Why Updating Your WordPress Website is so Important

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As with any software or platform, WordPress has frequent updates. When you have spent the time to set up your site and are finally making a go of it, it is tempting to ignore those messages that say there is an update. Ignoring them is a big mistake though. Updating your software and themes is a crucial step in maintaining your website at the top of its game. Now you are asking why updating is so essential if it doesn’t change anything? Here are some of the top reasons you should update your WordPress every time they come out with a new version.

Why Should I Update My WordPress Site?

There are many risks of not updating your WordPress site software. One such risk is security. The number one reason for updating your WordPress software every time there is a new version available is security for yourself as well as your site visitors. Hackers are everywhere and constantly trying to infiltrate some system or another. When your primary contact with your customers is online, it is vital that you have a secure website for them. If your security is compromised, theirs will be as well. Security breaches will damage your reputability and cause your customers to lose faith in your services and products.

There are other fixes during WordPress updates as well, including speed improvements, fixes for bugs, and advancements to the features you use in your site. These updates can have many benefits for you and your viewers.

How Will Updating Benefit My WordPress Site?

Though it may seem that the update you just installed did nothing it most definitely did. Advanced security protocols and updated anti-virus and malware technology are the most beneficial aspects of most any technology-based update. That being said, you will also see many other benefits for you and your viewers with WordPress updates. As software ages, it slows down. Because consumers often shop around, they have no patience for slow loading websites. They will look for a quicker alternative to purchase their products and move on, meaning that slower sites will receive fewer views than their faster loading competitors.

Another often advantageous feature of updated software is new features that can make your experience in eCommerce easier and more productive. Small changes in the software can mean significant benefits for you and your clientele. With changes to both WordPress software and themes, your site may be easier to manage and quicker to navigate. Both of which are a plus for your website.

How to Update My WordPress Website?

Updating your WordPress website is relatively easy to accomplish and doesn’t take too much time. When you open your WordPress admin dashboard, on the left-hand side of the screen, you will see the buttons for home, updates, settings and more. If there are available updates for your site, you will see a number displayed next to updates. The updates may be theme updates or actual site updates. Either way, it is recommended that you update all to the latest versions. If you do not sign in to your admin dashboard daily, you may want to take advantage of the automatic update feature offered with your WordPress website.

You can choose to have minor updates or complete updates automatically installed as they are released, in this way you won’t have to worry that your software might be outdated. If you are not comfortable with the automatic updates, you can also opt into email alerts which will notify you via your email account that there is an update ready to be installed. Whichever method you choose for updates it is vital that you ensure that your software is running the most recent version possible.

Where Can I Get Help with Updating My WordPress?

You know the saying “when in doubt, ask for help,” this is one of those instances where it is better to ask for help. If you are a WordPress beginner or find you need a little help, reaching out to your WordPress managing team will keep your site up-to-date and functioning at its safest, always. You can also choose to include updates as part of your service plan with your managing team. They will make sure that you have the latest updates installed routinely and protect your site from hackers or any other risks that are out there.

WordPress security is of the utmost importance no matter the focus of your website. By putting updates in their hands, you will have less to worry about and more time to focus on what is important, your customers.

Now that you know the risks and benefits with regards to WordPress updates, it is time to check your page, making sure you have the latest version of the software, and no updates show pending. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it. You will thank yourself in the end when you have avoided hackers and made your daily tasks easier with the newest updates.

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