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Why Are Pages Important to Your WordPress Website

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WordPress is a content management system that helps individuals create free websites quickly and efficiently, even if they have no experience or education regarding how to build a website. Started in 2003, WordPress helps individuals create their blog or start a website, and individuals have the option of starting for free and can pay for add-ons later or as needed. An essential element of a WordPress website is the page. Pages contain essential information and are static because their content does not need to be updated often. An example of a page would be the about page; this page is important because it gives the reader information about the individual or company. The about page is where you can present the purpose of your website, your mission statement, what your values are, and can help to build trust with the reader.

What are Pages on a Website?

When using WordPress, you have the option of using posts or pages. Individuals who use posts are generally using WordPress for blogging. Posts have dates on the top of the page and can be used for any number of reasons and while blogging is the most popular posts can also be used for announcements,

A post will contain the following elements

  • Post Title
  • Date
  • Author
  • Comments
  • Post Content
  • Categories
  • Tags

Pages most commonly contain valuable information but are not updated frequently.

Pages contain the following elements

  • Title
  • Content
  • Comments

Understanding the difference between posts and pages on WordPress will help you to create your website effectively. Pages are essential to how visitors find your website and also using the proper pages will help visitors navigate your site with ease.

What Pages Should I Use?

Pages provide visitors to your website access to the information you want to share. It is essential to create specific pages to help visitors to your site navigate easily and view the valuable information you wish to provide. When creating your website, some relevant pages you will want to include are listed below:

  • About Page– The most viewed page on your site and will provide viewers information about you and your blog or company, and if optimized correctly, it will help increase your stats.
  • Contact Page- This is where your viewers can find your valuable information, including email address, phone number, contact form, and social media links.
  • Disclaimer Page- If have banners or products that generate income on your website; then you need to add a disclaimer page, so viewers know how the content is monetized.
  • Privacy Policy Page- The privacy policy page should be created, so users know what data you collect on your website and if any third-party entities have access to this data.
  • Terms of Service Page- If you sell goods or services on your website, then you will need a term of service page which is a legal document limiting your liability if any services or information is misused.
  • Start Here Page- If your site has a lot of content if may be confusing or hard to navigate for some users. The start here page can help users find important content and find the most useful resources.
  • Products/ Services Page- If you use your website to sell goods or services, then you will need to create a product/service page(s) to list all your products and services.
  • Custom 404 Page- When WordPress has an issue finding content user will receive a 404 error which does not provide much information. With WordPress, you can customize the 404 pages and provide more information for users to locate your information.
  • Advertise Page- If your website is monetized and you receive income from advertisements, you can create an advertising page where you can sell website space to advertisers.

Creating pages for content allows ease of access to users visiting your website. This is especially important if you are using your website to generate income.

Utilizing Pages for SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of using the content on your website to maximize the number of individuals that view your site when they are using a search engine. The point of a webpage is to have users visit your website, and this is especially true if you are selling goods or services on your website or if you plan on monetizing your website. Listed below are some tips on how to utilize pages for SEO:

  • Site Speed– It is essential to make sure you choose a good web host so that your site will load quickly. Website visitors are not willing to wait for sites to load and will move on also search engines like google rank speed as a top-ranking factor.
  • Theme– If you choose to use a theme provided through WordPress, it is crucial to make sure it is SEO-Friendly. The theme you choose can affect how fast the page loads, the security of the page, or other factors that may affect your SEO.
  • Multi-Channels– When optimizing your website, it is vital to make sure you extend this to multi-channel platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and email.
  • Domain Name– The foundation of your website is your domain name, and by using keywords in your URL, old domains are better than new ones, and being consistent with the domain name will ensure that search engines are directing viewers to the proper site.
  • Optimize Non-Text Data– It is important to make sure you add content like video, Flash, or PDF to ensure that your website will be optimized for tablets and mobile devices.
  • Content– While the above factors are essential for SEO, content is still the primary reason your website is viewed. Make sure in addition to providing relevant content; you will need to make sure your site is free from errors and is easy to read and navigate.


When creating a website, it is essential to choose a suitable platform like WordPress to ensure that your site will receive visits. Pages contain static information that is important for viewers, primarily if you use your website to sell goods and services, or if your site is monetized. Pages can be created to maximize SEO and ensure that your site receives the highest number of visitors. By following the tips above you can rest assured your WordPress website will be easy to navigate and acquire visitors by properly apply SEO techniques, but remember content is still a vital part of your site so make sure it is free from errors and contains user-friendly content including videos.

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