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Why Your Website Uptime Matters for Your Business

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Did you know maintaining your uptime on your website can be the difference between a successful business website and a declining one? If you don’t know what uptime is, learn more about how it can make your business website go downhill fast. Your website uptime matters to small and large online businesses alike so read more about how this can affect your business.

What is Uptime?

Do you watch your website 24/7? Uptime is when your website is up and running properly. You won’t know when your website is on down because you can’t always be on your website 24/7, monitoring if it’s on uptime or downtime.

To determine when and why this occurs on your website, you can get free or paid services that will monitor your uptime for you. This means they are able to monitor your website even when you can’t. When your website is on downtime, they will tell you when it happens. They can also tell you why it’s occurring, which will save you the hassle of trying to figure out why your website is down. This could even occur on a secure web hosting such as WordPress, but you can always resolve the issue if you use services to help you with this type of problem.

How Uptime Affects Your Business

Knowing when or why your website goes down is crucial to business websites that can’t afford to be down for any length of time. You can lose customers and traffic if your website is down or continues to go down.

More importantly, your reputation as a business could be compromised from having your website down for so long. Your loyal customers might not think your business is reliable anymore if your business website continues to be on downtime. They probably think you’ve abandoned them and will look for another business for similar results. Having your online business presence down for so long doesn’t make your business look professional. Therefore, it could also cause you to lose loyal customers you’ve had in the past as well as future customers that were trying your website out for the first time.

You don’t want something like this to happen when you can prevent it by getting Server Uptime Monitoring services. Not knowing the cause of this kind of issue could make it happen more than once, so it’s important to figure out why it’s happening and how to fix it for the future. Don’t overlook this seemingly small issue, because it could become catastrophic to your business.

If you care about SEO, which most business websites care deeply about, then you might be out of luck if your website is consistently on downtime. Getting your website back on uptime is essential because SEO will think that your website is insignificant. The less time your website is up and running, the more SEO will penalize you for not having your website up and running 24/7. When your SEO rank starts to get affected by this, you might start to take it seriously. However, by then, your online business could be suffering from declining customers and SEO rank. SEO rank can be crucial to small and large businesses.

Small Business Website Experts

This could also be detrimental to small business websites where every little customer counts towards hitting a certain goal for the year. If your site ends up being down for longer than you expected, this could end up losing you a lot of revenue due to this type of issue.

So, what are some free, paid, and premium plugins and tools that can help you monitor your business website while you are sleeping or doing something else?

DownNotifier has three options for business website owners. You can use the free monitoring version which just notifies you when your site is down.

Then, there’s the premium monitoring that will cost you $14.95 a month, but this includes more features such as SSL certificate monitoring, extended reports, and unlimited history. The great aspect of this premium version is they notify you faster if your website is down since they monitor your website every minute.

Lastly, the Enterprise monitoring version will cost you $99 a month, but they monitor your website every 20 seconds.

A few other tools that will help monitor your website include:

  • Summing Up
  • Monitis
  • Pingdom
  • Site24x7


Browse to see which one is best suited for your business needs, because you never know when your website is going to go down. Therefore, you should take your uptime seriously. Make sure you get a free or paid service to monitor your uptime to make sure your website is running 24/7. You can’t always stay awake and monitor your website 24/7, so think about whether paying for this type of service is worth it for you and your business website in the long run. Any kind of time on downtime and your website could suffer. If you have any questions concerning WordPress, contact BionicWP. We are always there to answer your questions concerning WordPress.

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