Why WordPress is the Best Choice for New Websites

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While it’s a fairly well-known fact that these days your business needs a professional website, no matter what you sell or how big your company is, deciding exactly how to launch this endeavor can be a little tricky. Not to mention frustrating, time-consuming, and costly.

WordPress has become supremely popular in recent years and there are multiple reasons for it. Whether you’re brand new and attempting to develop webmaster skills or you’ve been around the web-block a few times, keep reading to find out why you should be using WordPress.


WordPress Makes It Easy

The user interface is just about as user-friendly as you can get and as WordPress is open-source and completely free, it’s ultra budget-friendly too. With tons of tutorials and blogs dissecting almost every aspect of the software, with a little tenacity and research you can have a fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing website built from the ground up in just a matter of hours.   

WordPress requires very minimal time for installation and is great for small and medium-sized company websites and blogs. You can easily modify and update your content and images without needing to be a web developer or webmaster and WordPress is excellent for creating a custom design and layout for your website and brand.

As you learn more, especially in relation to monitoring trends and conversions, you can easily edit your pages, blogs, and content to strengthen your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and improve your SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) ranking. Adding additional contributors, swapping out content, managing comments, and leads, and even changing your complete layout are all easily accomplished.

As WordPress is an open source platform, numerous programmers and coders regularly contribute to the betterment of this CMS (Content Management System). There are a virtual ton of plug-ins, themes, and library items available along with reference materials for pretty much anything and everything you could possibly want to do with your website.

Even updates for WordPress core, themes, and plug-ins is super easy and since you can get started for completely free, it’s an easy choice for many to make. Security is always at the forefront and bug fixes are generally pretty quick to be released, many times you won’t even notice that you’ve received an update.

A word of caution should be shared here, however, while there are multiple businesses that offer “free” WordPress hosting you will want to take a close look at their “fine print.” Many of these companies actually provide shared-hosting, meaning your business site is on the same “free” server as hundreds and possibly even thousands of other businesses, and if your site becomes too popular, receives too much traffic, or a sale goes viral, you’ll quite likely see your customer’s connections be throttled down or even blocked.

You’re also not going to receive any support, or if they do offer it ’s only available for high fees, a package upgrade, or à la carte which then translates into even higher fees. However, the biggest non-feature that should concern you with these offers is the lack of security features. While scanning for malware, virus, or malicious data may not worry you too much when it comes to your website hosting, not having any backups of your data will. Or should anyway.

Without regular backups your company website could completely disappear overnight, resulting in lost revenue and costing you even more time and money to completely rebuild. Free may sound really good, but when it can potentially cost you everything in the end, is it really worth it? Secure WordPress hosting that includes automatic updates and backups is the choice that every smart business owner should make.


WordPress Makes It Fun

Having the ability to completely manage your content is more fun and liberating than you may realize. Imagine being able to upload articles and new content on the fly, without having to wait on someone else to get around to it. Blogs not only provide your site with content and help establish your overall authority, but they also give you a way to reach more potential customers on more venues and search results.

With thousands of free themes available and the ability to update your site at will, whoever you assign the website duties to may well thank you.


BionicWP Makes It Happen

With expert WordPress support, daily malware scans, 90-days off-site backups, and packages to fit your every need, BionicWP is your company’s professional website solution. Secure WordPress hosting is a must and having knowledgeable support available is invaluable itself, but when you combine that with the rest of our fantastic features, you get a partnership that is stacked for success. Visit our website or call us today for more information on how you can get secure web hosting for your company site that’s so affordable, it just doesn’t make sense to go anywhere else.

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