What is Secure Hosting & Why Do You Need It?

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Do you know if your WordPress website is secured? Having a secure WordPress hosting can be crucial to your business information and keeping customers on your website. Learn more about how you can keep your customers happy with a more secure WordPress hosting.

What does the green lock mean?

The green lock refers to lock beside your the address bar of your website. If you see a green lock, this means your WordPress website is encrypted. Therefore, this green lock portrays your website as being secured from outside attackers.

If your website doesn’t have this green lock, you might want to learn more about how to get this handy security feature for your website. You see, to get a green lock on your website, you will have to get an SSL Certificate. Otherwise, your website won’t be secured, therefore, vulnerable to attacks. You can have the SSL Certificate installed on your website. When you install it on your website, this will change your insecure status of HTTP to the secured and an encrypted version of HTTPS for your website.

Before you pick out an SSL Certificate for your website, remember that you need to pick one designed for your type of website. If you get an SSL Certificate that isn’t installed correctly or one that’s defective, then this could do more harm to your website than good. Therefore, always do proper research before choosing just any SSL Certificate for your website, because choosing the correct one can be such a simple and easy process.

However, some hosting services for WordPress come with a free SSL Certificate. When you are creating a website through a hosting service, figure out if they come with a free SSL Certificate to save you time and money searching other places to get one. Sometimes you might have to pay extra for the SSL Certificate with your hosting because they are not always included with the package you picked out. Look to see how much it will cost and compare it to other places that could be more affordable.

How does secure effect if a customer will buy?

The green lock tells customers that your business is legitimate. Having a secure website not only allows a person to click on your website because they know it’s safe. They will begin to trust your website if it’s secure, especially if they like your products or services you are trying to sell.

If you have a business website that has you collecting customer’s information, such as their credit card numbers and such, they will want to use a business website that has a secured and encrypted website. They don’t want their information being on an insecure website that makes it vulnerable to an attack. That puts their information in a vulnerable situation. This can cause customers or clients to seek services elsewhere because they want their information protected from outside attackers.

Keeping Your Customer All the Way through the Sale

Why does having the proper security on your website important? If you are going to build an e-commerce website, you need to have a website that your customers will feel is a safe place to browse and buy your products. It will help your traffic know how secure your website is for them to browse on. If your website doesn’t have a green lock, then you should get an SSL Certificate to ensure your customers that your website is secured for them to use.

There are so many hackers and others who are always trying to steal people’s credit card numbers as well as their passwords. This is why people want to see that green lock to know their information will be safe if they use your website.

If you bought something online, which would you use to buy from an online clothing business:

  • An online clothing business that didn’t have the proper security measures put in place, which makes your credit card numbers and passwords vulnerable for hackers and anyone else to steal their information.
  • An online clothing business that has SSL Certificate to help keep their customer’s information secure and safe from hackers.

Most people will go to the online store that will protect their vital information. They will choose the second option. They will end up trusting the online store that has the SSL Certificate over the one that’s insecure and could be a fake website. If you want a business that will prosper, you should get SSL Certificate to ensure your customer’s private information.

Invest in an SSL Certificate today, so you can increase your SEO rank, get more customers, and keep everything on your website secure and encrypted for everyone. Otherwise, you might have no one browsing your products due to lack of trust from your customers and Google.

If you have any questions concerning security on WordPress, contact BionicWP. We are always there to answer your questions for you.

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