Weekly Update – 3rd Oct 2020 – BionicWP

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Hey, I’m Michael, he’s a dual. We’re back today for our weekly Yep, weekly update on via WP. So, um, it’s been about two weeks, three weeks, two weeks, since we’ve launched the platform. And it’s, it’s been interesting, it’s been good. I’m, I’m personally seeing the ability of how we’re able to move very quickly. And get migration done more quickly through the process. Billing obviously is being taken care of, I think through that process we saw, oh, we didn’t think about that we saw edge cases is that you always like to kind of call them where we weren’t thinking about, hey, the mainstream person will come in and sign up. That’s the workflow. Nope. Sometimes there’s the drive before you buy, sometimes there’s the Oh, we got to have this account set up with five accounts or whatever it may be before we pay or whatever it might be. Right. There’s been a lot of things like that. What do you what do you think so far of the platform and how we’ve done and where we’re at?

No, I think, you know, with the with, like you said, like, a lot of educators come up. And I think we are seeing a lot of HDFS more HDFS than normal, because we have been working pretty quickly in the last few months, maybe when we, I think we started in April, we started the real development in May, we had a lot of huge roadmap that we have to had to kind of accomplish before we were ready for, you know, even pre beta or beta. So we were moving pretty quickly on that. So we didn’t, you know, kind of stop and think about features a lot. We were like, okay, let’s, we just used to have like a 1020 minute discussion, or with the development of the feature, because we knew, okay, the idea is to get it done. And then you know, we can fix and kind of improve those things and add more features on top of it. But get the underlying kind of feature set ready. So when you do that, definitely, there’s a lot of things that you will have that you haven’t thought about. And once you kind of go live, then there are people coming in. And then you also using the platform more critically of like, as a new user, like, like, I would say, right now, every day, there’s five to eight things that improvements on flows that I send to the team on a daily basis, right? All this should be like this, this should be like this, this would make sense for user. Because we were we were using initially, we already knew what the next step was, right? So for us, it’s easier because we know, okay, pivotal work, let’s do it like that. For customer that won’t work, right. So I think because you’re not thinking on not on those features, and you needed a lot of things to get done, we kind of left those edge cases purposefully, kind of to kind of, you know, that will come to them later. But I think now that we’ve gotten here we have time, like I think you’ve also noted like for each feature, we create a document we like discussing that feature. So to the edge cases that we leave out those edge cases will be you know, real edge case, if we have like real cases where you cannot even predict them unless a customer does something, you know, completely odd when that HDF come but they I think in the next month or so, we will stop seeing you know, apparent edge cases, which I like to go into you like these, these are not edge cases, they were just cases, but we are calling them edge cases because we we know that giving left them out. And you know, we knew we knew that they will come and we’ll fix them when they come. But I think going forward we have kind of changed that process because now we have time to you know, kind of and now the feature that we are tackling are not features where we cannot leave edge cases as well, like backups and stuff like that we don’t have the you know, luxury to just develop it somehow and then leave those edge cases out. We have to really think them through of how back backups would work. How would restore work will restore work every time you know things like that you have to make sure that those things are working flawlessly.

Yeah, no. Good point. Good point. So I think since we’ve we’ve done that we work to the edge cases. I think one thing that we’ve realized is that or one of our focuses has been how can we move sales forward every day. And that is something we’re focused on and it has to be top of mind and always constantly have to be thinking about it. And that’s what we’re doing every day right now. is thinking about we actually created a an Excel spreadsheet that is going to show us our sales for every day. As one of the one of the people that you know groups were part of the leader always says what you focus on expands right and that’s what we’re going to focus on is sales so we have a spreadsheet that says every day this is the sale we made this is the sale we made right that we constantly are thinking sale sale sales right now which is I don’t think natural for either of us, which I think is why we have to do it. So we’re doing marketing and sales. And we you know we challenged ourselves could have we done more marketing previous And there’s there’s part of us that says, Yes, we could have. But then there’s part that says, you know, what would have we sold, we didn’t have anything to sell, right? We could have tried to say, Hey, this is what we’re going to do. We could have a pre launch list all of that stuff, which we probably could have done a little bit better a job, we had the idea to do it. We never really executed it that well, to be honest. But it was just it. I found it difficult, because we’re like, oh, we’re building this platform. What’s it look like? Well, I can’t really show you right yet. Right. So just made it interesting thoughts on kind of the whole sales first thought process right now, I’d say from now until, I don’t know, probably until ever, right? Like, but at least now Intel.

I’d say through December, right is going to be something that we’re very focused on. Yep. And I think like with these, they get out of vegetable, you know, life cycles of things. So I think with this product, like say, No, they were in it, I think it’s how it normally is that the first few months until beta, we very focused on the product, and you’re like, Okay, we need to get the product or you’re not thinking of sales that much. Now, I think that we reached a stage where we are just thinking about sales and the product. Yes, we are thinking about it, we think we talk about like YouTube users talking about the product, some things of it right now, before this video. So we do think of the product, but I would say sales are like no more priority, because we need to what we have done, we need to get, you know, validation, we need to get user feedback on them. Because the product improves after as customers come in, right? Because if you when we just keep using get the product want to improve that much, because we only will see diminishing things like small things, we won’t see the big things. But when new people come in, and they start using features like even two or three customers that I’ve spoken with, right now that we’ve kind of some of them that we want for, like some of our customers, I have you seen, even even when they’re not telling me you know where you can see some break, okay, this is something that you know, we need to fix, or this is something you need to improve in the flow. So I think when you stop users start coming in, you start getting real, that does improve your product. So sales also improved the product in a way. So that’s how I kind of you know, it’s okay, if you need to get sales to improve the product Now, from this stage to take it to the next level. We need sales as well, we need customers to come here. Use it. We also need sales to continue to do that.

that’s there. But you know, like, in my mind, it’s both right, we have to now right now the priority even if someone says, Oh, no, the product, that’s someone Next, you know, you’re still you, you should focus on the product. I think now focus on the product. Also, we need sales, because to get the product better and not take our own, do we have enough money in the bank kind of a thing as well? Right to because to build something unique or free? Things don’t get built for me as well. Right. So but I think I would say not even December, I would say maybe for a few more months after that even I think I would say q1 till 2020, q1, I think this would remain a priority. And I think by q2 of next year, we might, you know, start seeing, we might have by then a sizable amount of customers getting a lot of feedback from them. So I think q2 q3 would might be more focused again, on overhauling the whole product. But I think q4 and q1, I would say more, you know, would be I think what would have the same thought process that we have like non sales.

force, I use crazy words like overhauling the entire product. That’s crazy. So yeah, so I think it’s pretty cool to see customers asking and seeing their questions now that the platform’s built, getting their feedback. I mean, to be honest, overall, it’s been really good. I mean, they say they love the platform, they love how it looks, it looks very professional, right? There are some things sometimes they’re like, well, what is this? How do I get access to you know this? And we’re like, oh, that’s on this screen, where now we’re learning, we should have put it on this screen and step right. So it should questions when they ask you the question. Do you feel that this is something we can improve? Right?

Yeah. So overall, I think it’s been a good week of two weeks, probably since we’ve done this. But it’s a it’s it’s good to learn from, obviously, customers first. That’s what we believe, right? And trying to get those in the space and kind of kind of see that. So yeah, I don’t know if there’s anything else you want to add or anything else you want to talk about. But I think it’s been a good two weeks. And we’ll we’ll update you again probably in two weeks again, and tell you where we’re at and hopefully, have that sales snowball rolling a little bit, get some momentum momentum behind that with some new.Yeah, some new techniques and things like that. Yeah.

So I think just one thing, I’d like to kind of add his like, focus on hiring right now. Right? We have you know, kind of, I think of for the product, we started, you know, kind of thinking about marketing. So we’re bringing our first marketing hire on board early next one. And we also I don’t know if he talked about that. I don’t think we did. So kind of our first marketing hire is coming on board next month, early next month, and then we started really thinking about support getting ahead of that. So we have like, two or three people joining in the next, you know, two, three weeks, we have one very senior guy joining us early next month. And we have a couple of support people joining us. And then we have you know, interns also bringing like not I’m not calling it the intern program, we’ve called it a training program, because that’s what it is not a basic internship, you don’t learn anything kind of a thing, you just bear for three to six weeks. It is a six month kind of a WordPress training program. So that’s what we’ll be calling the people also trainee WordPress engineers. That’s what we’re calling them. I said, don’t take off them yourselves. as interns, you are engineers, you just in training, hey, you’re just a train again, after six months of trainings, the ones who are good will get you to move into production environment kind of will have a job from us. So I think that’s very exciting kind of thinking about support, making sure that we are ahead of us. So when people get to see an experience, even when we you know, we start getting fails, they don’t feel that experience has gone down or the sales support quality has gone down.

Yeah, and I think that’s a good point. I think we’ve, I think by November 2, or roughly will be 24. Seven, right? Yeah, we have 24 seven support right now. But for emergencies only, I think by then it will be for tickets as well, we’ll be able to address those tickets 24. Seven, which is nice. And that is because we are looking forward towards that managing that support and making sure that that’s taken care of and part of that process. And then to your point, the whole in engineers and training program is a good thing. And we’re going to see hopefully, you know, you have how many people do a currently having the training.

So, you know, if we get two or three to stay on afterwards. That’s great. Right? So that’s kind of the process that we’re taking to approach to help grow the support team. Just an idea. It was I think it was learned in another world or another day of Abdul’s life. So kind of stole that idea or that, you know, obviously, we take good things that other companies do that we’ve learned from him and move forward with that. So that’s how we’re that’s what kind of where we’re at with the sales and the support and the product right.

I think we’ll continue to, you know, update you guys here on things that we’re doing and we’ll continue to push for it. But uh, for now, that’s all he’s a duel. I’m Michael. Have a great day. See ya.

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