Why SEO Is Important To Beginner Sites


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What Is SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimization a crucial skill when working in the eCommerce industry if you want to be discovered by new customers and clients. With so many different websites, social media, and general content out on the internet starting out and getting found can be difficult. SEO is for example when someone is looking to ‘adopt a puppy’ this is what they search, that search will generate thousands of results pulling on any site that has in some way incorporated puppy adoption.

Using SEO is so important for small businesses because it is the most successful way to generate traffic organically (traffic you do not have to pay for). This can save a small business big money, which as a small business owner you know is a precious resource; plus SEO is a simple method to an important part of raising awareness for your business. If you’re able, it could be beneficial to generate interest with paid placement, but this can be an expensive option for some new businesses.

Why No SEO Is Bad

Having very minimal or no SEO keywords in on your web page can have drastic effects on your traffic and clicks. When you are starting out you want to generate as much interest as possible, this may not seem as important for location-based stores using a site for things such as hours, portfolios, pricing, etc.

However you can generate in location sales by having an easy to find website, if you are a family owned flower shop looking to increase in-store sales putting in the correct SEO keywords will help people when they search things such as ‘flower shops near me’, ‘wedding flowers’, or ‘cheap flowers’. All of these things could possibly lead to your brand new website if you use SEO.

Not only does this make your business more professional and convenient for customers, but it also generates more traffic to your in-store location and boosts sales. On a different note sometimes you need to be cautious with the type of keywords you use. For instance, if you search ‘2019 Saturn’ and you are looking for new photos of the planet Saturn, you’ll instead get a plethora of car websites and photos.

A good rule of thumb if you are unsure of using specific keywords type them into a couple of different search engines and see what sort of websites pop up. It none of them are similar to your own, then that might not be the keyword you want to use.

Ways To Increase the SEO Value of Your Site

There are plenty of tips and tricks out there for beginners to use SEO and to learn more about it, especially when using WordPress as your web creator with plenty of great hosting sites out there that can assist you in discovering more. A great first step to learning more about SEO usage in your industry is to dedicate some time to research.

Try searching for a variety of keywords to see what pops up, then click on other well-placed sites and see what kind of words they are using. Chances are several different sites will have the same few words on their pages. You can even create a master list to use later when working on your website.

SEO keywords can be added in a variety of places on headers, footers, in articles, and meta descriptions. Many of this can easily be done using WordPress Themes, some of which have built-in SEO assistance or you can add it with a plugin.

More About SEO

Learning the ins and outs of SEO is not a simple process, there are experts out in the field if you are able to consider looking into writers and assistance from people trained in SEO. Though it can be a lot to learn it is by no means impossible, you can do it!

A clever way to increase your keyword amounts in a convenient way is through image naming, by adding images to your site you are increasing the visual appeal and add toward your optimization. Name the image a keyword term you have found to work well and you will have another way to add keywords without cramming your page full of extra unnecessary content.

Do not forget the importance of testing the keywords you are using, try to find your site on different search engines by typing in keywords you have implemented to check successfulness. See if your traffic changes after you have started to use or increase your keywords. There is plenty you can do to ensure that the SEO techniques you are using become successful.

Any website can succeed if you follow SEO and implement it into your website, you are only a couple steps away from a successful business website!

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