Why Choose WordPress Over Other Similar Systems?

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At A Glance: We’ve compared Weebly, Joomla, and Ghost to see which one has the best overall workability.  WordPress is the superior choice of website creation software due to its use of plugins, code editing, diverse themes, and SEO use!

The Value Of WordPress

Using WordPress can be a valuable tool when working in an eCommerce field or trying to promote your location based business. By using WordPress you can create a website perfect for you or your companies needs with thousands of themes, formats, and styles to choose from! WordPress is a fantastic way to do these things for people with any level of experiences, even if it is your first time.

We will be talking about the pros and cons of other sites and comparing them to WordPress, so you can pick the best one for your needs. The three different well known CMS programs that we will be comparing to WordPress are Weebly, Joomla, and Ghost.

Weebly Vs WordPress

One of the ways in which Weebly differs from WordPress is the extreme flexibility offered by WordPress with open coding. Weebly, however, minimizes the customization, only letting you make a few small changes to the makeup of the site through HTML and coding. WordPress allows for anyone with experience in coding to go into the backdoor and alter things to further customize and make whatever changes they will like.

An advantage of this is the ability is to be able to use Plugins in WordPress while having to work with pre-created additions from Weebly. Using free Plugins can be a cost-effective way of increasing web functionality and impress those coming onto the site.

Weebly is by nature simpler to use than WordPress, but this is due to the fact it doesn’t have as high customization and works in a drag and drop system. This may be a great option for someone just starting out but may leave viewers wanting if used for a more professional purpose.

Another differentiation is between pricing while Weebly offers premium plans with more content and hosting at a variety of pricing, WordPress Hosting will need to be picked from a different service. Managed WordPress Hosting is a fantastic choice for a business-based site to find the right hosting service for them. You can look into their offers and answers to any questions you may have here.  

Joomla Vs WordPress

The biggest difference between Joomla and WordPress is Joomla was created with developers in mind who are willing to dive right into the technical side of web creation, while WordPress despite being code editable still has more first-time user-friendly features. When initially installing these programs WordPress works with your pick of WordPress Hosts to install hands-free while Joomla requires you to install everything yourself.

Although Joomla initially shows it has a better SEO portion due to being able to set meta descriptions and keywords, WordPress allows for the addition of SEO based Plugins that can really help you make your mark. The largest advantage to Joomla is its strong standpoint on web security offering a variety of security settings.

WordPress has a large name in the industry, while also allowing third-party members to add free plugins, a great addition but also more difficult to control the security of. No worries though, because Managed WordPress as a WordPress Host offers security with your plan. Overall WordPress takes the cake with it’s simpler style, beginner user-friendly, and SEO friendly plugins.

Ghost Vs WordPress

Both of these options like many out there are free to use, allowing nearly anyone to decide to take up creating a website for any variety of reason. WordPress has evolved long since it was known purely as a blog site creator, now being used for nearly any style eCommerce site imaginable while Ghost specializes in blog site creation.

This could be a big advantage to someone wanting to create a blog, but Ghost does use shorthand HTML making it a learning curve to pick up. This style can, however, save you a lot of time once you get the hang of it, luckily WordPress allows for you to download this style of HTML editing if you’d prefer it over WYSIWYG editors.

Ghost automatically pushes your content out onto social platforms, which can be convenient, but WordPress has plugins to do this as well. Ghost is a far more simplistic and clean working tool great for someone wanting a dedicated blog, but not as applicable from a business standpoint, giving WordPress the win again.

WordPress Is The Best Choice For Site Creation

In total by comparing these four sites with each other WordPress comes out on top especially if paired with Managed WordPress. We have found that Weebly is a good choice for beginners and for personal use websites, Joomla could be a great fit for someone with tons of web design and coding experience, and Ghost is a blogger’s best friend. WordPress, however, remains the one site that can do all of these things for anyone with some basic experience!

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