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Why is Free Hosting a Bad Idea for Your First Website?

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There are a lot of considerations to take into account when you prepare to build your first website: design, content, and others. One aspect that cannot be overlooked is the choice of web hosting. There are many types of WordPress hosting to choose from: free, shared, managed, virtual private server (VPS), and more. Most individuals and even businesses might decide to start with free hosting with the intention of switching to more advanced hosting when things pick up, but this is not the best idea. Free hosting has a lot of disadvantages that could set you and your business back.

Disadvantages of Free Hosting

Sharing Security Issues with Other Sites

With free hosting, you are sharing a server with thousands of other sites. If a virus or hack compromises just one site, it will inevitably infect everyone else, or at least a large majority of them. You put yourself at risk simply by signing up for free hosting.

No Technical Support

There won’t be anyone to provide support if something goes wrong. If your site crashes or your customers’ data is compromised, it’s your problem.

Limited Updates and Protection

WordPress automatically updates its core software, but it only updates plugins in the event of a security issue. Themes and apps aren’t updated at all unless you do it yourself. Managed hosting can take care of updates, but free hosting will not. If you are not technical in any way, your site will be at risk due to outdated components.

Limits on Storage and Memory

Most free sites limit your storage space and memory. This will hold back even the most basic of websites. If you upload large media files or too much content, your site will go offline or your account may be suspended. To really get the most out of your site, you need paid hosting with enough space to accommodate a growing site.

Low Rankings on Search Engines

Search engines should treat all quality content the same, but the fact remains that they don’t. Free sites receive lower rankings than paid ones. Even if you post content that is of the highest quality, you will still receive lower rankings.

Plenty of Ads

With paid hosting, you can choose whether or not to place ads on your site. Ads can provide an income stream, but it’s your choice whether to use them or not. With free hosting, you have no choice. The hosting company will place their ads on your site and you have no control over the types of ads that appear or where they appear. To remove them, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

No Custom Domain Name

A custom domain is important for SEO – and it’s just more professional than a URL that includes the name of your hosting company. It’s best to purchase a domain name separately from your hosting company. If you go with free hosting and don’t purchase a domain name, you will be stuck with the domain name they give you, which will include the name of the host. Your domain can also disappear without notice since it is technically a subdomain of the host. To get a custom domain through the hosting company, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Limits on Traffic

You are also limited on how much traffic the site can handle. Once you pass your limit, your site will crash. Since the point of a business website is to increase leads and conversions, limits on traffic can pose a serious problem.

No Capacity for Monetization

Monetizing your site can provide an income stream in addition to your business revenue. Monetization can include ads and affiliate marketing. A free site will not allow you to implement these strategies, further limiting your potential as a business.

Don’t Trust Free Hosting

Free hosting might seem like a good idea when you first start out, but it will restrict you and keep you from reaching your potential. Switching from a free site to a paid one will be a hassle. You will need to either transfer every piece of content manually or find paid hosting that will allow WordPress migration. You will then need to redesign your site, since you were operating within strict boundaries before. You will also need to purchase a custom domain name and install tools such as plugins.

It’s much better to go with a paid hosting plan from the start. BionicWP is a secure WordPress host that will allow you to build a safe, optimized business website. You will receive plenty of support when you run into problems, and our web security is first-class. We update regularly and provide protection from viruses, hacks, and DDoS attacks. There’s plenty of storage space and bandwidth to handle your website, and increases in traffic won’t bring you down. You’ll have the appropriate tools to improve SEO, and you can monetize your site with the ads and links that you choose. Contact BionicWP today to ask about our hosting and support plans for building your perfect WordPress website.

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