What is WordPress and Why Do You Need it?

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Are you thinking of creating a business website? WordPress is currently the best content management system available. If you are trying to figure out if WordPress is for you, learn more about the positive aspects of WordPress and how it can be a great asset to your e-commerce website.

WordPress Pros

It’s amazing how many positive aspects there are to WordPress. Don’t believe me? Here are some reasons why WordPress is great to use as your CMS.

  1. Price:

WordPress offers free basic installation, plugins, and themes available. However, there are also several low priced plugins and themes for those who want a more professional look to their business website.

  1. Setting Up Process:

It’s easy to build your website since you don’t have to be some brilliant developer to learn how to set it up. In fact, most people can set it up in less than five minutes. However, if you like to be a perfectionist with your work, sometimes it can take longer. It’s easy to install plugins, figure out the appearance you want, and all the customizations are simple to do. Most can be done with a push of a button.

  1. Open-Source:

Open-source means that WordPress’s source code is available to use as well as study and change to your heart’s content. This isn’t always free to do, so that’s why WordPress is so special to use for your CMS.

  1. Plugins:

WordPress plugins help so many people change their website functionality with by simply activating a plugin onto your website. You can choose from over thousands of different plugins, which are always updating and staying current. These plugins could be free or paid, but most of the essential ones can easily be a free one. It depends on how you want to customize and enhance your website with these plugins. Some of them help with your website’s security, make it easier to customize your website or help you add photos more easily than before.

  1. SEO:

Google seems to rank WordPress websites higher than other platforms. WordPress’s clean codes and design make search engines prefer WordPress websites, therefore, a lot of WordPress websites are highly rated for this reason. WordPress’s overall design allows it to be SEO friendly.

  1. Several Themes:

There are thousands of wonderful themes available on WordPress. For those who are looking to save money, WordPress has several free themes that are just as great as the themes you pay for. However, they are separated into various categories that help you distinguish which is best suited for your website. For example, if you are a photographer, there are gorgeous examples of themes specifically created for photographers or those with photos.


  1. Multisite Feature:

This allows admins to have more than one website. This can come in handy if you need more than one website for your business or if you need one for a blog instead of your business website.

WordPress for E-commerce

People are purchasing items online more now than ever before, so it’s only natural to have an online presence for your business. Not only can you create a website for your e-commerce business, but you can use your site for other purposes. Most people who have an e-commerce website might also include a blog or portfolio page. Unlike other platforms, WordPress allows you to do this as well as allowing you total control over your websites such as using plugins, themes, tools, and much more.

WordPress entices people with having the low cost of setting up a website because some are free or cheap enough to easily set up on your own instead of paying a professional to do it. You can manage any kind of website with WordPress, especially e-commerce websites.

WordPress as a Solution

If you are still questioning why you need WordPress for your website, consider all the things that make WordPress so easy to use and the best choice for you.

If your business website is suffering low traffic, consider WordPress as a solution to your problems. You can move your website to WordPress and it can help increase your SEO ranking.

Since WordPress is the best available content management system, it does have some perks of having several WordPress hostings. You can have your pick from BlueHost to HostGator Cloud, and most of them include a WordPress as a free addition.

Not only can WordPress help your SEO ranking, but it’s also simple to use and free. This makes it very convenient and saves you money on paying someone to develop codes and such on more professional and harder to use platforms. Instead, WordPress allows you to make your own changes with helpful plugins and other tools at your disposal. So, try out WordPress today to see if it’s a great fit for your business website. It’s free and simple, so what do you get to lose?

Contact BionicWP if you have any questions about WordPress. We are here for you and your business website.

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