Why Have a Website for a Small Business?

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Owners of small businesses have enough on their plates without worrying about marketing their company online. Between day-to-day administration, customer service, and technical issues that may arise in their industry, there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. You may find yourself with a to-do list that rolls over from one day to the next. But online marketing is unique in that it allows a measure of automation, allowing you to get on with the rest of your growing to-do list. You can market yourself without spending every waking moment on it. A professional website is the best tool you could utilize for online marketing. In fact, without it, you will be at a severe disadvantage. This is your guide to the importance of building a business website and the benefits to your business.

Why Have a Website?

Today’s world is becoming more and more digital. If you don’t have an online presence, you are way behind the millions of companies that do, including your own competitors. But simply being online isn’t enough. Will your Twitter followers take the time to call you? No, they’d rather take a look at your website. Your website is your company’s online home. Without it, you don’t have a place to send potential customers to.

Here are some other reasons having a business website is important:

  • It helps you present the best first impression. Everyone can agree that first impressions are very important. A professional website with a well-written About page and valuable content helps people get to know you and your company. A Twitter post can’t do this nearly as well as a website.
  • It makes you more visible. When someone sees a post they like or reads a positive review of your services, they will want to check you out for themselves. They’re not going to go to great lengths to do it, though – if they can’t find a link to your website, they will give up and forget about you.
  • It helps new customers find you. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the use of keywords and other practices to increase your website’s rankings in search engine results. Ranking well makes you more visible to people who perhaps didn’t know you existed before.
  • It increases revenue. Your website will cost money to set up, but it will more than make up for that cost in higher sales. Your content helps to establish trust with your audience, which helps them make the decision to buy from you. You can help make the decision even easier by allowing them to book appointments or buy products directly on your site. The best WordPress booking plugin can help you with this, you can streamline the whole process by also opting for a good WordPress plugin booking calendar.

What Can a Website Do for My Business?

You may think that your industry is not impacted by websites and online marketing. But literally company and individual in every industry can benefit from having a business website. Here are some other benefits a professional website can offer to your small business:

  • It improves your credibility within your industry. You can use content to establish yourself as an industry expert who can be trusted.
  • It helps you build your business. Growth techniques such as building an email list and developing partnerships will not be possible without a website.
  • It helps you build relationships. Trust is very important. People are less likely to buy from you if there isn’t a foundation of trust. By providing valuable content on an informative website, you can establish trust and build a relationship with your audience.
  • It can showcase your work and portfolio.
  • It can aid in promotional strategies. Social media is great, but it should be paired with a professional website.
  • You can automate certain parts of your marketing plan. Once your content is out there, it will continue to attract readers, whether you tell people about it or not. People will continue to search for answers to their questions, which your content will continue to provide via search engines.

The Right Hosting Can Help Your Business Website Thrive

A professional business website will offer a lot of benefits for your company and bottom line. There are a lot of options for website building, but the most popular one is WordPress. WordPress is versatile and can help any business succeed online. But it’s worthless by itself – you need the right web hosting to go with it. And the best WordPress hosting service is provided by BionicWP. We can transfer your existing site to our server with a WordPress migration. Our server is very secure and provides backups, scans, and updates. Uptime monitoring, monthly hosting reports, analytics, and SEO advice and reports will help your site appear in search engine results. When you run into problems, we will provide top-notch support. Contact BionicWP today to build your perfect small business website.

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