Why Your Business Website Needs a Revamp

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So, you’ve had your business website up and running for a while now, but things just aren’t going the way you think they should. We say it all the time, these days your website is the face of your brand to many consumers. It not only highlights important information about your products, your company, team and business mission, but it’s also where your potential clients make the decision whether or not to conduct business with you.

Of course, many companies already have an internet presence, but many of them are actually quite outdated when it comes to communicating effectively with their potential customers. Just as fashions change, cars become dated, and even home styles evolve, so do websites and consumer’s responsiveness to how we attempt to communicate with them. If your business website is dated, then it’s highly likely that you’re losing customers. Why? Because consumers trust websites that are clearly being maintained and updated, much more so than websites that look like they haven’t been updated for weeks, months, or even years.

At BionicWP, we know exactly how important your business website is – and we’re here to help. Continue reading today’s article to find out several clear signs that it’s time to do some professional Spring cleaning on your site.


Top 4 Signs That Your Business Website Needs Help

It Actually Looks Dated – If you haven’t updated your website in more than 3 years, you are more than likely severely behind in design trends. Web trends change quickly and 3 years is a long, long time in the web world. We know that when your site is “working” fine that it’s natural to put a time-hog redesign on the back burner, but your procrastination could be costing you customers.

It’s Not Mobile-Friendly – These days more and more consumers access websites via their mobile phones and devices than they do with desktop computers. If your business website isn’t up-to-date, there’s a very good chance that your website isn’t optimized for mobile users. There are few things more annoying for consumers than to be attempting to shop at a website where they have to use their fingers to enlarge each product description or page just in order to read the text – or having their thumb constantly click the wrong link because of the layout!

It’s Not User-Friendly – Chances are that when you started your business website those few short years ago, you wanted everyone to see your entire product catalog. So you have page after page of items and numerous categories for your customers to choose from – but what you may not realize is that this can be overwhelming for your visitors and water down your core offering. If the website makes it hard for your potential customers to discover content or a headache to understand your offerings, you’re definitely going to lose them.

It’s Just Plain Slow – It’s 2018 and your prospective clients are used to fast load speed, updated sleek designs, and intuitive navigation on websites that clearly communicate the core offerings. If you are on a “free” hosting service, shared hosting, or just an outdated server, your load speeds are likely much more sporadic than your competitors. Having that large catalog or tons of images, especially ones that haven’t been properly resized and optimized, can cause severe delays in your website’s load times.


Why You Need WordPress

Updating your business website is made implicitly easier these days thanks to WordPress. If you’ve ever tried to edit your website’s coding by hand, you’re going to appreciate WordPress that much more. The user-friendly interface, available themes, drag-and-drop ability, and the fact that WordPress is completely free make this product the most popular web building tool in the world.

Want to change out your logo? WordPress gets it done within minutes – seconds once you know what you’re doing. Want to completely redesign the website? You can do so without knowing a single line of code – WordPress takes the stress out of website design and has made it so that you can completely customize your professional website with minimal effort or computer knowledge.


Why You Need BionicWP

Whether you just need a new home for your current WordPress website, or you’re looking to build your first, BionicWP has affordable hosting packages ready for you. Not only will we provide your website with the necessary load speeds, but we also have WordPress experts available for support and we provide you with daily malware scans, automatic updates, off-site backups, real-time up-time monitoring, and much more.

Visit our website or contact us today and let us help you get your business website set up in its new home. Affordable WordPress hosting with experts that know and use WordPress every day, BionicWP is here for you!

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