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What is White Label Web Hosting?

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Are you trying to set up a web hosting service? Alternatively, are you trying to enhance your current tech support service by adding quality web hosting capabilities to your portfolio? If you are, BionicWP can help with white label web hosting.

Welcome to the world of white label web hosting. A versatile type of service that helps your brand profit while a white label hosting partner, like BionicWP, does the work without taking the credit. Have we peaked your curiosity? Keep reading to find out how BionicWP can provide white label hosting to enhance your service portfolio.

What is a Reseller?

White label web hosting is often referred to as reseller hosting. When you enter into a white label hosting partnership, you are able to resell the hosting services provided by your white label partner. In other words, you are able to market your white label partner’s servers, bandwidth, and services as if they are your own. This allows you, the reseller, to claim ownership over the services being provided.

If you are new to hosting, unable to provide the quality of service you would like due to limited knowledge, affordability, or other reason, or just want to focus your attention on other aspects of your business, a white label web hosting partner can fill in the gaps.

How Does It Work?

A white label hosting partnership may sound too good to be true, but it is actually quite popular. A white label partner works behind the scenes, using non-branded support, that allows you to take full credit for the quality and professional services they provide. Depending on your white label web hosting agreement, you can capitalize on services while minimizing expenditures on things like staffing, equipment, overhead, and more.

When you partner with BionicWP, for example, you are able to market our knowledgeable customer service support staff, exemplary managed WordPress hosting packages, and ever-popular security features as your own. Since our packages are affordably priced, this allows you plenty of ceiling to increase your profit margin and service portfolio without breaking the bank.

How do we keep our services non-branded when we provide live tech support to all of our clients? Whether we are contacted via telephone, chat, or email, our support staff keep our greetings generic. Since our live support answers calls anytime, you and your clients benefit from instant and knowledgeable support.

In addition to this, BionicWP can help give you a competitive advantage over other web hosting providers. With our fast single-state driver (SSD) servers, cloud technology and money back guarantee – you can rest assured our white label web hosting services are beyond that of the average host partner.

Because BionicWP expressly specializes in WordPress webpages, our staff are uniquely qualified to provide professional assistance to this widely popular website development tool. Through a white label hosting partnership with BionicWP, you are able to offer our simple to use apps and widgets, dashboard feature, live WordPress support and Lorem ipsum to your clients as well. Our flexible packages can also support your customers’ potential growth.

Beyond our white label web hosting services, however, we can also help enhance your security portfolio. Through our specialized secure packages, we are able to offer unlimited 30-minute professional support, off-site backups, real-time monitoring and daily malware scans. This means you are able to offer these security services too, without having to recruit a security specialist of your own.

How Do I Get Started?

The benefits of white label hosting make it a partnership worth considering. The quality web hosting services and capabilities of a white label partner, like BionicWP, means you can expand your service portfolio without having to hire the professional staff required to do so. It also helps to improve your customer retention. With a top-notch white label hosting partnership, you are able to build long-term customer relationships based on the excellent support you are able to provide via your partner.

Our staff is passionate about the WordPress hosting and services we provide. Whether we get the credit or not, making our clients happy and helping them better their WordPress performance and hosting capabilities matters more. We understand the importance of non-brand representation with our white label hosting partners too and strive to ensure BionicWP does not disappoint you or your customers.

We have hunted down a team of highly skilled professionals who are capable of providing the type of support WordPress website owners need. From the individual to complex agencies with more than 30 websites to support, BionicWP can handle all of your white label hosting requirements. If you are interested in learning more about white label web hosting partnerships with BionicWP, contact us today.

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