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Why use free hosting? It sounds like a great deal since your website is free, but free hosting means there are several disadvantages that come along with it. This is where WordPress Hosting comes in because they are cheap and fantastic for any type of business websites. Learn more about the support and advantages that Secure WordPress Host can have for your business website.

Free Hosting Pitfalls

Free hosting comes with a lot of negative aspects that you might not have realized before. This is why it’s essential you know the difference between free and paid hosting services before you start your business website. With free hosting, it might seem like you are saving money, but in the long run, you are actually losing profit from your future business endeavors. Let’s go through some of the pitfalls that free hosting involves.

Google will ignore you, which means you won’t have a high SEO rank to boost your business website. You see, if you want to have a successful business website, you need to have a high SEO rank to help build more clientele. However, having a free hosting website will lower your SEO rank no matter how great your website or services are. Google will generally ignore or place a lower SEO ranks for these types of websites.

Another disadvantage that free hosting has is that you have to share. Do you ever wonder why you get such a great deal with free hosting? Free hosting means you have to share with what could be thousands of other websites on the same server. This can become a nightmare for a business website if the server crashes because this means your website will crash for as long as it’s down.

You will also not be informed when your website is down, because you have no support system emailing you about your website crashing on all of your customers. There won’t be any support in helping you because you are using free hosting. This is why a paid hosting can have so many more advantages that will give you support along with all your troubles.

WordPress Hosting

Why choose a paid hosting such as WordPress Hosting? Well, there are several advantages to paid hosting that will have you excited to start your new business website. However, WordPress type of paid hosting available for any kind of business website.

One of the best parts of WordPress hosting is the easy to use dashboard that comes with every website. This dashboard makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful websites for their businesses. You don’t even have to know how to code to change color schemes, columns, and add plugins to your websites to make them as unique for your business brand.

Not only will Google rank your SEO higher than on a free hosting website, Google always likes to rank WordPress websites higher than other paid hostings. So, if you are looking to gain some more customers in 2019, you should have a WordPress hosting for your website. This will cause more traffic to your website when your SEO rank is high.

Do you want your website secure? WordPress hosting will also come with better security. Everyone wants their valuable information protected from scammers and hackers. With WordPress, you can make your customers feel safe and protected when they have to use their vital information on your website. No one wants to put their important information on a free hosting where anyone could easily steal the information for their own gain.

Expert WordPress Help

Some business website owners take their websites very seriously and want more creative changes to their website. If you want a more customized website for your business, using expert WordPress help can make it happen.

These experts are able to customize how you want your content shown, more effects on the photos and videos, and more customized color schemes for your website. They can create their own codes or take advantage of some paid WordPress themes to help you create professional websites for your business. You can have experts monitor your security, uptime, and so much more.

Do you know what uptime is? You can’t always watch your website 24/7, therefore, you can’t know when your website is down. Any time your website is on downtime, your customers might be thinking you have abandoned them or you will lose their loyalty to your business. Your customers will only use businesses that are reliable enough to have their website up and running all the time. They don’t want to have to wait for it to come back up or have consistent times of waiting for your website to come back up. No, they will take their money elsewhere.

Therefore, having experts monitor your uptime can save your customers from leaving and money in the process. Experts can give you notifications when and why your website was down for the count. This can help you save more time and money because they will help you understand why your website was down.

When you choose expert WordPress help such as All Things BionicWP, we can increase your bandwidth and keep you updated with your uptime. If you have any questions concerning WordPress, contact All Things BionicWP. We are always there to answer your questions concerning WordPress.

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