance is essential. While you can also provide website maintenance services yourself, it may not be as efficient as provided by a website maintenance service provider. Moreover, it will also take a lot of your time and resources. Therefore, it is best to outsource the website maintenance services of your client’s website to a reliable and efficient website maintenance company, like BionicWP.

BionicWP will provide top-class website maintenance services while you can sit back and focus on your business. Ranging from security to performance to website management and everything in between, BionicWP will help you reach your goals without any hassle. In addition, we also offer various unique features and maintenance services that may not be found with other companies. The highlight of our website maintenance services is that we offer unlimited edits and a guaranteed 90+ score on both GTMetrix and google page speed insight score. All the websites under our maintenance services have a guaranteed page load speed of less than 3 seconds as we are committed to providing the best Page speed to your client’s website.

With frequent updates of new themes, plugins, and safety patches, we help you ensure the security, performance, and engagement of your client’s websites. Moreover, we at BionicWP, provide regular monitoring, closely located data centers, frequent backups, and much more to keep your client’s website relevant, safe, up, and running at all times. What more could you ask for? Yes, affordability. We offer quite affordable packages for small, medium, and large business websites accordingly. At BionicWP, our pricing is very affordable. Our rates per site starts from $27.5 a month for unlimited edits. Moreover, adding more sites can take the prices even further down. Hiring us would cost you much less than hiring an internal resource for providing maintenance services to your clients. 

In case you wish to have affordable website maintenance services to help you keep your client’s website in excellent condition so that you can focus on your business, reach out to BionicWP. Yet, if you are still confused, you can also get a free trial of our services to help you make your decision.

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Best Practices for Managing Website Maintenance Services

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One of the most critical aspects of website maintenance is keeping it secure and safe from hackers or any other security breaches. Website security is what most clients are concerned about, and providing improved security will surely help you gain more trust. High web security is to make sure that no data is stolen, leaked, or copied from your clients website as it may hold customers’ sensitive and personal information.

Here are a few website maintenance activities you should perform regularly to improve website security:

    • Update the server OS version for the latest security updates.
    • Update the latest version of web applications with resolved bugs and vulnerabilities.
    • Update CMS plugins to make the blocks in the web application safest.
    • Install an SSL certificate so that your data is encrypted and the website remains secure.
    • Monitor the CMS logins to keep an eye on any unauthorized login attempts into the web application.
    • Always run regular and frequent backups of your server files and web application. 
    • Employ an efficient screening process, so only authorized devices are able to connect to the server.
    • Install and enable firewalls to keep hackers from attacking your website.
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Webpage performance optimization is making certain improvements and enhancements to the web pages so that it becomes more user friendly and is able to keep the users engaged for a long time. The optimization is to make sure that your web pages load up quickly so that the user does not abandon your client’s website. You can also improve your web pages by making them more interactive through chatbots, which improves the response time and the average time on page for visitors. Some other tasks for web page performance optimization may involve reducing the image size, updating content, and employing some workarounds and widgets to display media without increasing page load time. You can also reduce your webpage load time by placing your server in a data center that’s closer to you and your target audience.

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Web page experience is crucial as it helps form a visitor’s first impression. In order to improve the webpage experience, you need to improve the user interface of your client’s website. To do this, you need to preview the website on different devices, such as mobile, tablet, and desktop, to make sure that they are loading fast on each of them. You can also preview the webpage on multiple browsers to assess its availability and experience for different user types.

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Don’t be overwhelmed by large projects. But taking big projects without appropriate resourcing may affect the quality of your services. That’s why it is essential to empower your team to make decisions when scaling the services. The delegation of authority will help your team grow and allow you to manage large projects without any problems. Plus, you can always decide to outsource or hire more team members to make sure that your quality never suffers.

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If somebody is paying you in return for a service, they expect and deserve to know what they are paying for. That’s why you need to make sure to provide your client with a regular and detailed report of all the tasks and activities you carry out to provide for their website maintenance.  These reports should be able to tell your client the following:

    • Utilization of the devices
    • The website traffic behavior
    • Webpage stats
    • Keyword searches that lead visitors to this webpage.
    • An overall summary with suggestions to improve traffic and increase conversions.
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Schedule specified days to consult with your client, review your services and have their feedback. This consultation session will not only help you assess and improve your service standards, but it will also help your client align their website to reach their goals. Furthermore, it can also help you both identify any challenging areas and approaches to fixing them.

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Reminding and prompting your clients repeatedly to make their payments is never a good idea. Therefore, the best practice would be to create a recurring and automated payment method where you can charge them automatically every month. Make sure to offer your clients the option to upgrade their maintenance service package. In case they are satisfied with your services, they will be happy to upgrade and pay more.

Best Practices for Managing Website Maintenance Services

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If you are starting out with selling website maintenance services, it may seem like a challenging task to you. However, with the correct marketing strategies, you will be able to get clients in no time. Here are some marketing techniques that you can use to persuade your clients and convince them to purchase website maintenance services from you.

If you are new at web maintenance services, start with selling it to your existing website clients. Market your maintenance services to them as an appreciation for their loyalty. You can do this by offering discounts and promotions on your maintenance services. This will be appealing to them, and once they get to know and avail the benefits of these services, they will surely come back for more.

You don’t need to upsell your maintenance services to get new website maintenance clients. One of the most operative methods of marketing is to give a free trial of website maintenance services for a month. This free trial will be more helpful than any upselling as it will help them understand these services and the advantages that they offer.
Market your services to newly launched websites of small-scale businesses. Don’t just sell your maintenance service. You will have to prepare and educate them about the services. You can provide them with a month of free analysis of their website, and after a month, let them know about the up-gradation and its benefits. Then, you can upsell and further market your website maintenance services.
You don’t need any special tactics or upsell methods to market your maintenance services as long as they are structured and presented properly to clients who understand the requirements and benefits of web maintenance.

Old websites are usually in need of facelifting and upgrading in order to keep up with their competitors. Selling web maintenance services as an interim solution or a follow-up service is quite easy as it helps them rebuild their website.

Let your clients know about the importance of web maintenance and how it is essential to maintaining and managing the security, performance, and efficiency of their websites.

Tell your clients that paying a regular amount to maintain the website will help their business grow, engage more customers, and profit their business. On the contrary, having an outdated website with low performance and no maintenance may make them lose customers and cause losses in the business. Hence, buying maintenance services will save them money in the long-run.


In a nutshell, a website is the face of your client’s business and holds a vital place in this digital world. The Website can act as an asset to their business only if it is in good working order, is safe, engaging, relevant, and is running smoothly and efficiently. To ensure all that and much more, you need to provide exceptional maintenance services for your client’s website. However, it can consume a lot of your time and resources, keeping you from your main focus that may be web designing or web administration. 

Therefore, hiring a web maintenance company to take care of all your client’s web maintenance needs is the best option. We, at BionicWP, will take the burden completely off your shoulders. We offer exceptional maintenance services at very low prices so that you can focus on your business while we keep your client’s websites running. With our white label services, you can sell these services to your clients under your own brand name.

It is one of the best and most effective approaches to improve your revenue, retain your clients, and even acquire new ones. It will not only amplify your profits, but it will also help you grow, and the initial investments will soon turn into large revenues!

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