What to Know About WordPress Plugins: Are They Good or Bad?

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Using WordPress plugins can be an excellent way to create an interesting and adaptive website that customers will want to use. By using plugins you can increase speed, security, and add great features to any WordPress website, replacing the need for advanced coding.

Yes, there’s a plugin for each of the attributes mentioned previously. You can even opt for Best WordPress Backup Plugins for regular backups, integrating social media on your website through a Facebook plugin for WordpPress or a WordPress language Plugin to make your website more cooler for readers from around the world – you can opt for absolutely anything through the best and free plugins for WordPress!

Plugins allow for plenty of creativity in web building while not needing to use advanced coding to add web speed and security.

What Is A Plugin?

One of the parts of WordPress many users love is the option of using plugins to add further customization, in this article we will go over information about plugins along with some useful ones you may want for your Beginner WordPress site. Let’s talk about plugins, a plugin is a piece of software that can add to your WordPress site.

For example, there are WordPress login plugins that will help you create a login system to work with customers so they can save things in wish lists or carts, along with retaining information. Convenience is king in the eCommerce industry and plugins are another way to make the process for your customers easier. Sometimes plugins can also help in behind the scene ways such as increasing your website speed.

Bust The Myths

WordPress is a huge asset to thousands of businesses and individuals throughout the world often being ranked the best option for site creation. With all of that usage, there comes hundreds of blog posts, forums, videos, etc that can confuse WordPress beginners.

One of the biggest myths about plugins is too many plugins will slow your WordPress site, this is false. The only way a plugin will slow down your website would be through bad coding on the plugin itself. On that note running into a bad plugin is much less likely than you think and there are endless free or paid for plugins out there to get you started.

Another common myth about WordPress is that it has no support, but that’s absolutely not true. There are hundreds of options to assist you in the creation of your site. WordPress is beyond popular so there are plenty of people out there writing helpful blog posts, participating in forums, direct help from WordPress, hosting assistance, and advice from plugin developers.

Managed WordPress is a great option for people looking for extra assistance and security. They also supply plenty of answers to commonly asked questions and blogs for a variety of topics.

Security is also a big talking point for many people discussing if using plugins is an easy way to get hacked. WordPress itself is very secure, but if you don’t keep up on updates or you download a plethora of themes and plugins you do open yourself up to risks.

This, however, is just part of the online industry and can be avoided by taking the normal steps such as using a complex password, proper hosting, and staying on top of updates. Overall though you will not commonly have a problem with plugin and theme security.

Great Plugins

With so many plugins and WordPress Theme creators out there the opportunities are endless. You can get plugins for your WordPress site both paid and free all doing a variety of things to create the most efficient website for your small business needs.

One very usefully type of plugin that was brought up earlier in the article is speed increasing plugins. There are plenty of fantastic options for speed related plugins. WP Rocket is one such caching plugin that can be used for browser caching, cache preloading, and database optimization, amongst other things.

Imagify is a similar plugin but focuses solely on images great for an e-commerce site with a lot of product images. These are just two great options out of tons of choices for speed related plugin types, many of which work great for eCommerce sites.

WPForms is a highly advanced and very useful plugin to use on any kind of website. This plugin offers options for a variety of useful forms, surveys, polls, and login page. Having this plugin makes communicating and developing a relationship with your customers easier.

If you want to increase your SEO (search engine optimization) Yoast could be the plugin for you. It’s easy to add a few selected keywords to your site where you can and in the blogs you post, but Yoast goes the extra mile. It helps with meta tags, and descriptions and connects your site to Google Search a valuable tool for a small business wanting to garner new customers.

Sending email newsletters can be a great way to remind people that your business is out there while educating them about new things you offer or other information about your services. Having a newsletter is also a lot less intrusive than sending out sales pitches over email, making this plugin a great and professional option.

Just in case you were still worried about security when downloading plugins and themes, there’s a plugin for that! Sucuri acts as a protective firewall from all sorts of security issues including XSS, DDoS, malware, and brute force attacks so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Now that you have a little more information on how plugins work, increase the value of your website with thousands of great options right away!

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